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Hear Alkaline Trio Cover The Muppets'...

Posted by: Jay Nainav (08/11/11)
PureVolume has the premiere of Alkaline Trio's cover of The Muppets' classic "Moving Right Along" from the forthcoming Muppets: The Green Album project. You can win the deluxe CD edition (seen here) all you need to do is leave a comment in the replies with a good reason you should win Muppets merch. Make sure your email address is correct in your profile if you want to win.
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09:12 AM on 08/11/11
Here, have a sword.
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BigAl's Avatar
I am a man who appreciates puppets in films. Jim Henson was the man, and "The Dark Crystal" is one of my favourite films ever. Hit me up!
09:20 AM on 08/11/11
Regular Member
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My 2 year old son loves the muppets, I have watched countless hours of youtube videos of the muppets. I am pretty sure I am going to have to buy my kid a drum kit because he goes crazy when he sees animal and starts banging on things. So hook me up so I can start saving some cash for my kids soon to be drum kit.
09:23 AM on 08/11/11
Alex DiVincenzo
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Alex DiVincenzo's Avatar
Haha this is awesome.
09:25 AM on 08/11/11
Registered User
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sajamie81's Avatar
I'm almost 30 and I still love the Muppets take Manhattan movie. I loved it as a kid, and still watch it today!
09:25 AM on 08/11/11
Truffle Shuffle
Registered User
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Because when I was 10, I hooked up my cassette tape recorder to the analog output on my TV to record every single Muppets song from each of the movies (including Muppet Family Christmas for the Christmas Songs!) just so I could listen to each one. Now that some of my favorite bands are covering these songs, I would like to take an easier path to listening!!
09:29 AM on 08/11/11
Registered User
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DooDooBird's Avatar
Wow. Awesome song. Pleasantly surprised, considering I've been really disapointed in their past couple of albums. Haven't really liked them since that terrible video and song where they're on the train... can't remember the name of it, but it sucks.

Maybe the Trio should do more happy songs like this one.
09:30 AM on 08/11/11
Smash Adams
Ain't no thing like me, except me
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Smash Adams's Avatar
I know who Scooter and Robin are
09:31 AM on 08/11/11
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I have a picture of me listening to a Muppets casette tape sitting by the pool on holiday when i was three... Thats same Casette is in my tape player right now and I AM PROUD. haha.
09:32 AM on 08/11/11
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miltownrob's Avatar
i should win because i really relate to kermit the frog. you could say he is like a hero to me. in fact, he influences my life so much that looking back, most of the girls i bring home look just like miss piggy.
09:33 AM on 08/11/11
Truffle Shuffle
Registered User
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i should win because i really relate to kermit the frog. you could say he is like a hero to me. in fact, he influences my life so much that looking back, most of the girls i bring home look just like miss piggy.
09:36 AM on 08/11/11
Ollie McKraut
Registered Member
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Ollie McKraut's Avatar
Neat song, as a massive trio song it made me lol heartily.

"hey that song is started to sound better, Danny!"

I love the muppets because I am still a child. I still watch Muppets Christmas Carol every single year on the 24th, and it reminds me of doing the same as a child with my mother; one of the few occasions annually when she was not blasted out of her mind.
09:39 AM on 08/11/11
easy come and easy go, whatever
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Jeff_Ryan's Avatar
I grew up on The Muppets. I have never been able to part with my VHS of The Muppet Movie even though I've purchased it on DVD - it just represents such a big part of my childhood to me. I've always loved Fraggle Rock and Muppet Babies as well. While so many people my age are excited about the 90s Nickelodeon being aired on TeenNick, I'm getting impatient waiting for the new Muppet movie to come out in theaters. This soundtrack is particularly awesome to me because Weezer, My Morning Jacket, and Alkaline Trio are among my favorite artists. I'd love to win a copy of that deluxe package because right now I have JUST enough saved to get me through my last year of college and really shouldn't buy it for myself, but I'd gladly take a free copy off of your hands haha
09:55 AM on 08/11/11
Registered User
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pteargriffin's Avatar
this makes my life hahah, i need to buy this soundtrack, anyone wanna rip this for now?
10:07 AM on 08/11/11
Troy and Abed on the iiiiiinternet
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mickmadethelist's Avatar
I could tell you that I own 3 seasons of the "Muppet Show" or the fact that I saw sesame street live and it is one of my earliest memories. Or maybe that I still have strange thoughts about Big Bird Turning Blue in "Follow that Bird!" But I will say I earned it because I once tried going to one of the Smithsonian museums with the sole intent of seeing the Oscar the Grouch puppet they have on display. I lived in Chicago at the time.
All of the above is true.
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