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Augie Responds To Ben's Blog

Posted by - 11:46 AM on 04/26/11
Augie of You Me And Everyone We Know has written a response to Ben's blog that was posted last night. Jump to the replies to check it out.
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11:46 AM on 04/26/11
Keagan Ilvonen
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Augie's ResponseAlright gang, I hate this drama.

A) I am not looking to "stir the pot" as many of you have said. I was vague out of disbelief (and a bit of laziness).

B) The post made from Ben's account (CueJohnDenver) earlier was by Rico's mom. She did not intend for it to be from his account. She tried posting without knowing you had to be a registered member to make posts. She was surprised and told Rico's girlfriend that posting worked, and then they figured out it was from Ben's account (that he left signed in on her computer, because she let him use it when she housed and fed him) and deleted the post.

C) When we left the band we all agreed on a set break-up statement. We (all six of us and our manager) agreed to not get into specifics about the situation because it would only result in exerting a whole lot of negative energy into the world, which is just worthless (although proved inevitable). Ben of course couldn't handle this and posted a very long blog tonight. In this blog he continued to use drinking as a scapegoat. When we tried to reconcile after we dropped off the Glamour Kills tour, we made it very clear that since we lived in a van with him, we knew he was NOT an alcoholic and did NOT have a drinking problem (other than not being able to handle his alcohol on the sparse occasions that he did drink). We told him we wanted him to simply admit his wrongdoings and apologize. He did not. An exact quote from him on the phone was "i think...I feel like im sorry". It was after this call we realized he DID in fact have issues to sort out, and none of them had to do with drinking.

D) Despite that pretty long "C", I would rather not post a long overdone blog like Ben did. The long-short of it is that he is a pathological liar. Nothing he has said is wholly true. For example, in his blog, when he "came clean" in Denver....he meant to say that he stopped me IN PASSING and said "listen, I did spend that money" (which means that our hour and a half conversation the night before was nothing but lies to my face). Then says, "but every time I spent band money I was drunk or too hungover to care".

This is clearly bullshit. I have printed bank statements from March 2009-April 2011. I went through them myself and highlighted every purchase that was not band related. I did NOT highlight any ATM withdrawals, even though I'm sure that money was blown on pointless things too. And I did NOT highlight any rent or utilities from his time spent living in Portland, Oregon.

The total came to roughly (just over) $9,300. As I said, that's not including cash withdrawals, or any money we were paid in cash (merch, guarantees, etc.)

Now, what did he spend all this money on you are wondering?

Everything from food (whole foods, other supermarkets, fast food), plane tickets to visit girls and mind-fuck them by pretending to be in love with them (while on these trips he spent hundreds on sushi and other restaurants and dating activities) (also realize, the majority of the band has long term girlfriends who aren't getting taken out on sushi dates haha), clothes which he lost (countless urban outfitters visits), haircuts, porn subscriptions (gods girls is his thing), a couple big best buy purchases (one for 150 dollars, one for 650 dollars). That's all that comes to mind right now. The statements are at Rico's place in Chicago and I may or may not post some of them for you all to see just to back my word up.

NOW, something tells me that all of that wasn't done in a drunken stupor like he claims. Something else tells me he wasn't (as he put) "sneaking what he owed back into the money bag". This is all we wanted him to admit and apologize for so we could all MOVE ON AND CONTINUE BEING A BAND. He couldn't do that, and still CAN'T do that, as proven by his deceiving blog post tonight.

Now, listen, I realize I failed at not making this very long, but that's the deal.

This whole situation saddens me to no end. As I am spending my days at home in Baltimore recording new demos, I am borderline bipolar because of everything Ben has lied about and the great musical companionship he threw away. I truly, trulyyyy believed in our band's music and was so proud of everything we accomplished since I joined the band in the spring of 2009. I would like to, one more time, apologize to and thank everyone who supported us in any manner.

I also want to apologize to our manager who I told we would not
play this petty and menial calling out game. Really am sorry, but it needed to be said after Ben's post tonight.
11:48 AM on 04/26/11
Heroin Robot
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and so it continues.
11:48 AM on 04/26/11
I Just Want To Sell Out My Funeral
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This is hopeless.
Hope the other guys stay together as a band, and that Ben finds a way to fix himself up or get a new perspective on life.

For now, spinning their albums constantly is all we can do.
11:49 AM on 04/26/11
Allez l'OL
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thread explosion in 3...2...1...
11:49 AM on 04/26/11
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combatchuckaa's Avatar
I've never even heard this band...lol at the drama their breakup has produced.
11:50 AM on 04/26/11
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seems to be a good response. i await ben's.
11:50 AM on 04/26/11
Drew Beringer
Senior Editor - @drewberinger - Locked Groove
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It's kind of sad that You,Me,&Everyone We Know is getting more attention now that they broke up than when they released their last album
11:53 AM on 04/26/11
Craig Ismaili
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"I don't want to write a long post"

*writes a long ass message*

TL:DR- everything in the othe message is wrong. He stole shit and hasn't given any real remorseful apology, just excuses
11:53 AM on 04/26/11
They named constellations after us.
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11:54 AM on 04/26/11
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ahh man.. such craziness. I think I'm becoming more interested in Augie's new project than all this hoopla.
11:54 AM on 04/26/11
We're not for them(and that's cool)
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i don't like sneaky people, that kinda shit would irk me too.
11:54 AM on 04/26/11
Registered User
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"Alright gang, I hate this drama."

Um, yeah, that's why you are contributing to it. This is the most press your band has ever gotten.

Seriously, it sucks for any band when a break up happens but enough with the online self-pity party. Embarrassing.
11:55 AM on 04/26/11
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You guys should post the other members' responses too! ;)
11:59 AM on 04/26/11
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gr33ndayfr3ak's Avatar
Not sure who to believe, but clearly one of them is lying. Either Ben is to cover up his past (and further dig himself into this hole) or Augie is to make things seem worse than they are.
Interested in Ben's response.

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