Foxy Shazam - 11.27.07

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Foxy Shazam - 11.27.07A soulful Foxy Shazam is gaining notoriety for their eclectic jumble of stacked rock and roll. Their 2008 up-and-comer Introducing Foxy Shazam (New Weathermen/Ferret) promises something that doesn't follow the standard path. Need to see for yourself? Go see a hotcake Foxy performance; the rafters are their jungle gym, instruments their seesaws, and the stage their innovative sandbox - this band gives the playground a whole new reputation.

Thanks to Loren Turner (guitar) and Eric Nally (vocals) for answering the following questions, and thanks to Derek from Solid PR for making this possible.

Can you give us a general rundown of how Foxy Shazam came to be?

Loren: The band came together in 2004. It started with me, Eric and Sky. Over time we've had a few line up changes which led us to Daisy and Joe. But a lot of us coming together has to do with fate.

Describe the Cincinnati punk scene and how FS fits in with it all? You guys have your own sound; it's hard to classify your style. Has that made it hard to find a local niche?

Loren: To be honest we really haven't been apart of any kind of scene in Cincinnati. It seems like every local scene has a message board full of drama. And we wanted nothing to do with that. As far as classifying our sound I think its cool when people think its hard to do. But it wasn't very hard for us find our niche, we're pretty much just a rock band.

Where did the name Foxy Shazam come from?

Eric: Foxy Shazam was something every one would say at my high school...it was slang for "cool shoes."

You guys are well-known for your crazy live energy and exciting stage antics. Do you have lots of energy when you're not performing, or is the stage your release mechanism?

Eric: Foxy's show is our Mr. Hyde. We have nothing in common with the 5 performers.

Where did you get your sweet dance moves?

Eric: The music moves me, and there is nothing I can do about it. They just kinda hit me... there is this one move I am working on though, I'm going to make it my signature move. I call it "The faNALLY" ... I cant wait to show the world!

Where did you idea for your style of music come from? Any there any musicians that specifically motivated or influenced the Foxy Shazam style?

Loren: I remember in the beginning just wanting to play anything I thought was good or interesting. We didn't put a lot of thought into it. It sort of just came to us by not caring what we sounded like.

And the new album Introducing Foxy Shazam is produced by Casey Bates. What about Bates' work attracted you to work with him?

Loren: He's done a lot of respectable indie bands. And the fact that he was excited to do our record made us more excited. Plus we liked his haircut.

What can we expect from Introducing Foxy Shazam? Or maybe the better question is what should we prepare ourselves for?

Loren: Just an all-round, feel-good rock'n roll record. I think a lot of people will be able to relate to it.

Talk to me about your van ... I've learned that a band's van sort of becomes another member of the band. Tell us a story or two about yours.

Loren: Our van is awesome. We bought it off of a church for really cheap. And it had really low miles on it and it sat in a barn when It wasn't being used. And it has AC! Which our last van didn't. But I do however have to fix the heat. And we have an X box 360 in it so Sky can beat everybody in games and piss us off really bad.

Is the music industry fucked? If so, what can be done to make things right?

Loren: It is saturated with bands...less bands!

Best thing about being a band on the road?

Loren: Getting to see a lot of things. Trying different hole-in-the-wall food joints. Playing shows. Just being a band on the road is pretty amazing.

Worst thing about being a band on the road?

Loren: No Sleep!

Future touring plans?

Loren: We're going to continue to tour throughout our album cycle.

That's it! Thanks for answering these questions, I appreciate it. Any last words?

Loren: Please buy our new record.
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07:51 PM on 12/08/07
Julia Conny
"Julia HurriConny"
User Info.
Julia Conny's Avatar
If you have never checked out this band - please do. They are really interesting and good, and I hope I get the chance to see them live soon.
09:06 PM on 12/08/07
User Info.
katiebaima's Avatar
amazing band, so talented and original
09:14 PM on 12/08/07
and then what happens?
User Info.
spansen's Avatar
what about basketball, why do they like it so much?
09:40 PM on 12/08/07
Registered User
User Info.
kennedy.curse.'s Avatar
i would love to see these guys play
it would just be an unreal dance party!
10:10 PM on 12/08/07
it's just not quite the season
User Info.
iamtaylorrr's Avatar
I just watched some live videos... holy crap. I need to see them live.
10:31 PM on 12/08/07
Blake Solomon
We're no saviors.
User Info.
Blake Solomon's Avatar
this record is pretty strange/good.
11:05 PM on 12/08/07
User Info.
whyte39's Avatar
what about basketball, why do they like it so much?
11:06 PM on 12/08/07
User Info.
whyte39's Avatar
this record is pretty strange/good.

this band is pretty strange/good

Flamingo Trigger was like an orgy.
I'm looking forward to Introducing Foxy being the money shot.
07:55 AM on 12/09/07
Princess Mango
Love it, Hate it, Comment it.
User Info.
No Avatar Selected
all of their songs are like a sex orgy, or to make a sex orgy too. These guys are awesome. they have my heart foever. adn yeah, The famingo trigger was hella amazing. I can't wait for their new album. I almost freaked out when I saw they had an interview on here, FS For the win!

love you guys.
07:59 AM on 12/09/07
Princess Mango
Love it, Hate it, Comment it.
User Info.
No Avatar Selected
I got to see them live in salt lake city a few weeks ago adn it was absolutley amazing, he danced really cool, sang a a'capella version of the Fresh Prince of Bel Air theme song while the Keyboard player wore his 70's inspires V-neck and proceeded to stand on top of, and hump his keyboard. He ate my cigarrette, high kicked, screamed. These guys.....phenomonal. If you ever EVER get the cahnce to see them live, you have to go.
03:26 PM on 12/09/07
Slave 2 tha booty
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bummm's Avatar
Yay, you used one of my questions
And, they are freaking amazing
08:42 PM on 01/30/08
meet me in montauk
User Info.
luv2laff88's Avatar
Ahhh I just met these guys after their show last Saturday night. Theyre all sooo nice and Daisy is a camera whore! lol I want to see them again. Their show was really a log of fun but sadly their set was kind of short because of *ahem* the band that played in front of them I think...
01:10 PM on 02/18/08
Registered User
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No Avatar Selected
the drummer kinda sucked live....but the vox and dance moves were amazing!
10:14 AM on 03/17/08
Certified Baby Eater
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No Avatar Selected
Wow, are they really that energetic live? If they are, then I plan to see a show, I heard theyre coming to San Fran some time in the next two months.

Im gonna look forward to it.

And the next time I see someone with cool shoes, Im gonna scream "FOXY SHAZAM" at them. How would you even use that in a sentence, anyway?

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