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And here it is folks: the ranking portion of The Official AP.net Fantasy Band Draft!

To see the actual draft process, visit THE DRAFT.

Here's the rules of this part:
Each participant in the draft will rank his or her top 15 favorite bands in order, with 1st being the top pick.
You may use whatever criteria you like to decide your rankings.
You may not vote for your own band.
Each 1st place vote will count for 15 points, 2nd place = 14 points, 3rd = 13 points, etc.

Below you will find each person's completed band, along with their band name (bolded) and their description/sales pitch/bio.
Once you have ranked your top 15, post them in a comment in this thread. Please use the username AND the band name in your rankings.

THE CURRENT RANKINGS: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/...zZBOExvNHFOWkE
Once the Top 10 bands have been determined, we will open the voting up to the entire AP.net community to determine an overall champion.

If you didn't participate, feel free to comment here and say which band you like! Also, we love seeing your individual, wacky awards. List some of them!

Let's begin!
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1. Rob McWilliams' Band: C'Est La Vie
Vocals - Tyler Carter
Guitar/Keys - Brian Southall of The Receiving End Of Sirens, The Company We Keep
Guitar - Jack Burns of Oceana, Lead Hands
Bass/Vocals - George Pettit of Alexisonfire
Drums - Alex Rodriguez of Saosin

After his unmitigated disaster of a solo career, Tyler Carter decided to branch into the realm of ambient, yet gritty, post-hardcore. Immediately, two members came to mind: George Pettit, the still-unemployed bassist and ex-vocalist of Alexisonfire, and Brian "The Real Fat Jesus" Southall, who was looking to go back to his roots in post-hardcore while retaining his TREOS style. The lineup was soon completed by Alex Rodriguez, who was frozen waiting for his bandmates in Saosin to make a decision, and Jack Burns, whose most recent project imploded due to member infighting. With the lineup finally decided, the band decided on the name C'est La Vie, or "Such is life" in French, and is currently recording their debut EP for Triple Crown Records.

2. raychull's band: Nervous Hands
Vocals - Marc Paffi of Bars Of Gold, Bear vs. Shark
Guitar/Vocals - Drew Speziale of Circle Takes the Square
Guitar - Dave Knudson of Botch, Minus The Bear
Bass - Jonathan Corley of Manchester Orchestra
Drums - Tucker Rule of Thursday, I Hate Your Freedom

A band packed with seasoned musicians, Nervous Hands is a name to be remembered and watched closely. Taking the intricate, math rock style of Dave Knudson, coming from both Minus the Bear, as well as the heavier Botch, fusing it with Drew Speziale's heavier, but often ambient style, Nervous Hands creates a sound unique within the post hardcore sector. Jonathan Corley joins us on bass, with experience from Manchester Orchestra, but with a highly skilled and versatile style. Post hardcore father, Thursday, leaves us with a taste from Tucker, also of I Hate Your Freedom whose fast and rhythmic style of playing completes the instrumental side of Nervous Hands. Last, comes Marc Paffi, best known from Bear vs. Shark, whose voc als best fit the sound Nervous Hands strives to achieve. All together it sounds like a strange lovechild between Blakfish, and Thrice, with the members all set to create songs that have musical and lyrical integrity.

3. fanberlinboy's band: Tony The Liger
Vocals/Guitar - James Mercer of The Shins/Broken Bells
Guitar/Vocals - Jack White
Guitar/Keys/Synth/Vocals/Percussion/Production - Damon Albarn of Blur/Gorillaz
Bass/Synth/Percussion - Roy Mitchell-Cardenas
Drums/Vocals/Keys/Synth/Production - Wouter de Backer of Gotye

Think the best parts of Broken Bells and The Dead Weather meet with the production of a Gorillaz record and an emphasis on groove. Sometimes pop, sometimes blues, and sometimes indie, Tony the Liger aims to create a familiar sound that no matter how hard you try, you can't put a finger on it. James Mercer has displayed pop prowess throughout his career, but showed versatility with Broken Bells that makes him a perfect fit with the rest of the band. Jack White will add a layer to the sounds of Albarn and de Backer that none of their previous projects have had: a world-class guitarist. Albarn functions as the "Swiss army knife" in this band handling many aspects of the production. The important thing was to have a rhythm section that could tie these three together and complement their strengths. Roy Mitchell-Cardenas, a master of groove in his own right, has experience both with production-heavy rock (the first two Mutemath records) as well as blues-tinged rock (evidenced on Odd Soul) thus making him a complement to Albarn's production and White's inevitable blues stylings. Wouter de Backer is no slouch when it comes to groove himself, but he also knows how to perfectly bring out the types of pop hooks Mercer will provide. With catchy hooks and top-notch musicianship, Tony the Liger could end up sounding as mythical as its namesake.

4. jender4's band
Vocals - Brandon Wronski of Eye Alaska/ Roy English
Guitar/Backing Vox - Bobby Darling of Gatsby's American Dream/ Places and Numbers
Guitar - Max Helyer of You Me At Six
Bass - Matt Rubano of Taking Back Sunday/Patrick Stump
Drums - Dominic Howard of Muse

No write-up submitted.

5. saofan_315's band
Vocals - Vinnie Caruana of I Am The Avalanche/The Movielife
Guitar/Vocals - Chris Carrabba of Further Seems Forever/Dashboard Confessional
Guitar/Vocals - Kris Roe of the Ataris
Bass - Tim Payne of Thursday
Drums - Mark O'Connell of Taking Back Sunday

No write-up submitted

6. njdevils327's band: Dreamatorium
Vocals/Guitar - Anthony Green of Circa Survive
Guitar/Keyboard/Piano - Teppei Teranishi of Thrice
Guitar/Backing Vocals - Jonathan Simmons of Balance And Composure
Bass/Backing Vocals - Nikki Monniger of Silversun Pickups
Drums - Nicholas Pizzolato of Moving Mountains

Dreamatorium began as a simple conversation between Moving Mountains’ drummer Nicholas Pizzolato and Thrice’s Teppei Terranishi on Thrice’s headlining tour. The two began to realize they shared a love for both the distorted, crunchy guitar tones of some of their favorite musicians and for the NBC comedy Community. Together, they would recruit members to work around the first premise, and decide to name their band Dreamatorium to fulfill the second (Dreamatorium also symbolizes the idea that this band was previously only thought possible in the mind). Anthony Green was called in to front the band, because as Teppei said, “He has one of the most powerful and emotive voices I have ever heard, and the uniqueness lends itself to the band’s versatile style.” Green commands the majority of the vocal duty on the band’s debut, and is also the band’s primary songwriter. Next, Pizzolato called Jonathan Simmons who agreed to aide in the lyrics and songwriting with Green, adding to the band his personal and relatable lyrics and a unique perspective as the band’s youngest member. The band was having a hard time finding a bassist, until they stumbled upon Silversun Pickups’ “Panic Switch” on the radio. Immediately, they knew the person behind that muddy bass line had to join their band. And thus, Nikki Monninger completed the band’s lineup on bass and backing vocals. The band’s debut full-length has elements of the ambient post-hardcore of Moving Mountains’ Waves work and the later Thrice material, mixed with the gritty alternative rock of the other members bands. A super-group that works as a cohesive whole is a rarity. But, paraphrasing Abed’s line in Community, Pizzolato said, “Dreamatorium is more important than any of us.”

7. Indoor Living's band: Deadweight
Vocals/Guitar - Charlie Simpson
Vocals/Guitar/Banjo/Ukelele - Jason Mraz
Vocals/Bass/Guitar - Laura Marling
Vocals/Mandolin - Chris Thile of Nickel Creek/Punch Brothers
Vocals/Drums - Taylor Hawkins of Foo Fighters

Interchangability. You’re right, it’s not a word. If it were, though, it would describe to a T my fantasy band, Deadweight, but I’ll get back to that. Deadweight is a folk group containing five musicians all related to the genre in some way. On vocals and guitar, we have Charlie Simpson. A stalwart in the British music scene, Simpson is arguably the most entrenched in folk out of all five, after a brilliant solo output. On vocals, guitar, banjo, and ukulele is Jason Mraz. A pop artist at heart, Mraz’ folk aspects come from his lyrical themes and intimate live performances. On vocals, bass, and guitar, Laura Marling. A solo acoustic artist, Marling is wise beyond her years, with haunting songs about heartbreak, anger, and lost love, and a quasi- ethereal voice that do a phenomenal job of putting you in her fractured perspective. On vocals and mandolin, we have Chris Thile, the cornerstone of former bluegrass group Nickel Creek, and founding member of the Punch Brothers. The most talented active mandolin player, Thile is also an accomplished singer, and pulls double duties no questions asked. Finally, on vocals and drums, we have Taylor Hawkins of the Foo Fighters. An overly creative and enthusiastic drummer, Hawkins knows the ins and outs of rock music, but he also knows how to tone it down on the softer stuff, and he does that just as well.

Right, back to interchangability. If you saw above, all five of these members have ‘vocals’ listed first. This was a conscious choice. Every member of Deadweight is brilliant at their instruments, but they also have something else in common: having a fantastic voice hyper-capable of harmonizing. Deadweight will utilize this talent by making lead vocals completely interchangeable. Any of the five members could sing lead on any particular track, with a staggering 2-4 part harmony backing them up, always complementing, never overpowering. Think 'Wall of Sound', but American. Think The Beach Boys, but country. Think Crosby, Stills, and Nash or Simon and Garfunkel, but modern. Think Mumford and Sons, but good. Think (and vote) Deadweight.

8. Jake Denning's band: Blue Dream
Vocals - Trey Songz
Vocals/Keys/Production - Frank Ocean of OFWGKTA
Guitar/Vocals/Loop Pedal - Ed Sheeran
Bass/Vocals - Keith Holuk of Ligeia
Drums - Branden Morgan of Misery Signals, The Company We keep

It's the end of the night and you're trying to make it end just right, you just may, you might -- heck, you might get some action tonight. You need the sensual and raw sounds of Blue Dream to end your night just right: We got four unique voices that'll spark up the room, not to mention the tasteful drumming of Brenden Morgan to drive it on home. So turn those lights off, and press play on that iPod, and make a night to remember with their smooth cover of Def Leppard's "Pour Some Sugar On Me".

10. pleasedontask's band
Vocals - Nate Ruess of fun.
Guitar - Captain Kirk Douglas of The Roots
Eli "Paperboy" Reed
Bass - Pino Palladino of John Mayer Trio, The Whoe
Drums - Patrick Carney of The Black Keys

11.3.2013. Today marks the release of the debut album from indie-soul supergroup Come Back, Ian Walker. The band, consisting of frontman Nate Ruess ( also of fun.) formed shortly after fun. recieved the Best New Artist award at this years Grammys. Backstage, Ruess ran into drummer Patrick Carney, and the two quickly formed a friendship based off a mutual respect for one another's music and a deep love for soul and rock n roll. Taking a break from fun. and allowing his bandages to follow up with their respective projects, Ruess and Carney aligned some of the brightest names in rock n roll to form their own band. Their debut album, Way Back When, is a imaginative rethinking of soul and pop music, featuring the introspective searching lyrics of Ruess and one of the most dancey, high energy live shows of any band currently touring.

11. M. Lee's band: Thirteen Ghosts
Vocals - Kendrick Lamar
Vocals - The Weeknd
Guitar/Synths/Drums/Production - Balam Acab
Guitar/Bass/Synths/Keys - Ethan Kath of Crystal Castles
Drums/Production – AraabMuzik

Novelty is dangerous. Often in music, in the minds of the established, it threatens not just the current character of the business but the music itself. Really what it's threatening is their careers, the way they do things. And when something unexpected occurs, the old guard resists.

Up-and-comers Kendrick Lamar and Abel Tesfaye (The Weeknd) lead the way into a new fusion of hip hop and R&B with one's introspective, fluid rapping and the other's spacey, melodic vocals. Balam Acab combines his spectral instrumentation with his atmospheric production over AraabMuzik's MPC laden hip hop beats to set the tone for these ghostly melodies. Ethan Kath's anxious bass riffs and wailing synth lines morph an "electro hipster*" sound into something darker. Though consisting of several obscure djs and promising young artists without name recognition, this band will certainly find success wherever they find listeners.

*term electro hipster - credit incognitojones, 2k12

12. Numero10's band: Samo as an Escape Clause
Vocals/Piano/Computer/Synth/Drum machine/Music sequencer/Sampler - James Blake
Guitar - Munaf Rayani from Explosions in the Sky
Bass/Synth/Harprsichord/Others - Nicolas Godin of Air
Drums/Piano/Vibraphone/Vocals/Processing - Sean Carey of S. Carey, Bon Iver
Percussion/Sampler/Steel Drums/Turntable - Jamie xx of The xx

This is more than music. This is Jean-Michel Basquiat spraying SAMO on a Manhattan wall in 1976. This is Lionel Messi making his debut for Barcelona in 2005. This is Matt Groening making an anagram of the word "brat". This is iconic.

The shimmering guitar of Munaf Rayani, the wobbling bass and soulful voice of James Blake, the backbone drumming and perfect harmonizing of Sean Carey, the laid back beats of Jamie xx and the eclectic multi-instrumentalism of Nicolas Godin all come together to make something the world has never heard before. This music does not fit into a genre, its adjectives contain no mention of "pop" or "dubstep". There is but one word for this; beauty.

TL;DR: We ain't no hipsters but we can make your hips stir.

14. Jack Appleby's band: Capital Accents
Vocals/Piano/Keys - Paul Meany of Mutemath
Guitar/Programming/Backing Vocals - Matthew Bellamy of Muse
Guitar/Orchestral Arrangements - Mike Einziger of Incubus
Bass/Mandolin - John Paul Jones of Led Zeppelin, Them Crooked Vultures
Percussion - Neil Peart of Rush

Peart and Jones didn’t need to do this. There’s no need for these two to fluff their résumés past Rush and Led Zeppelin, yet their drive to create required a new fix. Having partaken in Them Crooked Vultures, John knew how invigorating a new project can be and decided to team with Neil for yet another new experience. The duo’s legendary status made the recruitment of three top alternative talents all too easy, enlisting the services of some of the most well-respect and talented around. Paul Meany was a natural selection f or his approach and raw ability, and should be perfectly complimented by Matthew Bellamy’s hypnotic stylings. Bringing in Einziger on guitar adds a little crunch while maintaining the high technicality the band hopes to achieve while creating mesmerizing music.

When it comes down to it, it’s a band made of immensely talented and like-minded musicians. It works, and it works well.

15. circletheworld's band: Greenland
Vocals - Daryl Palumbo of Glassjaw
Guitar/Production - Kurt Ballou of Converge
Guitar - Derek Miller of Sleigh Bells, Poison the Well
Bass/Keyboards/Synths - Brian Cook of Russian Circles, These Arms Are Snakes
Drums - Tony Hajjar of ATDI, Sparta

Cold, Harsh, Heavy, Violent, Damaging. It hits you from the start and doesn't let you go until you are bruised and broken. Spit out of natures womb, you will be left staring alone at the remnants of everything you have ever loved, hated, or even felt. Memories of a past life flood your vision to see the distance that must be traveled and the hardship that must be fought. blah blah blah, screw it. This is post hardcore at its finest. Straight forward angry songs that leave you on the floor. Heavy bass, break neck blast beats, and moments of shear genius. All mixed into the most beautiful riffs you have ever heard. Its gritty, its pretty, and leaves you wanting more.

16. XenoAbe's band: Fresh Pots
Vocals/Guitar - Dave Grohl
Guitar - Mike McCready of Pearl Jam
Guitar/Backing Vocals - Jon Foreman of Switchfoot
Bass/Keys- Steven McKellar of Civil Twilight
Drums - Thomas Pridgen of ex-Mars Volta/The Memorials

Out of his fake hatred for Skrillex and the dubsteppers, Dave Grohl had a fire grow inside him to create more human face-melting rock music for the people of the world to enjoy. Needing huge guitars, swelling bass lines, and incomprehensible drum lines he set off on a trail to recruit the members of Fresh Pots. Jon Foreman was in his yard putting another fish on the back of his car. He needed only to touch the hem of Grohl’s garment to be convinced. Next, Grohl had to avoid his flailing arms and get Pridgen to open his eyes but Pridgen quickly signed on to play with the rock legend. Grohl happened upon Steven McKellar in a bar down in the Bayou of Louisiana and recruited the up and comer. McCready was the toughest to convince, mostly because he couldn’t understand Grohl after so many years of training his ear to Eddie Vedder’s mumbling language. In the end McCready found the desire to write huge rock hooks with the other four members. The quintet got together and wrote the hardest rocking music on their debut album “There’s No Crying In Rock ‘N Roll” that instantly had people headbanging and creating impromptu mosh pits in the streets of cities around the nation.

17. spiffa0's band: Stuart Minkus and the Secret of Time Travel
Vocals/Guitar - John Gourley of Portugal. The Man
Vocals/Guitar - Laura Stevenson of Laura Stevenson and the Cans
Accordion/Keyboard/Backing Vocals - Richard Parry of Arcade Fire
Bass/Backing Vocals - Toby Leaman of Dr. Dog
Drums - Benny Horowitz of The Gaslight Anthem

At first glance you may not believe that John Gourley of Portugal. The Man and Laura Stevenson are compatible performers. Those of you that think this have never listened to The Majestic Majesty, Portugal. The Man’s acoustic rendition of some of their most popular songs. It is evident that John and Laura’s styles would mesh very well in a folk/indie/acoustic setting. Richard Parry brings extensive musical knowledge and instrument versatility to the group. His mastery of the underappreciated accordion will be a highlight to this group’s live performance. Toby Leaman of Dr. Dog brings smooth basslines and unique backing vocals that compliment John and Laura. Benny Horowitz on drums will round out this band and bring some pop elements to this eclectic group of artists. Stuart Minkus and the Secret of Time Travel is made up of talented musicians with the goal of captivating you by taking their own musical influences and organically melding them into an honest indie rock performance with folk sensibilities and upbeat pop mentality.

18. phaynes1's band: A Time To Die
Vocals/Keys - Ben Gibbard of Death Cab for Cutie/Postal Service
Vocals/Guitar - Ritzy Bryan of The Joy Formidable
Vocals/Guitar - Paul Banks of Interpol
Bass - David Sitek of TV On The Radio
Drums - Casey Deitz of The Velvet Teen

A Time To Die includes Death Cab for Cutie's Ben Gibbard, who wished to get back to his roots during the days when DCFC was a darker and more ambient indie band after the break-up of his marriage with Zooey Deschanel, that chick who is in New Girl and makes movies where she is supposed to be really quirky or some shit. When Ben was formulating the idea for the band, influences from bands like My Bloody Valentine and Slowdive were helping shape the project. After listening to the Joy Formidable, Ben decided to put the guitar down for the first time in a while and focus on playing keys, letting Ritzy Bryan take lead guitar and vocals, lending her shoegaze/alt-rock sound to the project. Also, the contrast between the pair's voices was something Ben was eager to explore. Ritzy accepted. Who wouldn't? The pair decided they would like to add a deeper vocalist to the mix, as well as someone who would be able to help Ritzy on guitars. While it wasn't an obvious choice since the band is more post-punk than shoegaze, the pair decided Paul Banks of Interpol would be a perfect fit, with some shoegaze elements coming through the band's latter records. Paul accepted. Duh. When the trio set out to put together their rhythm section, only one drummer was considered: Casey Deitz of the Velvet Teen. Surprised by receiving the attention of such well-established artists, Casey immediately accepted. After hearing from friends that the project was forming, David Sitek of TV on the Radio contacted the four musicians, offering his services as a producer. The quartet accepted based on Sitek's work with TVotR, but also requested that Sitek played bass on the record. He gladly accepted. Now ask yourself, are you ready for this amount of sad?

19. Dustin Harkins' band: The Austin Texas Pregnancy Scare
Vocals/Guitar/Organ/Floor Tom - Jeff Mangum (ex-Neutral Milk Hotel)
Vocals/Guitar/Programming - Jamie Stewart of Xiu Xiu
Vocals/Bass/Trumpet/Percussion - Thomas Dutton of Forgive Durden
Keyboard, Organ, Piano, Violin, Banjo - Nobuo Uetmatsu of Final Fantasy
Drums - Deantoni Parks of The Mars Volta

What started as a simple collaboration between Jeff Mangum and Jamie Stewart has escalated out of control. The eccentricity of the two has always been undebatable, and if it hasn't been, the first release of The Austin Texas Pregnancy Scare will make this an indisputable fact. What began as the two singing about loss became an idea: What if we could bring back the ones we'll never see again? This spawned an idea deemed crazy even to their standards, a conceptual, orchestral indie album telling the story of two best friends given that exact gift, on one condition: They must end the life of the other. This heart-wrenching tale of moral, emotional, and physical distress takes the listener into complete shock, questioning their priorities, and asking the simple one word question: "Why?" With narration and additional vocals added by Thomas Dutton, the real surprise comes from Nobou Uematsu of Final Fantasy fame, creating the orchestral arrangement to accompany the brilliant writing of the two maestros of The Austin Texas Pregnancy Scare. Uematsu and versatile drummmer Deantoni Parks breathe new life into Stewart and Mangum, and prove the reason for their praised status: their imperishable creativity. Their debut release, Lung, has received critical acclaim from numerous publications and a Best New Music label from Pitchfork, who gave the release an 9.1/10, only missing the perfect mark by "not being In The Aeroplane Over The Sea".

20. InaGreendase's band: Talk Down
Vocals - Aaron Weiss of mewithoutYou
Vocals/Synthesizer - Byanca Munoz of Whirr
Guitar - Derrick Sherman of Sainthood Reps/Brand New
Bass - Anton Dang of O'Brother
Drums - Ben Koller of Converge

Take the ideological clashing of several figures: Aaron Weiss--the son of a converted Muslim mother and a Jewish father; Anton Dang--a Bible Belt survivor now foraging questions of his own; Ben Koller--likely a firm believer in the total absence of deities, period.

Take the reckless, noisy queasiness of Derrick Sherman's guitar abuse; Dang's lumbering abilities on the low end; Koller's variable methods of metallic, D-beat-like ferocity and lumbering post-metal rhythms of Converge's Epitaph years. Mesh that against Byanca Munoz's indecipherable, femme-fatale vocal soundscapes and swirling synth, and Weiss' rapid-fire, beat poetry spoken word.

None of these elements should work in tandem. Yet somehow, these are crucial pieces of the puzzle to Talk Down's sound: Imagine Sherman's rhythmic stabs as a stable but nervous undercurrent, while Weiss spouts clever turns of phrases inside of tall tales, challenging even his own moments of staccato dynamism. Dang and Koller provide a blistering beat while Byanca lays down the most subtle synthesizer layer and provides slowed-down moments of eerie vocal atmosphere at stopgaps throughout. It's the Jesus Lizard meets early mewithoutYou meets Blonde Redhead--with hardcore speeds at most turns, and breathtakingly wistful, haunting spaces at others.

21. softhands's band: Basset Hounds
Vocals - Jonathan Vigil of The Ghost Inside
Vocals/Guitar - Dallas Green
Guitar - Tosin Abasi
Bass - Arif Mirabdolbaghi
Drums - Ryan Legler of Every Time I Die

The wide spread of styles that these five fellows bring to this band makes them limitless, as Dallas is venturing back into the more fast paced, harder music, with a combining with Vigil's vocals, it will be a familiar give and take vocal game Green did in AoF. As Tosin, Arif and Legs hammer out most of the progressive melodies, mind blowing solos and humongous big breakdowns. (Bryzgalov reference). A nice mix of hardcore and progressive metal, Green and Vigil bringing the hardcore, Abasi and Arif bringing the metal and Legs blending into any situation he is thrown into. With the skill of Tosin on guitar and the energy that Vigil and Green bring, this band has the balls to define itself as the greatest hardcore/metal band of all time. For drafting Dallas Green first, it's only fitting to give him a slot for his own "bonus song" to be on the record. It is also expected for there to be five, 3 minute interludes between some songs, where Tosin can no longer keep in the "Kobe Bryant game changer" like sweeps and tapping technics that he has honed. Rumor is that the record will be called "Slap Shot" because of the bands love of hockey and the movie by the same name.

22. vivatoto56's band: Phantom Cunt
Vocals/Guitar - Kristian Mattson of The Tallest Man On Earth
Vocals/Bass/Flute/Tuba - Jenny Owen Youngs
Piano/Backing Vocals - Mike Hadrias of Perfume Genius
Violin/Viola/Backing Vocals - Owen Pallett
Drums/ Xylophone/ Lap Steel Guitar/ Glockenspiel - Christopher Bear of Grizzly Bear

It all begins with a simple flinger pluck. Like a machine Kristian Mattson of The Tallest Man On Earth breezes his fingers through the parade of the strings, giving the perfect amount of staccato between each note, like a playwright plans out each syllable. His rough voice still hides behind his lips, though fans know exactly what to expect which only raises the anticipation. A soft “ooo” from the voice of what has to be a lovely woman, and then the slow vibrato of a violin. There might even be a smooth bass line building it’s way up out of the darkness, but not every time. Sometimes it’s as simple as a flute. A deep piano rhythm is to follow, adding weight to what was a simple folk song mere seconds ago. With the dry, melodramatic, chamber pop beauty that fans have come to love from The Perfume Genius, Mike Hadrias has found his calling. As the vocals start, Kristian welcomes the listener, not preparing them, however for the massive dichotomy between the two vocalists. Jenny Owen Youngs voice is strong and bluesy, she doesn’t back away for a moment, together they have created a powerful vocal range which they explore as often as possible. Sometimes the drums beat soft and cool, other times Mr. Bear likes to relax with a smooth beat on the xylophone, and for the extra slow songs, he enjoys a good ol fashioned lap steel guitar. Within these few moments, it is clear Phanton Cunt has found something….Perfection?

23. thesafeword's band
Vocals - Matt Berninger of The National
Vocals/Guitar - Annie Clark of St. Vincent
Guitar/Violin/Vocals - Andrew Bird
Guitar/Bass - Stephen Malkmus
Drums - Jeremiah Green of Modest Mouse

24. Star Slight's band: So Complete
Vocals/Guitar/Piano/Bass/Everything - Justin Vernon of Bon Iver
Vocals/Piano - Stevie Wonder
Guitars/Vocals/Sac/Ukelele - Van Morrison
Bass - Owen Biddle of The Roots
Drums/Keyboard - Mark Ronson

How do I begin describing a band made up of so many talented people? Do I begin with the rising star? The most well dressed man in the music industry? The glue of one of the most revered hip hop groups of all time? Or do I start with the legends, the men who are already in history books? Stevie Wonder and Van Morrison are two of the most influential, talented people in the modern realm of music. Both are heavily influenced by soul music and ooze blues in their music. If you’re hesitant about Van Morrison because you’ve only heard the singles, I urge you to listen to TB Sheets or anything off of Astral Weeks, which was made on a dirt cheap budget while the man was practically homeless. Van will be playing guitar will crooning over the tracks as Stevie plays the keys with his beautiful harmonies. Joining them will be Justin Vernon, of Bon Iver, on a slew of instruments. Vernon is most likely known for his slow, folksy music on For Emma, but on his most recent album, he stretches his influences to encompass soul on such tracks as Minnesota WI and Hinnom. In this band, he will get to fully flesh out his soul roots and join forces with the likes of Morrison and Wonder. He will also have a chance to return to the slower side as he sings over Wonder’s soft piano background. As if that wasn’t enough, Owen Biddle, formally of the Roots, will be joining the band on bass. Look up any live recording of the Roots and you will see why he will make the perfect choice for such a band. Finally, Mark Ronson, multi instrumentalist, drummer and record producer will be joining the band as drummer/producer. Ronson is probably most well known for his work with Amy Winehouse; however, the man has produced albums for everyone from Q-Tip and Nas to Adele and Rufis Wainwright. Simply put, the man knows his music. And the genre that Ronson seems most comfortable with is that of soul and RnB; therefore, he will be the perfect fit. With Morrison, Wonder and Vernon sharing the vocals and harmonizing with one another, Biddle tearing up the bass and Ronson on the kit and production responsibilities, the band is simply So Complete.

25. toby_newsboys's band: The Slapbet
Vocals - Soupy Campbell of The Wonder Years
Guitar/Keys - Andrew W.K.
Guitar - Chad Gilbert of New Found Glory
Bass/Vocals - Mike Herrera
Drums - Longineu W. Parsons III of Yellowcard

Coming into this I have no clue how to sell this band with a write up other then the fact...ANDREW W.K. That man is a monster, killer live show, he goes 110% all the time. In The Slapbet a high energy awesome live show is what its all about. From Soupy’s vocal delivery to Mike Herrera’s rip-roaring bass-lines it will be nuts! The Slapbet pieced together to create an awesome live show, they needed a hard hitting drummer so Longineu was called. Throw those four parts into a blender along with the lead guitar skills of Chad Gilbert and you had the most awesome pop-punk/party band ever! Ok...maybe just in recent times.

26. Chaplain Tappman's band: Martyr Math
Vocals - Janelle Monae
Vocals/Keyboard/Piano - John Legend
Guitar/Vocals/Keyboard/Synth/Sampling - Dan Whitford of Cut Copy
Bass/Guitar/Vocals/Synth/Keyboard - George Lewis Jr. of Twin Shadow
Drums - ?uestlove

Building off the already existing collaboration between legendary Questlove and John Legend, Martyr Math is the coming together of some of the best in dance, r&b, and funk music. Building the sound around keys and synth and the varying vocal ranges of their members –the powerful voices of Monae and Legend, the more quiet but no less alluring voices of Whitford and Lewis, Martyr Math features impressive diversity among it’s twenty tracks, ranging from thudding synth dance beats to a more mellow, intricate song that lulls the listener into a contemplative mood, but all of them feature impressive collaboration between the otherwise heavily individual music makers, and all of them, save the instrumental tracks, do what many of the members do best – tell stories.

Many of those stories are unsurprisingly about the struggles of black Americans in modern society, and due to the bands formation at the time of the tragic shooting of Travyon Martin, the politically minded Questlove and Legend spearheaded the groups song dedicated to Martin ‘Hoodies’, a winding seven-minute track that features nearly all of the bands traits from a slow, anticipatory build that culminates in a pulsating beat that disappears almost as suddenly as it arrives, Monae wails about the loss of her ‘son’ in the same way that protestors have named Martin, and Lewis arrives to deliver a eulogy of sorts, memorializing Martin as the symbolic victim of America’s persistent racial issues. A combination of a heartbreaking story and a memorable dance/R&B structure and sound, ‘Hoodies’ is the bands definitive song, the culmination of nearly everything the album has to offer, the product of work between masters of the genres.

27. DeathOrGlory's band: Evil Exes
Vocals/Keyboards - Emily Haines of Metric
Guitar/Backing Vocals - David Longstreth of The Dirty Projectors
Synths/Programming/Vocals/Orchestral Arrangements - Anthony Gonzalez of M83
Bass/Synth - Jesse F. Keeler of Death From Above 1979/MSTRKRFT
Drums - Matthew Helders of Arctic Monkeys

Anthony Gonzalez was in a state of panic. The angel had warned him that if he did not build an amazing super group in 48 hours the earth would be doomed to mediocre music forever and yet he had nothing to show for it. All his calls fell through. AraabMuzik was much too obscure of a DJ to be beneficial. Lil B had lost a bet with Rick Ross and was forced to front a metalcore band. Even Frank the Pigeon had other plans. “Maybe Matt Berninger can help,” he thought. “Everyone loves The National.” Completely disillusioned, he slunk into bed, awaiting the inevitable news of Three Doors Down scoring a new number one hit. In his dreams, he saw a white room. In this white room stood Emily Haines, David Longstreth, Jesse F. Keeler and Matthew Helders. Before Anthony could say anything, Emily spoke. “Anthony Gonzalez. Your dream-pop sounds are not enough to save the planet. You need us. Jesse Keeler’s fuzzy, distorted bass tones give you a powerful punk edge. David Longstreth’s guitar playing adds complex depth and originality. Matthew Helders is one of the best drummers in modern rock today. My voice is fucking amazing and icey like the great glaciers of yore. “ “Why couldn’t I get Feist?” Anthony cut in. “Because she hates you Anthony. I’m amazing and if Brian vs Shark is lucky I’ll get naked or something. With all of our talents pooled together, we will create a transcendent combination of dream-pop beauty, post-punk hooks and a kick ass rock ‘n’ roll back-bone. We will be called Evil Exes. We will save the world. Fuck cwhit.” With that wisdom, Anthony woke in a cold sweat. He knew what he had to do.

28. Joe DeAndrea's band
Vocals - Alex Deleon of The Cab
Guitar/Vocals - William Beckett of The Academy Is...
Keyboards - Vocals Breanne Duren of Owl City
Bass - Deon Rexroat of Anberlin
Drums - Andrew Cook of A Rocket To The Moon

Vocalist Alex DeLeon is never one to shy away from musical endeavours. He's dabbled in a little bit of everything over the years -- from guest appearances on Fall Out Boy and Tyga songs, to co-writing for artists with the best in the business, all while juggling his main band, The Cab. Perhaps his most ambitious venture thus far lies in Paradise Academy, a project that offers a breath of fresh air in a sea of musical mediocrity. Surrounding DeLeon are additional established singers: Breanne Duren of Owl City provides keyboards/background vocals; ex-The Academy Is... frontman William Beckett gives vocals and also makes his first mark in a band as a primary guitarist. Behind the kit consists of Andrew Cook (A Rocket to the Moon/ex-The Receiving End of Sirens) while the backbone of the group is all thanks to Anberlin bassist Deon Rexroat. Although the line-up may seem unconventional at a glance, the infectious pop vocal lines from DeLeon/Beckett/Duren mixed with the dark and eerie melodies rounded out by theatrical keys creates a connection that's familar in the most inviting ways. In the vein of Neon Trees, Phantom Planet, The Format.

29. DylanPPPP's band: Harmony No Harmony
Vocals - Frank Carter of Pure Love, ex-Gallows
Vocals/Guitar - Frank Turner
Bass - Brian Robinson of A Wilhelm Scream
Guitars/Vocals/Piano/Organ - Josh Homme of Queens of The Stone Age, Them Crooked Vultures
Drums - Brann Dailor of Mastodon

7 years removed from Frank Turner's first project, hardcore/punk band Million Dead, Turner could not help but feel an itch to return to his punk roots. An itch that could not be scratched by any unknown squabs from the street. So after hinting at a hardcore project for a while, Turner set out to assemble a band that would be more than capable of playing angry. First recruit, ex-Gallows front man Frank Carter, joined Turner immediately stating "Me and Frank just had a mutual longing to play some punk shows again. Ya know, for old time's sake. Everything after that was history." In a search for the best talent available, the Franks flew to America recruiting experienced rock veterans Josh Homme of Queens of the Stone Age and Brann Dailor of Mastodon who have known each other for years. Two very energetic and very capable musicians that have proven they know how to mold a band. Brian Robinson, bassist of punk masterminds A Wilhelm Scream, caught wind of the group's formation and wanted in. After hearing the bassist's speedy plucking, the rest of the group welcomed him in with open arms.

After jamming in Homme's studio in Burbank California, the group recorded an eight song EP titled 'Til Death and decided to name the group Harmony No Harmony after Million Dead's final full length. "I figured why not give sort of a tribute to where i left off," said Turner after wrapping up his final go in the vocal booth. "I'm really excited for everyone to hear these songs and see them live. I love singing with Frank and Josh really knows his way around the boards. Now it's difficult to describe the sound we have going because even though I consider this a punk or hardcore project, it still withholds some of the entities of our current projects. We all have so many different influences and we kind of have a little of everything. 'Til Death has some spots where it's really spacey and haunting and then spots where we just fucking rip the shit out of our instruments. I'm excited and you should be as well."

30. asthenia*'s band: The Art Of War
Vocals - P.O.S.
Vocals - Keith Buckley
Guitar - Wade MacNeil of Gallows, Alexisonfire
Bass – Joe Lally of Fugazi
Drums - Travis Barker of blink-182

Keith Buckley has been feeling discouraged as of late. "I'd be lying if I said the past year wasn't great" says the Buffalo, NY native "ETID put out a record I'm proud of, and it's like our hard work is paying off. But a large part of me hates that, because it feels like I've plateaued. And I’m not ready for that." This feeling prompted the vocalist’s relocation, Uhaul-ing only the bare essentials to a rented two-story colonial home in the nation’s capital. On the way he contacted ex-Alexisonfire guitarist and current Gallows vocalist, Wade MacNeil “He called me up, and said ‘I wanna start a punk band’ At first I wasn’t that interested.” Says the guitarist “But he persisted, talking about the ethics behind it. The bigger picture. A lot his inspiration came bands like Rites of Spring, or the Hated or Fugazi, bands I had grown up with. And suddenly it was something exciting that I wanted to be a part of. Then, he told me he wanted it to be rap-rock" says MacNeil, laughing. Buckley, however was serious. Using MacNeil as a mediator, he reached out to Doomtree rapper/producer P.O.S. When Wade brought it to me, I already knew it was for me. I'm big on nostalgia and respecting your roots and I think the time is ripe for people to get angry. I'm angry. If anything I could stand to get angrier." With their core in place, the trio was in need of a rhythm section. “I had ideas of who I wanted, but I had no idea if it would pan out” says Buckley. Using his connections in the Damned Things, Buckley reached out to blink-182’s Travis Barker, fresh off his defeat of Animal on Jimmy Kimmel Live. The notoriously quiet drummer offered no comment, but Buckley and co assure us he’s in the band. The band’s final addition, though, was their most impressive. “I was impressed,” recalls Joe Lally “they sent me this articulate, well crafted letter. I emailed them right back and told them to tell me when and where”. With the line-up in place, it was time for a name. “The Art of War has always been a really cool idea to me. That there is something beautiful and artistic to the darkest corners of human existence. We are a war obsessed culture. We always have been. It’s something in our veins. And I think it describes the music well. Or I hope it does.” The band has rented a rehearsal space and has already begun pre-production on their currently untitled first release, which will be distributed through Dischord records..

31. xHoodieWeather's xband
Brian Fallon - guitar/vocals/songwriter
Chuck Ragan - guitar/backing vocals
John K. Samson - Bass/backing vocals/lyricist
Tom Gabel - Guitar/Vocals
Todd Friend - Drums

No write-up submitted.

32. _-veges's band
Vocals/Violin/Cello/Trumpet/French Horn - Matt Pond
Vocals/Guitar - Brian Aubert of Silversun Pickups
Keyboards/Backing Vocals - Thom Powers of The Naked and Famous
Drums/Backing Vocals - Phil Selway of Radiohead
Bass- Nick Harmer of Death Cab for Cutie

This was my second time competing in the fantasy band draft and despite not making a blatantly APcore band this time around, I know it’s still not terribly original or mind-blowing. So why vote for Pro-Anti? Because you know this band not only works, but it will be great. With each member of the band bringing a different spin on alternative/soft/indie/pop rock there is an extreme amount of both versatility and cohesion. With each member of the band being part of executing a great pop song at one time or another (“Lazy Eye”, “Starting”, “Punching In a Dream”, “Creep”, and “Where Soul Meets Body”) there is no doubt this band could be a crossover success. But each member does bring a certain uniqueness to these genres with Selway’s progressive and experimental drumming approach, Aubert’s haunting vocals, some soundscapes and hooks from Powers and Matt Pond’s amazing versatility when it comes to playing nearly any instrument. So essentially you have a band that would undoubtedly be great together, and in my opinion would be able to showcase each member’s unique talents. But most importantly, I know they would just make really awesome music.

33. Checkered Floors's band: The Stereotypes
Hypeman/Mascot - Hank the Pigeon of The Wonder Years
Vocals/Bass - AJ Perdomo of The Dangerous Summer
Guitar/Vocals - Kevin Geyer of The Story So Far
Guitar - Ryan Rockwell of Mixtapes
Drums - Justin Bieber

Wow! Whatta band!

Fronted by AP.net favourites AJ Perdomo and Kevin Geyer, The Stereotypes offer a refreshing take on modern day pop punk. Featuring heartbreaking and earnest lyrics about hometowns, college, fountains, being positive and high school relationships as well as teen sensation and all around sick cunt Justin Bieber on the kit, The Stereotypes will have you singing along in your dormroom in no time.

Oh, and did I mention that cult icon Hank the motherfucking pigeon was in the band? Wow! There's also some random, big dude from Mixtapes in there too but idk really know anything about him.

35. Chris92's band: The Mercenaries
Vocals/Guitar/Harmonica/Piano - Ryan Adams
Vocals/Guitar - Jeff Tweedy of Wilco
Guitar/Keys/Vocals - Jason Isbell of Drive By Truckers
Bass - Rob Pope of The Get Up Kids
Drums- Bryan Devendorf of The National

While touring in support of his latest solo album Ashes & Fire, Ryan Adams brought along Jason Isbell, formerly of southern rock powerhouse Drive-By Truckers, as an opener, and began to invite Isbell out on stage for his encore to play with him. The two men together on stage immediately connected on a musical level, and after the tour ended continued to play together, toying with the idea of some sort of collaboration. Meanwhile, Bryan Devendorf of The National--a long-time Ryan Adams fan--got wind of the collaboration after seeing the two perform live together. He reached out to Adams, expressing interest in playing with the two if they needed a drummer. With this, the project was expanded from a mostly acoustic endeavor to one with enormous shit-kicking potential. Devendorf brought with him Rob Pope, and Adams managed to convince Jeff Tweedy, who cut his teeth in Americana alt-country legends Uncle Tupelo before going on to start a little band called Wilco, to come listen to the band, mostly just for an outside ear. However, Tweedy was so impressed by the potential of the band that he decided to join up as well.

The Mercenaries are an alt-country supergroup, sure, but they are so much more than that as well. Unlike many supergroups, which tend to be long on showmanship and flair, but short on musicianship and songcraft, this band unites three of our generation's greatest songwriters--all three very talented guitarists as well--with a rhythm section that seems almost too good to be true. Their music is the sound of a house on fire, the sound of a heart breaking, the sound of a loved one dying, the sound of the joy that comes from some small victory--all set to a truly divine rock 'n roll soundtrack. The Mercenaries have the potential to be the next last great rock band, for while like any band of their stripe they show country and folk influences, what they truly do best is rock the fuck out. It is also of note that while their rhythm section seems slightly out of place (two mostly "indie" musicians with three mostly "Americana" ones), look no farther than The National's self-titled debut, or The Get Up Kids' On A Wire to see where Devendorf's and Pope's previous musical projects overlap with those of the three songwriters.

The band chose to call themselves The Mercenaries, because, in Isbell's words, "it just sounds like a real rock 'n roll kind of name, you know?" They are currently recording a full-length in Sun Studios, Memphis, TN, under the watchful eyes of producer Ted Hutt (The Gaslight Anthem, Flogging Molly, Lucero, Old Crow Medicine Show), and have tentative touring plans for early autumn.

36. Thomas Nassiff's band: Starlight Ministry
Lead Dual Vocals/Rhythm Guitar - Jesse Lacey of Brand New
Lead Dual Vocals/Piano/Harmonica/Additional Percussion - Matt Pryor of The Get Up Kids
Backup Vocals/Bass - Evan Weiss of Into It. Over It.
Lead Guitar/Production/Mixing - Jay Maas of Defeater
Drums - Jason McGerr of Death Cab for Cutie

When a songwriter as purely poetic and moving as Jesse Lacey decides to start a new project, one must wonder what type of a musician would want to work with him. Lacey has his own gravitational pull as an artist, with the ability to appeal to listeners or turn them off instantly. Lacey immediately reached out to legendary Get Up Kids songwriter Matt Pryor, asking him to provide lead dual vocals for a Midwestern-tinged, high-octane, raw-sounding indie punk band that the duo could funnel extraneous song ideas into. At Pryor's request, Evan Weiss (better known by his stage name Into It. Over It.) was enlisted to play the bass and contribute his well-documented songwriting talents to the project. Pryor decided to set down his guitar in favor of playing piano, harmonica, and a variety of other instruments when Defeater lead guitarist Jay Maas was thrown into the mix; Maas provides a gritty, teeth-barren edge to the band, highlighting the "punk" in indie punk. To round out the five-piece super-band, the immensely talented Jason McGerr was called upon to get behind the kit, instilling a versatile drummer that could keep up with the fast songs and provide a new level of depth in the percussion area of slower songs. Together, these five men are Starlight Ministry, a band whose first full-length, Mayor, will only be less impressive than its live show.

37. SophGod's band: ADYSHN
Vocals - Drake
Guitar/Sampler - Rob McAndrews of Airhead/James Blake
Drums/Keys/Synth/Production - SBTRKT
Bass/Keys/Synth - Colin Greenwood of Radiohead
Production/Programming - Travis Stewart of Machinedrum/Sepalcure

Electronic music. Some people love it, some people hate it, but most people should love it. When you put two of the biggest names in electronic music together, throw in someone who's worked on some of the most influential indie albums with electronic elements and one of the better up and comers in the genre, where can you go wrong? Oh, did I mention one of the biggest names in hip-hop/R&B is fronting this band? Let me introduce you to ADYSHN (pronounced addition) featuring SBTRKT. Travis Stewart (of Machinedrum and Sepalcure), Colin Greenwood (of Radiohead), Rob McAndrews (of Airhead/James Blake's live show), and of course the one and only Drizzy Drake. With lush, atmospheric post-dubstep tunes behind him, Drake is in full force on the mic, laying down some of the best verses he's ever laid down, akin to "UGK" and "HYFR" from his sophomore album Take Care. Expect fury, expect heart, expect passion. With all four of the backing musicians putting in input to the writing, you can expect something as exciting and innovative as Spealcuire's self titled album, or as unique as Airhead's singles, or as masterful as Radiohead's Kid A. If you like electronic music in any way shape or form, there's no reason not to vote for my band, as this band is electronic music at full force.

38. Erik The Orange's band: Kickflip
Vocals - Childish Gambino
Vocals/Guitar/Bass/Keyboard/Saxophone - Andre 3000 of Outkast
DJ/Electronics/Production - Avicii
Guitar/Keys - Mike Angelakos of Passion Pit
Drums/Beats/Keys - Pharrell Williams of The Neptunes/NERD

Andre 3000 is finally up to his old tricks. But with his new band Kickflip, he’s straying from his usual sound for something a little more electronic and a little more experimental. After the release of “Camp,” Andre recruited Childish Gambino as a backing vocalist, splitting the share of vocals 70/30 with the rising star, whose ear for arrangements is key to the band.

Together with Pharrell “Skateboard P” Williams, an unparalleled beat maker tearing up the drums; Angelakos, no slouch at writing guitar and keyboard hooks with Passion Pit; and wild card Avicii, the band’s ace-in-the-hole DJ and producer, Kickflip is a group dead set on flipping the rap game on its head.

39. FallOutBoyPunch's band: Katie Car Crash
Vocals/Guitar/Lyrics - Stephan Jenkins
Bass/Vocals - Kenny Vasoli of The Starting Line
Ketys/Trumpet/Flugelhorn/Percussion - Andrew Dost of fun.
Production/Beats/Sampleing - Xaphoon Jones of Chiddy Bang
Vocals/Keys - Kate Nash

Buckle up; it's going to be a bumpin' ride. After Vasoli lays down his punk-infused bass, Jenkins whirls through another 90's radio rock riff, and Dost sets the tempo with bombastic horns and bouncy piano goodness, mastermind Xaphoon Jones flips the script and creates a souped up vehicle for three bumper to bumper (to bumper) signature voices to collide in. Jenkins' sing-rapping perfected from the days of his semi-charmed life and Vasoli's best-of-me pop-punk wail bouncing off of Nash's deft half-cutesy/half-Britpunk crooning send eardrums on a ride to remember. Perfect for being stuck in traffic or for Sunday drives with the windows down, Katie Car Crash's blend of pop-punk infused hip hop never put on the brakes when it comes to reinvention.

40. incognitojones's band: Swoons
Vocals - Beyonce Knowles
Bass/Vocals/Harmonies - Esperanza Spalding
Guitar/Vocals - Adam Levine
Drums - George "Spanky" McCurdy
Piano/Vocals - Elton John

It was an improbable combination: hall of fame member Elton John, upcoming jazz artist Esperanza Spalding, heartthrob Adam Levine, and pop icon Beyonce Knowles. Now it’s a perfect fit. In a recent series of sessions at MSR studios in New York, this collection of artist have recorded a new studio album together that is unlike any either of them have made before. The group is going by the name SWOONS after an inside joke in the studio. The record, not yet titled, will feature16 songs they composed together with renowned studio drummer Spanky McCurdy, who feels honored to be included in the project with such respectable members.
"A marriage made in heaven," Esperanza stated in her first interview about the project, in the studio lounge during a break. "I knew it from the first day we played together: 'Oh, man, this is perfection, right in front of me!' "

"We’re at a place where we’re very proud of our work together," guitarist Adam Levine says, sitting next to Knowles on a couch. "There are upbeat songs, smooth ballads, really experimental stuff, just a huge mix of everything, but all so natural sounding. Esperanza has really brought in a lot of new elements to what is essentially a ‘pop’ record, Spanky was a phenomenal find, the best drummer I’ve ever worked with, and of course, its been an honor to work with the legendary Elton John. We’ve all just learned so much from each other, and wait until you hear these harmonies" – he gestures at Beyonce – "I can’t even describe some of the stuff she has pulled off vocally. There's an a cappella outro to one of the songs that really just shows how much vocal talent was involved in this project."

Look for SWOONS' debut album sometime in July, Knowles teased to the press that it should be the perfect record for summer, and a full U.S. and European tour later in the fall.

41. bobsheiskawy's band: Solo Project
Sufjan Stevens - Vocals, Guitar, Banjo, Xylophone, Vibraphone, Recorder, Arrangements
Imogen Heap - Vocals, Keyboards, Guitar
Jeremy Larson - Backing Vocals, Piano, Strings, Guitar, Arrangements
Eric Judy - Bass
Danger Mouse - Drums, Synthesizers, Arrangements, Production

While nearly every member of Solo Project has proven to be more than capable of creating music on his or her own, the combination of creative minds present in this band allows each to explore new areas in a truly free manner, allowing for a far more expansive sound than any has been able to accomplish in previous endeavors. Combining the more whimsical natures of Stevens' and Heap's work with the serious classically-influenced side of Larson's, Solo Project finds strength in the instantly entrancing vocals of all three, while the rhythm section showcases the melodic bass work of Judy and the atmospheric nature of Danger Mouse's drumming style and production. While it might be easy to only focus the densely beautiful soundscapes this group can create, they're also adept at stripping song down to their most basic form, where the melodies and lyricism can shine in an acoustic setting, as each member has proven they are more than able to make wonderfully. This isn't a band that will see much headbanging, but their musicianship makes for the most interestingly relaxing music this or any draft has seen, as Solo Project makes surprisingly cohesive collaborative music. If you're unfamiliar with any of their work, check out this convenient Spotify playlist: http://open.spotify.com/user/bobshei...Ua2Afp7KUpjxRk

42. Anton Djamoos's band: Secta Universi
Vocals/Guitar/Keys - Casey Crescenzo of The Dear Hunter
Vocals/Guitar - Jeffrey Martin of This Day & Age
Violin/Vocals - Sarah Neufeld of The Arcade Fire
Drums - Steven Padin of The Reign of Kindo
Bass - Scott Owen of The Living End

Everyone gets a different feeling when looking up at the expansive night sky and its infinite, starry abyss. For Jeffrey Martin, it's a beauty and a miracle that has been divinely created; for Casey Crescenzo, it's a different kind of miracle, one that has no creator. That there are no clear answers in life is the basis behind this band, as Martin and Crescenzo decided that they wanted to explore the mystery through the one universal language, music. Recruiting longtime friend Steven Padin on drums, The Arcade Fire's Sarah Neufeld on violin, and The Living End's Scott Owen on double bass, the controlled chaos each has mastered with their instruments is an aural representation of the concept the band explores; their music is a metaphor for the world around them: atmospheric, frenetic, tragic, and hopeful. Neufeld, Padin, and Owen have the talent to turn a pulse-pounding anthem into what sounds to be an orchestral masterpiece, yet at the forefront of the music is the dueling vocals from Crescenzo and Martin discussing the differences in a life based on faith versus one in virtue, the criticisms of the political system, and different ways that we express love to one another. While they don't share exactly the same ideals, the back and forth vocals often synchronize into lush harmonies with Neufeld and Padin as the two reach a mutual respect lyrically. Just how everyone gets a different feeling when looking up and the night sky, Secta Universi wants you to form your own opinion.

43. Stephen Young's band: Forked Tongue
Vocals - Lil B
Guitar/Vocals - Brian Kanagaki of Loma Prieta
Bass - Nate Newton of Converge on Bass
Guitar - Andy Williams of Every Time I Die
Drums - Andy Hurley

An experiment in sound I guess. Dirty hardcore in the vein of Trash Talk, Ceremony, Incendiary, etc. Rapped verses mixed with yelling. You know that Trash Talk show where they play a song with Tyler, The Creator? Like that, but better.

44. FallOutWeeze's band
Vocals/Guitar - John O'Callaghan of The Maine
Vocals/Lead Guitar - Justin Richards of Brighten/A Rocket To The Moon
Piano - Andrew McMahon of Jack's Mannequin, Something Corporate
Bass - Nate Mendel of Foo Fighters
Drums - Andy "The Butcher" Mrotek of The Academy Is...

No write-up submitted.

45. Brian vs. Shark's band: Jurassic Times (Call For Jurrasic Measures)
Guitar/Drums/Arrangements/Vocals - Mike Kinsella of Owen
Guita/Lap Steel/Vocals/Piano - Kaki King
Guitar/Vocals/Keys - Tegan Quin
Vocals, Bass - Dan Andriano of Alkaline Trio
Drums - David Prowse of Japandroids

It’s safe to say that the most important aspect of being in a band is your ability to mesh as a group. Knowing what everyone else is both doing and thinking at any given point can make or break any performance. Fortunately for Jurassic Times (Call for Jurassic Measures), they aren’t new (tongue in cheek?) to the music scene. They’re comradery will come very naturally, as Mike Kinsella (American Football, Cap n’ Jazz, Owen), Dan Adriano (Alkaline Trio), and David Prowes (Japandroids) are veterans of the punk scene. Not to mention, Tegan Quin (Tegan and Sara) has quite the attitude, herself. But who could possibly forget Kaki King? She’s arguably the most talented guitarist in the world, for Christ’s sake. King might just have to keep the others in line. But then again, Kinsella might have to fight Prowes for the drum set….What happens when all of these musicians hit the stage together? You get one loud fucking band…

46. brook183's band: Fiveskin
Vocals/Guitar - Dustin Kensrue of Thrice
Vocals/Guitar - Jesse Coppenbarger of Colour Revolt
Guitars/Keys/Multi-instrumentalist - Jonny Greenwood of Radiohead
Bass/Backing Vocals - Justin Harris of Menomena
Drums - John Stanier of Battles, Helmet

With Thrice on indefinite hiatus, Dustin Kensrue had a spiritual calling to assemble a legendary band that could transcend any of his previous work. To accomplish this, he enlisted the greatest guitar player in the world, Jonny Greenwood, whose experimental guitar tones set the mood for all of the band’s music. He added co-frontman Jesse Coppenbarger and bassist Justin Harris to add a groovy indie rock undertone. Finally, John Stanier’s masterful, mathematical drumming filled out the band. And thus, Fiveskin was born, an otherworldly combination of Kensrue’s versatile vocal abilities and top-notch songwriting, Coppenbarger’s grit and passion, Greenwood’s expertise, Harris’s swaaag, and Stanier’s speed and precision. Experimental indie at its finest.

47. bobby_runs's band: Tight Symmetry
Vocals/Production/Lyrics: J. Cole
Vocals/ Guitar/Hooks/a ton of stuff: Patrick Stump of Fall Out Boy
Guitar/Vocals/lyrics/a ton of stuff: Prince
Bass: Verdine White of Earth, Wind, and Fire
Drums/Programmed Drums/Samples: Just Blaze

So J. Cole will be the "frontman" of the group and will handle a bulk of the writing for Tight Symmetry. He will mainly be moving around all over the stage and might bust out his MPC during the live show. On stage right will be Prince playing lead guitar and doing some harmonizing on most song with some verses every now and then. The Artist Formerly Known as Prince will also be a filter for J.Cole to make sure his lyrics aren't complete trash.Patrick Stump will be on stage left playing rhythm guitar and singing the hooks on most songs. Unlike in Fall Out Boy you will be able to understand him. Verdine White will be close to the drums and will mainly be hanging around Prince. But if you've ever seen the guy perform you know he doesn't stand still in one place. In the back will be Just Blaze on the drums who will always have and 808s machine along with MPC. He will however be doing most things with real drums.

Musically they are essentially The Roots. But with a more rock history with Patrick Stump and Prince it'll show through. However with Just Blaze and Verdine White handling the rhythm section it will be rooted in the hip-hop/R&B/funk realm. On a few songs you will see one of the guitar players do something crazy and play a solo or something but most of the time it will complement the drums and bass. Lyrically J.Cole will keep his them of being a human with natural contradictions (see songs like "Lights Please," "Nobody's Perfect," and "Blow Up"). With Prince helping out there you'll see him pushing Jermaine to be a little dirtier like he was during Purple Rain.
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I go MYAA style. Everyone gets an award.
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I dunno
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San Diego,CA
Male - 26 Years Old
09:57 AM on 03/28/12 
User Info.
Ryan Dennehy
Ryan Dennehy's Avatar
Male - 23 Years Old
Staff Member
Sub'd. Got a lot of shit to do in the next day or two, gonna try and find time to do this before Friday, but I might not.
09:59 AM on 03/28/12 
User Info.
Jake Jenkins
Jake Jenkins's Avatar
St. Louis, MO
Male - 23 Years Old
Staff Member
1-10. SophGod's band
09:59 AM on 03/28/12 
User Info.
Social Justice/Wayne State Warrior
brook183's Avatar
Royal Oak, MI
Male - 24 Years Old
Since I reserved this for nothing, here's a nice GIF

10:00 AM on 03/28/12 
User Info.
Jake Jenkins
Jake Jenkins's Avatar
St. Louis, MO
Male - 23 Years Old
Staff Member
dont reserve a spot for your rankings. just post it when you rank em.
10:01 AM on 03/28/12 
User Info.
Dustin Harkins
Just fuck my QBs up
Dustin Harkins's Avatar
Male - 24 Years Old
10:01 AM on 03/28/12 
User Info.
man I'm pretty
M.Lee's Avatar
Male - 24 Years Old
dont reserve a spot for your rankings. just post it when you rank em.


Reserving a spot means everyone has to go back through the thread and find your post.
10:02 AM on 03/28/12 
User Info.
Jake Jenkins
Jake Jenkins's Avatar
St. Louis, MO
Male - 23 Years Old
Staff Member
yeah, you're gonna be quoting yourself anyway so people see it.

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