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Mayday! Cried the Captain - Mayday! Cried the Captain... Album Cover
Author's Rating
Vocals 7.25
Musicianship 5
Lyrics 5.25
Production 6.25
Creativity 1.5
Lasting Value 3.25
Reviewer Tilt 5.75
Final Verdict: 49%
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Mayday! Cried the Captain - Mayday! Cried the Captain...

Reviewed by: Krazycev13 (09/01/10)
Mayday! Cried the Captain - Mayday! Cried the Captain EP
Record Label: None
Release Date: 2010

Orlando, Florida natives Mayday! Cried the Captain, despite being good, are generic. Too generic. It's honestly kind of hard to review this EP/demo. Because I feel like I'm going to repeat myself. So I'll keep this review short and sweet.

The opening track, "Wesley Torrés Chalupa Gordita Martinez" (I salute you if you can say that twice nonstop), shows brief hope for the band to be a little bit different from everyone else. The song opens with a very epic sounding orchestra synth patch, courtesy of their synth player Sal. A brief drum fill goes into a relatively generic guitar pattern and good screams. However, the song is catchy, which is what is needed for a band of this genre. Gang chants come in. Yawn. Then the clean vocals of Kyle, which are miles better than his screams, come in and do well to impress. However, after that, I almost want to doze off. Then the band yells "WOO!" at you, which just comes off like they're trying to rip off "Stick Stickly" (which clearly shows that they are unaware that copying Attack Attack! is not taken kindly too).

"Wesley Alesana Guitarist Alex Torres Schmicken Vahgen" flows straight into "Hold Me Close, Tiny Danza" (what's up with all of these ridiculous song titles?), which is basically in the exact same format. Then there's a brief hip-hop break, and then it goes back into the generic sound that we've all heard 1000 times over. Screams, cleans, trade off. And then, we discover our first breakdown, who's primary pattern is as simple as can be. A slightly interesting lead guitar part is over this, but ends midway through the breakdown to reveal the simpleness.

Then, the possible savior of this album (so far), their cover of Lady Gaga's "Just Dance." The clean vocals finally get a chance to shine through without being in a chorus, and the synth patch is relatively resembling the original version. However, after the first verse, we get additional instruments in the same pattern with an extremely basic yet perfectly fitting drum beat. Being a musician of drums, guitars, bass, and keyboards, I'm aware of the correct tone, and luckily, they never go off key with their created guitar parts. Layered screams and clean vocals sound extremely good with Lady Gaga. Then Kyle decides to imitate the guy-who-sounds-like-Akon-but-isn't Akon. However, his almost-immediately-following screams, when alone, sound like he's losing pitch constantly. Yet, when the breakdown comes in after the bridge, his screams are the best of the whole EP. Then the main instruments come back in, with several vocal layers that sounds extremely good. This is possibly one of my favorite covers by any band, and I didn't think I'd say that about these guys.

Unfortunately, after that standout cover, "That Ain't No Electrocore" comes in with a very Asking Alexandria esque guitar riff (perhaps the most generic band to base yourself after. These guys just really want to be as generic as possible.), screams frequently losing pitch, and mediocre synth patches. The clean vocals somewhat make up for it, but Kyle's range isn't as wide in this one as it was in other songs. I'm not going to spend any more time on this song, as it isn't very good. Skip this one.

Then comes the closer to this five-track "I've Heard That in an Asking Alexandria Song" EP. "Today's Gonna Be a Good Day" is the only song with basically all clean vocals, and sounds quite good. The synth patch in the beginning is horribly off tempo, and the tempo change to speed it up is awful. However, the song after the tempo change is pretty good. The lyrical metaphor in this song is good, but the fear to stray away from chords. Then the breakdown, which follows the starting synth patch's tempo, is the most generic "chug" pattern I've ever heard. However, the song goes to a really good hip-hop break, and sounds tight. Then the chorus comes back, and the song goes generic again. Then at some point, the song ends, along with the EP.

So much for short and sweet. But don't get me wrong, I actually do like this EP. But it's horribly generic. A guilty pleasure at best. I like these guys, and I hope they can mature, but I'm sure that if a label comes across them, they'll say "I've heard that before." Sorry M!CTC. Nice name though.

Recommended If You LikeI See Stars; Asking Alexandria; Attack Attack!
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12:07 PM on 09/11/10
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incognitojones's Avatar
Such a garbage band, nothing here hasn't been done better by someone else.
03:04 PM on 11/19/10
I tie a horrible knot.
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Krazycev13's Avatar
Just re-did my rating. I feel like it's a lot more accurate now.
06:01 PM on 01/14/11
Registered User
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this band is AMAZING
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