Caveman - 09.09.11

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Caveman - 09.09.11First of all, the album is great. I’ve been listening to it non-stop since I got it.

Thanks! I’m happy you like it.

You guys are a pretty new band. You’ve only been playing together since January of 2010. How did you guys start playing together?

Jimmy and I have been playing in bands with each other and have been friends since we were 13. He and I have been playing a lot of music together since we started playing music. We played in a few bands that broke up and we had a lot of other friends that we started getting to know because of shows. Like Stefan, our drummer. Him and Jeff all played in different bands. We got to know them after playing shows and all of our bands broke up at the same time. So I had a handful of these songs and we were going to start a new band and so we started with these songs and make an album. So we got everybody together and finished up the album. We finished up all of the writing once the full band was together. That’s basically how it happened. We all played in different bands and everyone’s bands broke up. We were all hanging out at the same bars and just started talking about it one day.

When did you realize you guys were a good fit?

Our first show ever, we played at Bowery Ballroom. We were really confident in all of these songs. As band, we felt pretty confident, but it was our first show. It turned out our friends got us on this really big show as an opener. Stefan talks about playing this song, “Decide”, that’s on our record. We played it live and it was the first time we had played it and there was actually a crowd there and that was the first time we played it live. We all realized it was kind of fun and people were getting into it. It felt like from that moment, I mean I think we all always felt pretty excited about it, but that was the moment where it felt like we had to keep going and see where it goes.

So you’ve been getting good audience reactions?

Yeah. We’ve surprisingly had a good reaction at almost every show actually. People have been cool all the time. They seem to react well to the songs. It’s exciting. It makes it a whole different thing. I’ve played shows where there are so many people there and they don’t care. They’re all talking. And there’s nothing wrong with that, but it’s definitely a nice feeling when you are playing a show and people are actually paying attention and they want to know more and they want to hear the rest of the song. It’s a great feeling.

You’re releasing the album digitally and then releasing it physically in November. Why release the album separately?

Since we’re putting it out ourselves, we wanted to get it out and it was going to take some time. We were still working out the final things and distribution and stuff like that. Then we thought we could put it out right after but now it’s good to. There are a lot of things to be excited about. I’m happy that we were able to get the record out digitally so that people can hear it and the vinyl is going to look awesome, so I hope people will buy that too.

Are there going to be any special pre-order packages?

Yeah, I think we’re going to do something. The distribution company we work with is going to do something big. I don’t know what it is but we have a few ideas. It’s going to be pretty cool. There’s going to be a pre-release thing. There might be some exclusive stuff coming up too.

Where did the title Coco Beware come from?

A lot of different places. It’s the name of a professional wrestler. A few of us were big wrestling fans when we were kids, so that’s that side of it. But there’s also another story. My friend had this bird named Coco and he was an extremely crazy bird. We ended up writing this huge, elaborate story about the bird. That never really went anywhere. We’ll release the back-story someday. But it just felt like the right title for the album.

What are the band’s biggest influences?

For me, The Beach Boys. We’re all big fans of that. And Brian Eno’s stuff. We all listen to all types of things. But in terms of being inspired, our guitar player owns a guitar shop. He builds guitars. He and this other guy custom build all of these guitars. Hanging out there is extremely inspiring. I’m there all the time watching these guys build the guitars. So in the same way that a song is inspiring, seeing these guys build guitars from scratch makes you want to go write music.

It’s really easy to hear The Beach Boys influence. You guys have some really strong harmonies throughout the album.

Yeah, The Beach Boys are amazing. Jeff is the biggest Beach Boys fan.

Would you ever cover one of their songs?

We’re actually talking about covering one song. If we do that, we’ll do it pretty soon.

You guys were just touring with The War On Drugs. Are you going out on tour again soon?

Yeah, we’re going back out. As of now, I don’t know exactly when. We just got back from that trip and we have our record release. We have a few random shows that we’re doing. We’ll probably go back on tour in November. I think we’re going to do CMJ in the city and then we’ll go on tour at the end of October or early November. We’re going to do a few things here and there but probably no big touring until November.

Thank you so much for talking with us, it’s been great!

Yeah, thanks a lot!
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