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Colour Color - The Farther We Go

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Colour Color Ė The Farther We Go
Record Label: Unsigned
Release Date: September 1st, 2012
I donít give the website Absolutepunk credit enough for the things theyíve done for me. For starters, they (meaning the staff members and fellow users) helped me to find out about music I would never have even thought existed, because most of my friends do not listen to that kinda stuff. In a way, this website is great, because it lets me interact with people who enjoy the same kind of music I do. For the most part, I really canít do that, because not many people I know share my eclectic and eccentric taste in music. With that being said, Canadian alternative duo Colour Color is one band that I never wouldíve found out about, thanks to AP.net. They recently put up their debut record, I believe, The Farther We Go for free on the website, and I finally got a chance to check it out. I must say, Iím quite impressed, and Iím not too impressed with random things I find too often. I felt as though I was in for a treat when I read that they have a sound not unlike Illinois alternative band The Graduate. If youíre a fan of the Graduate, you will love this record, and this band. There is a comparison there, but itís not very obvious, so the band still has an identity of their own, yet sounding quite familiar. Itís interesting how that works, because I donít hear too many bands like that often. When it works, it really works. This one is a case where it does work quite well.

The record starts off with ďLook Around,Ē and immediately, it really captures my interest, because lead guitarist Kyle Sipress has a very interesting guitar riff here. Itís rather slow, and it sounds almost surreal, even. Vocalist/guitarist Johnny Simmen kicks in a bit later, and his voice is very unique, yet does have that subtle comparison to the Graduateís vocalist Matt Kennedy. Not quite, but itís there. Iím a fan of the Graduate, so thatís why Iím making the comparisons. However, I think I should probably stop with them for now. As Iím listening to this first song, it really sums up the bandís sound in about two and a half minutes. Thatís not to say you shouldnít listen to the whole record, though. Itís free, so itís worth checking out. The first track alone is very important within a record; if itís awful, Iím not going to be too excited to listen to it. In Colour Colorís case, itís a well-crafted track. Itís different, and itís rather unique. Their sound is really something I havenít heard too often, and I like it. The next track is the title track, but this track has a bit of a faster tempo, which shows another side of the band. However, the very interesting guitar riffs, and very distinct vocals by Simmen continue. I failed to mention about the lyrics as well, and one of my favorite things about this record are the lyrics. Theyíre really strange, but not so strange where they donít make sense. They sound poetic almost, and I certainly have not heard lyrics like these before. Are the best Iíve ever heard? No, not really, but they are pretty close. The title track is certainly one of the highlights on the record, and there are a lot. This is definitely one record thatís quite memorable, and really leaves a lasting impression on the listener. At least, it did with me.

Third track ďLeaving This StateĒ is certainly one of my favorite tracks on the record. It really just sums up what theyíre about, or rather, what their sound is for the most part. To be honest, this band almost has a Circa Survive vibe with me, too. Maybe itís from the ethereal guitar riffs, and the almost theatrical performance of Simmen. His vocals sound so haunting, and thatís what makes the lyrics a bit better, because heís singing them in a very interesting way. Next track ďChanged,Ē is where some variety comes in, because an acoustic guitar is the backbone of this song, so to speak. And unsurprisingly, it still works quite well. This song also has some of my favorite lyrics; theyíre rather optimistic, yet still sound haunting. Sixth track ďIím Still a Minor,Ē has the weirdest title, yet is my favorite song on this CD. It begins with a very bluesy-guitar riff that sounds really cool, and just really interesting. Itís completely different from the rest of the record, but it fits perfectly in with everything else. It does not sound out of place whatsoever, and when a band is able to do that, thatís perfection. If I had to describe this song, Iíd call it ďgroovy,Ē hands down. Next track ďStay the SameĒ follows this one-two punch, essentially; it also features a female vocalist named Maddy Rodriguez, and both Simmen and her sing wonderfully together. The lyrics on this song are quite lovely as well, especially when Simmen repeats ďI guess youíre around when I need you.Ē This song is great. As for the rest of the record, itís quite enjoyable. Thereís only a few songs left, but album closer ďA Message to Myself,Ē is a great closer, because itís rather slower, yet still fits in with the rest of the record.

Overall, this record is fantastic; the production is great on this, and really, the album slows down at no point, there are no filler tracks, and there is a lot of variety on here. I donít say that much about records I encounter randomly, but this is one record that really needs to be heard. Itís absolutely fantastic. While itís not perfect, itís pretty darn close.

Recommended If You LikeThe Graduate, Copeland, The Dear Hunter, pop-rock, indie, and experimental.

Additional Information
Track Listing:
1. Look Around
2. The Farther We Go
3. Leaving This State
4. Changed
5. Only In Pictures
6. I'm Still A Minor
7. Stay the Same
8. Cast it
9. Carry On
10. A Message to Myself

All songs written & recorded by Johnny Simmen and Kyle Sipress
All songs engineered, produced & mixed by Matt Grabe
All songs mastered by Noah mintz
Album artwork by Sarah Cannon

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04:47 PM on 10/09/12
User Info.
ale5875's Avatar
I first listened to this album at 6 a.m. (I still had to go to sleep), lying on the sofa with no lights on and my eyes closed. The result was that I fell asleep by the time I reached song no. 5. >.<
I gave it a second listen the following evening and, apart from the 1st track that really got me, I didn't like any other song. I listened to it again a couple nights later (just in case I might change my mind) and I was surprised at how good the album was, especially compared with how I hadn't enjoyed it the 2 previous times. After listening to it a 4th and final time, I can really say without any doubt that this is an amazing record. The first 6 tracks completely rock, then there are a couple a bit less interesting and finally 2 other solid tracks. Considering it is the first full length from this duo, it is really a well done job and I definitely look forward to their next release (and I'll also go back and listen to their first EP as soon as I have the time).
04:49 PM on 10/09/12
User Info.
ale5875's Avatar
Uh, and I don't usually like this type of music.
07:42 PM on 10/11/12
Registered Member
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Searos's Avatar
I love the The Graduate-esq feel.
12:39 AM on 10/12/12
Regular Member
User Info.
justbradley's Avatar
I love the The Graduate-esq feel.
That's the main thing I really like about them. They really have that "Graduate" vibe, but still having their own identity.
08:10 PM on 11/12/12
Registered User
User Info.
lilRIPsta's Avatar
Thanks for the review, I checked them out because of it and love the album. They have a Kaddisfly meets Circa Survive feel.
09:00 PM on 12/02/12
Registered Member
User Info.
Searos's Avatar
I listened to this album while on campus today. Really like Stay The Same.

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