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05:40 PM on 10/05/11
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i remember i discovered blink 182 on the can't hardly wait soundtrack (which was awesome all around). i discovered mcr because there was a sticker on the cd that victory put on it that said somthing like "the raw emotion of 'Thursday' I was huge on thursday at the time so i would buy anything with their name on it. victory's marketing worked and now i'm one of the kids that's like "yeah i knew about mcr way back before they were famous"
05:45 PM on 10/05/11
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I tried to make it short (:
This band means the world to me.
I have been inspired for nine amazing years!! :D
05:45 PM on 10/05/11
Troy and Abed on the iiiiiinternet
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mickmadethelist's Avatar
For Blink, the first band I ever actually liked was "Basket Case" by Green Day. I heard it in my mom's car all the time when I was only 8 or so. I kept asking my mom what the song was called before finally she bought me the tape. With it, she also asked the clerk at the record store what else someone who likes that song would like. A Blink cassette was in brought home with her, and I have been a fan ever since.

For MCR- I had been going to as many shows as I could at this point. Every Year in Worcester was a Skate Fest at the palladium. Headlining one of the days was The Used, who I was super in to at the time. I got there super early so I could see every band possible. One of them was My Chemical Romance, and I was totally hooked. Their live show was awesome and I remember one guy who kept crowdsurfing in the bands hoodie. I went after their set to buy the album and Tshirt. I hung out with Frank, Mikey, and Ray in their van that night. Super sweet guys who seemed grateful anyone would listen to them, at the time.
05:52 PM on 10/05/11
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Being on camera is awkward. Especially when you're an awkward person...like me.

And I wanna see Tate's video

...anyway! Please pick me! Cause if you don't...well, I'll just have to fight you.

i hear transit.
05:53 PM on 10/05/11
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and Thomas, quit being a showoff with those tattoos :p
05:59 PM on 10/05/11
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justinmfi's Avatar
No video, but I'll write it out quick.

blink 182-The year was 1998... I remember sitting outside at lunch in my buddy's car smoking cigarettes like the rebels we were.... We would always be playing new music either one of us would hear of..one day, he played Dude Ranch, turned it to Dammit....that was all it took... I was hooked.

MCR. My brother won tickets to the Original Taste of Chaos Tour, only knowing who Senses Fail and The Used were. When MCR started playing the place went f*cking nuts, very awesome performance! I always dig a run or two of their albums every now and then.
06:06 PM on 10/05/11
Nick Hull
I want you to know
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I don't have time for a video, but my first experience with My Chemical Romance is as follows:
with the release of three cheers, the entire initiation of my teenage life revolved around these guys. I remember hearing helena on the radio, and having my dad bring me to newbury comics to buy the album immediately (and bullets, actually). my parents had just gotten divorced, and it was such an emotionally-powerful album, so needless to say it's deeply-seated as a nostalgic one for me; but it was with the release of the black parade that my interest with them reached its peak. I actually remember, I only saw my dad every few months, but for christmas he got me the white-version of the album (to this day I don't know if there's a difference between the two haha), and I couldn't stop listening, particularly to welcome to the black parade, over and over and over. the album itself was such a haunting premise, but I'll never forget how the first time I genuinely bonded with my dad was by spinning a mix-cd during the holidays, and cuing welcome to the black parade over and over, layered with gary jules' cover of mad world haha. every christmas since, I haven't been able to shake the desperation to listen to that album, and how it was such an important part of my dad and I actually becoming close. he actually moved back to new york right after my birthday this past summer, but our last moment together was while I was driving him home from the movies, and he opened up my center console and plugged in the black parade, skipping ahead to track 5 haha, and my dad making a comparison to queen while I had to actually fight tears at how close we'd come despite hardly seeing each other. I miss him, and this christmas I'll be sure to give the album another spin, for old time's sake. so yeah, haha. that's my story. :)

edit: what ever happened to stay awake, the "untitled" from the black parade is dead? haha.
06:12 PM on 10/05/11
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06:13 PM on 10/05/11
Jennurna Gray
Happy P and the Goblet of Giggles
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I was going to reply to your email and say, "Cue all the 'She has an accent!' comments."
I love your accent. Where are you originally from? I might be wrong, but that doesn't sound canadian.
06:15 PM on 10/05/11
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patentpending's Avatar
I made a video but I tried not to make it too long because you said "short". I'm a pretty awful speaker as well but I decided it was worth a shot anyway:

Here is a bit more elaboration on my story, it's pretty long and very personal:


And the cliff notes version would be, I got into this band via a friend who ended up killing himself a little bit after their first album came out. I became a fan after months of putting off listening to the album after his death. In the end the album really helped me get through not only that tragic event, but a lot of things that were going on in my life. They continue to do so to this day. I became a fan because their music moved and inspired me.

In the end I'd like to think that I didn't really find their music, more so it found me at a time when I needed it the most.
06:16 PM on 10/05/11
So long live us
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UnderclasHero's Avatar
Theres not much of a story here, for me.
But basically, I saw blinks videos for ATST on mtv or somewhere online or something. and I started listening to them ever since. Then I saw Im not ok by MCR, and really started to get into them after that.
06:17 PM on 10/05/11
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imnotapunkhero's Avatar
Blink 182: Summer of 1999. I heard All The Small Things on the radio while I was at the beach.
My Chem: I remember seeing their video for Helena in 2004 but that wasn't the first time hearing their name. I don't remember how I first heard it.
06:18 PM on 10/05/11
Hey, are you a dreamer?
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DylanPPPP's Avatar
No you didn't....
06:25 PM on 10/05/11
die young and save yourself
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MBIIdollaBill's Avatar
haha not gonna bother to upload a video, my story's not that great. i probably heard "all the small things" first by blink some years back, started listening to them casually during the break-up period (probably listened to +44 and AVA first), then started hardcore listening to them since they reformed. as for MCR, I saw the video for "I'm Not Okay" playing at Target (those were the days, huh?), plus there was something called the nintendo fusion tour happening at the time (2004) that had MCR (as well as story of the year, anberlin, autopilot off, and others) on the line-up, so I would listen to the video/song for I'm Not Okay there as well. Eventually I had a buddy of mine download Three Cheers (and a bunch of other albums, I didn't buy music back then X-P) for me, and I was hooked.

Also, Miss Lueda Alia is beautiful!
06:40 PM on 10/05/11
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skellorock's Avatar
it was 1998, i was 14, skating was my world, and getting my feet wet in the punk world........now this was 98, i wasnt aware of napster or anything like that yet, but i new a way of listening to music online...............sorta, this was back when ppl still made midi's, and that site belive it or not i have just learned is still standing, http://darkpunk.tripod.com/index.html
anyways i happened to hear one of M+M's, it was instantly memorable on two levels, sounded like what was a great punk tune(and indeed it was when i heard the real thing haha) and given that it was midi...it sounded alot like something that would've been on Megaman(tom's riff)

and later that day, a friend came by and happend to have dude ranch with him, so yeah, and thats that

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