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HelloGoodbye - 12.6.06

Interviewed by: Gabe Gross (12/06/06)
These answers are compiled from posts here and here and posted to tie everything together for easy reading. A huge thank you goes out to Forrest for taking the time to answer these questions.

The band's new album Zombies! Aliens! Vampires! Dinosaurs! is in stores now.

We recently saw you on MTV2 playing Guitar Hero II, as musicians who are some of your guitar heroes?

oh good, this is a puff peice! thats real classy the way you started it off with a reference to a recent happening and tied that into your question. gave it a nice sense of circularity. yayyyyyyy. butt uhhhhhh... i'm not much of a guitarist really. some guitarists are like 'oh man hendrix was like a total goddd yeeeeowwww!' but i've not been much for that. drummers are alllways that way. they all love bonham and barker and other drummers with a last name that starts with a b. i guess im more into production and songs and sounds and stuff. and in that way i love matt mahaffey. of self. and michael showalter. hes a comedian.

When I say AbsolutePunk.net, what is the first thing that comes to mind? (Be honest.)

well... i guess its true that i don't neccessarily think of puppy dogs. no, i obviously don't think of puppy dogs. i could say to you all that i think of puppy dogs whenever someone mentions ap.net, but it would clearly be absurd of me. what, if anything does ap.net have to do with puppy dogs? jason tate would be a terrible name for a puggle, and puppies don't know ANYBODY'S soundscans. so it goes without saying that when i think of ap.net puppies rarely come to mind. the reality is, i think of chinchillas. rolling around in chinchilla dust to cleanse themselves.

Rumor has it that you guys put your posters over other bands' at Warped Tour. Is it true?

alright, i tackled this one... lemme cntrl+v
"this is one of those weird things where you're like "... what?". i dont know what youre talking about and ive read this a few times. IF anyone who worked for us put posters over somebody elses (which they all told us they didn't) i got no connection to that shit dawg! so ease up on me!"
now to elaborate further, we heard there was some shiz blowin in the wind about this on warped and i was like 'homie, are you doin wut they sez you doin?' and homie was like 'fawk naw braw' except we said it in so much of a less urban way. so basically what im sayin is thats not true, and IF it were to be, i got nothin to do with it.

Were you surprised at the less-than-stellar press coverage (not just on AP.net), and have the sales numbers surprised you so far?

huh? i only talk to my mom. and she loves it. i don't even think my mom bought one, i gave it to her... so yeah the other 175,000 i can't really account for. im definitely suprised we sold that many, but i mean, its not nearly as many as kanye soooooo...

When are you going to release an album that isn't 80% songs whose demos have been floating around for several years?

this is obviously more of a dig than a question but lets see, i guess the next record we release will inevitabley be that record. cause we don't have any more demos. well... actually i guess if we really really scraped the barrel we could find some (see hgb media). so maybe we'll do that. maybe we'll do like bright eyes and release a thing of all the old recordings. people liked that thing, right? people hold us in the same respect as bright eyes, don't they? but no, i promise you, baby... we would never do that to you.

Hellogoodbye seems to try to be Blink-182 in that as a band, they don't want to grow up. Do you ever think you will?

hmm, i guess it depends how you look at growing up. i very much want to grow up in the way that i want to buy a house (with cute with siding and a nice rich darkwood floors and reupholstered vintage furniture [i picked up this spectacular mini loveseat yesterday] and accessories from restoration hardware and with a nice back yard for baby gordie [my dog, not my baby that i would make live in the backyard] and a couple spare rooms i could set up a studio in and this parenthesis has gone on for so long i don't know how to end it...) where i could live with my girlfriend / wife (!) and cook delicious food (vegan dairy free straightedge) and have modest little board game nights with other young couples. i guess i don't wanna grow up in the way that i'll start to get hair in odd places and my balls will lower and so will my voice (boy could that hurt my careeeer LOLZ) and i'll start to want to do creepy things with my girlfriend / wife (!) or even baby gordie (my dog, not my baby that i would have sex with).

Why were so many of the vocals digitized/distorted on the LP? Do you think that detracted at all from the songs and how difficult is that to reproduce live?

its a peice of cake to do live. we have a big computer. theres alot of vocal effects cause vocal effects are bad asssssssss. you can add reverb and sound like god! lollll. i'm suprised how much the world hates vocal effects (note to self). the fact of the matter is, they're just like any of type of processing you do to any other audio signal. like eq'ing the vocals, or compressing the snare, or having distortion on your guitar. like "that guy obviously can't play guitar lyke at alll cause hes using distortionomg". its silly that people think any vocal effect means it was put on there to cover up the terrible singing. im not even trying to say im a good singer (i am though. REALLY REALLY GOOD), but theres lots of track on the cd without any special effects on the vocals. i read a review of the new justin timberlake cd (however you feel about it) and they were all like "the singer is singing through a guitar amp and i dont even think he can sing ew" and its like... he can sing... its an effect. sexyback sucks compared to mylove anyways.

Forrest, after your recent battle with Subway, do you think you will be eating there anymore?

honestly, i cringe at the thought. sometimes on tour its your only option though, so maybe i'll be forced to brave down that path. but ick i hate it.

What effect has international touring had on the band personally and individually?

marcus got sars. and bird flu. and he already had diabetes sooo... uhm, i learned that i think australia is awesome. and that rainy old london really rainy and old, and that phoning home is expensive and sucky. basically now i can act all well travelled around my girlfriend and say things like "mmm yahhh its very european in style here" or "in australia they call bell peppers capsicums, so you know, really shows you how sheltered you are here in the states, huh?" even though she came to australia with me. she still acts impressed though.

Being in a band detracts from some social norms of growing up as a young American, in the time that you have been a band, do you feel like you have missed out on anything? If so, what?

well i was 18 or 19 before we started touring, so i guess i was pretty grown up. when you go on tour it sort of is like your normal life is on pause though. everything else, other than touring, stays the same the whole time (although, touring stays the same the whole time too. show sleep eat show sleep eat show asian hooker). but, in the end the social ostracizing will hopefully benifit me so i can end up like jacko. yayyyy.

How do you handle the disrespect that some media and musicians give you? Is it a bummer or do you laugh it off and make a song about it?

to be clear, the only disrespect i typically encounter is from here and other places on the internet. and other musicians? i dunno. alot of these questions are kind of off base to me. like people hear weird things or imagine things. like the question before about us burning a poster of fall out boy on stage... hah. and about us putting down other bands in immature ways... i just don't know what any of you people are referencing. so if by media you mean internet and by musicians you mean yourself then, it hurts and i don't like it but you get over it, i guess. then i dive into my pool of gold coins with the ducktales guys (we're like close celeb friends) and have a swim.

Why has Drive-Thru been keeping you with other Drive-Thru bands on tour?

this is what labels do. the bigger bands (early november) take out the smaller bands (justin timberlake). when we first signed to drive thru they put us out with hidden in plain view. then they made us headline that drive thru the new class tour and that was kinda like the little bands taking out the little bands... wait a second. and they never make us or pressure us. i mean lets get to what youre really saying, you don't like dave melillo. fair enough. fair enough. hes a hippe. did you see his hair this november? SEXY. but hippie. but hellogoodbye likes dave melillo, and hippies. just the way it is.

What is your approach to writing lyrics? What is the motive?

i try to write the most cringingly cute thing possible. basically something the strippa's can get off to. when i finish a new joint i'll take it over to the strip club and slip the dj a $20 and a cd-r and we'll see how the girls react to it. when they're makin bank, you know its a hit song.

Who is your biggest fan? And what makes them the biggest HelloGoodbye fan?

maybe this little 12 year old girl from down my street. i rode by on my bike and her dad made me come over and i signed her binder which was adorned with gwen stefani clippings. then later her dad knocked on my door for another one for her friend. shes the biggest fan mostly because of the gwen binder.

Lastly, in the past years with HelloGoodbye, you get one "take back," what is it?

i wouldn't have gone to see harsh times with christian bale. i had to walk out after 20 minutes. as a band i guess i wouldn't change a thing really. im very psyched on where we are now. doing this flattering interview for a prestigious publication. oh j/k! teehee.

yayyyy we did it! we did it togehhhhhhtherrrrr!!!!
have a good day! xo fo
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12:42 PM on 12/06/06
Jason Tate
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Jason Tate's Avatar
Hahahaha. I'm a great name for a dog, come on now!
12:45 PM on 12/06/06
Mayor West
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tommyhaych's Avatar
That was annoying to read from forest's perspective of answering questions stupidly.
12:45 PM on 12/06/06
Gabe Gross
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No Avatar Selected
The only way I would name a pet after you is if i got a donkey...ass.
12:45 PM on 12/06/06
Shaved Goat
Come on feet, cruise for me
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Shaved Goat's Avatar
"puppies don't know ANYBODY'S soundscans."

12:46 PM on 12/06/06
Perfect Teeth
Wii is not a toaster
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Perfect Teeth's Avatar
then i dive into my pool of gold coins with the ducktales guys (we're like close celeb friends) and have a swim.

12:47 PM on 12/06/06
my name is jane.
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CrazeeJaney's Avatar
Not for a puggle, Tate. Maybe a chinchilla.

And Dave a hippie... hahaha.
Gotta love him.
12:47 PM on 12/06/06
Jared Kaufman
Registered Member
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No Avatar Selected
Hahaha. This is one of the funniest, most random things I've ever read. Amazing.
12:47 PM on 12/06/06
Jason Tate
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Jason Tate's Avatar
The only way I would name a pet after you is if i got a donkey...ass.
12:47 PM on 12/06/06
Registered User
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TasonJate's Avatar
it would have been cool if he actually took this seriously
12:48 PM on 12/06/06
Will Bryme
Registered User
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No Avatar Selected
"i just don't know what any of you people are referencing. so if by media you mean internet and by musicians you mean yourself then, it hurts and i don't like it but you get over it, i guess. then i dive into my pool of gold coins with the ducktales guys (we're like close celeb friends) and have a swim."


and I can understand this being negative, that one question really was a dig
12:48 PM on 12/06/06
Gabe Gross
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12:48 PM on 12/06/06
Registered User
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No Avatar Selected
I'm glad he took the time to answer them, it's brave of him, but we still didn't learn a thing about hellogoodbye.
12:49 PM on 12/06/06
fuckin' shit up
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seconds's Avatar
I love Forrest.
12:49 PM on 12/06/06
Rohan Kohli
True Punk Fan
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Rohan Kohli's Avatar
I loved this
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