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04:00 PM on 05/07/12
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Wonderful album. Wonderful band. Reunion tour was priceless. Thank you Something Corporate for introducing me to my soulmate and future wife.

I wouldn't have traded the experience for anything in the world. When you have music at the heart of your foundation, everything seems so much more real. Thanks, Jeremy and Chrystal for giving him the push he needed.

Something Corporate was,is, will always be, my favorite band. I found them on my own (even if a little late) so I believe it makes my bond with the music even stronger.
04:20 PM on 05/07/12
listens to good music
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He better have fucking told you through .gif form.
I lol'd.
04:32 PM on 05/07/12
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Let's hope the record does good and let's Andrew release it on vinyl like he has been trying to do this year.
04:36 PM on 05/07/12
generator ^ first floor
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jesus, didnt know its been ten years already. I was blaring this album last night driving back from seeing M83 in toronto with my old high school friend. Never gets old
04:37 PM on 05/07/12
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dat nostalgia at the beginning of i want to save you
Good God this.

I used to have the shittiest ripped version of it that was super tinny and scratchy. The drums sounded so bad, there was pretty much no bass etc. But when I finally got a real copy of it a few years later, I couldn't help but miss that shitness.
Nostalgia is a powerful son of a bitch.
04:45 PM on 05/07/12
Captain Blood
kicking names, taking ass
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never liked sc. jacks mannequin are quite bomb though
04:49 PM on 05/07/12
c o l o r s
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ohheroine's Avatar
Probably the most influential cd of my life. I used to have their pictures all over my notebooks in eighth grade. I remember the first time I heard Fall and it instantly inspired me to get the cd. 8 years later and they are still my favorite band. I want this on vinyl so I can frame it and keep it forever.
05:03 PM on 05/07/12
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WhoSaidThat?'s Avatar
A beautiful, beautiful album.
05:28 PM on 05/07/12
Hey, I'm doing alright.
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CavanaughPark's Avatar
I'd love to see it in vinyl, but Drive Thru is kinda weird about putting out stuff. Andrew will probably have to release it after the rights expire.
05:45 PM on 05/07/12
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wow. 10 years? really? jeez, this came out when i was 14? holy smokes *dazes into space for a minute as i realize just how old i am*

like some others, i remember where i was when i bought this album...

i used to have GREAT luck randomly blind buying CD's just by looking at the cover (essentially giving the finger to the old saying, "don't judge a book by its cover") and Leaving Through the Window was one of those gems i blind bought. the great, curiosity striking youthful cover. the odd band name and the somber album title.

i remember the store was a small little "indie" family owned record store next to a really bad pizza place on the "busy" street in town. at the time Sam Goody was really the only place in town to buy CD's besides Wal-Mart yet and since i worked at Wal-Mart i didn't want to go there unless i absolutely had to, and Sam Goody (haha, oh Sam Goody...) charged about $20 for each freaking disc, so i went to this little store to satiate my musical appetite. and save my wallet some pain. oh, and we also didn't have a Best Buy or any other type of store, so yeah, options were limited.

i also didn't have internet (didn't have internet until i was 19! how did i live!), so looking back, discovering this band was truly something magical and impressive in my opinion.

i remember it was a humid summer day and i remember the bike ride there and back. i remember devouring the album. shocked at how poppy it was one minute and then how, slow and personal it was the next. it drove me nuts with how quickly it stuck in my head and how i was tapping my foot all day every day. that summer / year was pretty much nothing but Leaving Through the Window (turns out i bought it probably three weeks after its release date in May).

it's pretty much what kicked off my musical "era" of now.

when i got my driver's license, many nights were spent driving around listening to this album.

10 years later, the story is still the same. about once a week or so i turn this album on and it hits home. brings me back with major nostalgia to some great and not-so-great times. best part? i'm only 24 and i feel like i've really grown with McMahon, and i continue to grow and share memories with this album.

a classic album and one of the few i would give a 5/5 to both because of how excellent it is and the major nostalgia factor.

sorry for the long post!
06:28 PM on 05/07/12
Tell it like a comeback story
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I just so happened to wear my something corporate t shirt today too
06:46 PM on 05/07/12
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Junction183's Avatar
One of the seminal albums of my teenage years.
I knew someone was going to have already taken the words out of my mouth
08:08 PM on 05/07/12
Occasionally a fan girl
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kismet's Avatar
I'd love to see it in vinyl, but Drive Thru is kinda weird about putting out stuff. Andrew will probably have to release it after the rights expire.

It'd be cool to eventually get it though. Also, nice username.
08:26 PM on 05/07/12
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Alison1488's Avatar
I knew someone was going to have already taken the words out of my mouth
It's okay. We can share. =)
08:48 PM on 05/07/12
Um, hi.
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amymarissa's Avatar
Always a favorite.

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