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09:45 PM on 02/28/12
Jack Appleby
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Waiting to read this until I can dedicate some time to it. I want to read Jacob's piece first.

No matter what these pieces say - it's great to see a musician responding. Very cool for Jacob too.
10:50 PM on 02/28/12
Jack Appleby
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Reading this really bummed me out. Fall Out Boy have been my favourite band since the TTTYG days and I still think Folie a Deux is their best record by far. I don't get why more people never grew with them like I did. I can only listen to TTTYG and FUCT because of the nostalgia nowadays, they were capable of writing much better songs and they did. Sucks to hear they actually got booed for it.
His solo output has been wonderful. But unfortunately, a majority of his fanbase haven't grown with him, and aren't open to the type of music he's making now.

This is what I don't understand. Fall Out Boy fans aren't 15 anymore - so why do they still demand the same band? Brand New grew into something completely different and was hailed by all, yet FOB tries to grow and are belittled. (Don't get sidetracked by the Brand New reference, please).

You've been in college for 8 years and you've never heard the word posthumous before? Public education at it's best I guess.
You realize you're exactly the type of person who causes people (not just musicians; all people) to feel the way Patrick is describing, right? You look at it as innocent trolling, but really, it's immature and irresponsible commentary that can really get under the skin of some. You'll argue that people needed thicker skin - but why couldn't you have just left that comment alone?

Screw that if I had his talent of performing I would keep doing it. Yeah there will be people that will say this was better than this, but eh who cares do what you want. If people can't move on from that release they have problems or haven't grown up yet. He needs to start marketing himself to a different audience. Look at the Damned Things, Joe and Andy are playing to a different scene. Patrick just needs to go on to something different and play to a different crowd. I don't know what Soul Punk sounded like so I could be wrong that he tried to branch out.

Also same thing happened to Saves The Day, The Ataris, Juliana Theory, etc all those bands. People want to hear the "hits" and have the same album again that made them huge, but they as people want to move forward and most fans don't want them to. That is the problem with this scene, a lot of people can't really adapt to change.
After reading that I just wanna take the dude out for a beer and remind him to say fuck the world.
Kinda how I feel about it. Let's give Patrick his moment, then someone give him a kick in the butt, say "chin up," and get the show back on the road.
11:28 PM on 02/28/12
Jack Appleby
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Thank you for saying this. I always want to respond to people who say stuff like that but never really know how to word what I want to say; this is exactly it.

At the end end of the day, some people are just inconsiderate and downright mean; no other word for it. Not necessarily talking about that guy in particular, but just people in general. If what you're about to say isn't kind, edifying, etc, or if a criticism isn't at last constructive, then why even say it at all? I'lll never understand how people can live with themselves when they hide behind their computer screen and talk down on people for the sole purpose of hurting their feelings.

That was way more then I intended to say, but I guess all of that applies to the topic at hand anyway haha.

I'm with you. The fact that people make accounts only to criticize is frustrating.

Blame parenting, blame kids these days, blame video games, blame whatever- it just really sucks.
12:27 AM on 02/29/12
Jack Appleby
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great, and i think it's a piece of shit. you're really just dealing with semantics here. it pisses me off that he made a fucking terrible album. that's it. sorry if that makes you butthurt for him.
Here's my question: would you act this way to Patrick's face? With such bluntness and lack of respect?
You mention you respect him - you couldn't tell that from the way you speak about him. Would you want someone saying those things about you?

I do think he needs a bit of a pep talk, and needs to learn that the 10% of negativity shouldn't outweigh the 90% support he receives - but again, you displaying your opinions this way is another example of his point, and is just unnecessary.

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