10:23 AM on 12/17/12 
User Info.
plays with squirrels
mattplayscheap's Avatar
New Hyde Park, NY
Male - 28 Years Old
As a musician, I try to keep my beliefs and music as separated.
Although I have a faith that I strongly believe in; I cannot say I practice as much as expected by most
other followers. I often think about whether my music is somehow effected by my beliefs and in what way.
There are times when I do feel like it grounds me and keeps me from getting full of myself and staying clear headed.

I'm always interested to hear what other people think or feel about this and what effects their beliefs do or do not have.
I'm also always interested to hear those who don't believe and their side on this topic.
10:36 AM on 12/17/12 
User Info.
Jake Gyllenhaal
Jake Gyllenhaal's Avatar
Not sure what your intention is with your music, but injecting religious faith into music and art is a terrific money maker. There's always a huge market out there.
10:47 AM on 12/17/12 
User Info.
[ ]
perceptrons's Avatar
I'm not religious or a believer whatsoever, but I'm OK with music with spiritual lyrics (e.g. Mumford and Sons, Dustin Kensrue), as long as it isn't worship-y.
12:09 PM on 12/17/12 
User Info.
Regular Member
NewAgeofHorus's Avatar
Great Barrier Reef
Male - 23 Years Old
I would call myself more of a man of faith than "religious" but I think it all depends on the artist's target audience. I'm sure a lot of musician don't mention their religion due to possibly causing separation to their fan base and some use music for their religious messages.

I'll put lyrics around my faith in a song if it seems appropriate for the concept but I wouldn't ever bash anyone else's religion which is somewhat of a trend these days.
01:13 PM on 12/17/12 
User Info.
Regular Member
cityian's Avatar
The Ghetto
If I feel that something I'm writing about has to do with my faith, I'll incorporate it into a song/whatever, but I definitely don't force it in everything I'm writing just because it's what I believe.
01:23 PM on 12/17/12 
User Info.
imma let you finish
HarryPotter's Avatar
Male - 28 Years Old
it depends on what kind of music and who you're catering to. Post-hardcore band Agraceful used to preach heavily and their sales suffered. Lead singer tried again with Like Moths to Flames, took out the religion, added cussing and things teens want to hear and he finally received some reward for his work.
02:15 PM on 12/17/12 
User Info.
plays with squirrels
mattplayscheap's Avatar
New Hyde Park, NY
Male - 28 Years Old
i didnt really have a general idea for the creation of this post.
I was interested in seeing what other artists and musicans had to share about religion and their role
as an artist or musician and their creations.
03:09 PM on 12/17/12 
User Info.
CollectiveConfusion's Avatar
New York NY
Male - 26 Years Old
I have no problem with religious/spiritual subject matter, so long as it doesn't beat me over the head with their beliefs. Artists should write about what's important to them, whether or not I believe/agree with their views. If that happens to be religion, fine. But just like any other subject, it needs to be well-written. Most worship music I've heard is poorly written which is why I tend to stay away from it.
07:29 PM on 12/17/12 
User Info.
magnificentdefeat.bandcam p.com
Dicebox's Avatar
Cebu, Philippines
Male - 25 Years Old
As an artist (if artistic expression comes from authentic life experience and belief) then I would consider it disingenuous if you over or underemphasized religion and faith in your songs if it doesn't reflect its true relevance in your life.

As an entertainer you do things that entertain people. I don't really mind if you are deeply religious but do not include religious content in your music if you do it purely as an entertainer. I find it difficult though to completely divorce the entertaining from the artistic, but I get bugged when music is done under the guise of entertaining an audience that isn't into religion while using subtle religious references to try to make the irreligious become open to religion. Its just feels kind of weak.

As an influencer your music has a tremendous effect on what people think about and engage with. If religion holds such an important role in your life and you have a message you want others to engage with, then say it. I just prefer people to be clear about it.
08:25 PM on 12/17/12 
User Info.
Spencer Control
i am orange and i can grow wings
Spencer Control's Avatar
There's a distinction to be made between an artist and an entertainer.

As an entertainer, you (general sense of the word "you") do what your audience wants. That's all there is to it. If your audience hates religion, your audience will hate you, and you will fail as an entertainer.

If you're (general sense again) an artist, however, I believe it's completely your right to create art about whatever you want. If that's his faith, by all means. If that's your lack of faith, same again. I, the consumer, will listen to/purchase it if it's well-done. Art's value should not be decreased by the message it's conveying, unless it conveys that message poorly.
07:04 AM on 12/18/12 
User Info.
plays with squirrels
mattplayscheap's Avatar
New Hyde Park, NY
Male - 28 Years Old
Just to offer clarity, I meant artist as a creator such as a painter or drawer or sculpter.
I said Artist specificly to separate from music which is why I used Musician to define that type of creator.

Assuming that there are people on here that are both an Artist and a musician.
01:19 PM on 12/18/12 
User Info.
RyanPm40's Avatar
Male - 23 Years Old
I like to incorporate some of my religious beliefs into some of my songs, but I hate preachy/worship Christian music, if that makes sense? I try to make my lyrics at least a little subtle in order to leave room for some sort of other interpretations, but I'm definitely not afraid to make it known to people what my views are.

For instance, I wrote a sort of narrative, story-song about someone metaphorically "drowning" in their current life situation, with the only indication of God being present in the story as somebody addressing the main character as "Son" in the opening line of the choruses, basically telling him everything is okay and that he can take a breath and see that he isn't in the water anymore, which could be construed as just a father-son song, I suppose.

Son, I
I'll give you
Everything you need and I swear
I'll be by your side
The waves will tumble, crash around you
But you'll be safe under the light

'But how am I supposed to
Live my life with these flooded lungs?'
Just take a breath and you will
See you've been on this land all along"

I really like writing music that relates to struggles I'm currently having, and then coming up with a religious/Godly/or an optimistic solution within the lyrics that gives me an excuse to move on from it. It's very therapeutic for me. I'm guilty of making all of my songs sound sad, though, despite resolutions, which one of my buddies likes to make fun of me for pretty often haha.


Now I'm disappointed in myself for never recording this song, haha, it's been 5 months and it's probably one of my favorite ones I've done..
07:47 PM on 12/18/12 
User Info.
No, I am not sorry
Takk...Ros's Avatar
Female - 23 Years Old
I'm an atheist, but I use religious symbolism in my work sometimes. It is very strong imagery, plus I just find it fascinating. I also like a lot of art that uses religious ideas and concepts. You can say so much and invoke such strong reactions with it.
04:03 PM on 12/20/12 
User Info.
A Void That Thinks
drumdreez's Avatar
Female - 18 Years Old
I believe religion is very powerful and can enhance any type of art medium greatly, if done in a tasteful way.
06:55 AM on 12/21/12 
User Info.
plays with squirrels
mattplayscheap's Avatar
New Hyde Park, NY
Male - 28 Years Old
Thinking back some of my favorite paintings or bands are bands that represent religion in some form.

Although they stated they are not strictly a christian group, Anberlin is one band that has relied heavily on religion and themes.
(etc: Fin, Distmantle Repair, Cadence...)

Some artists work it in the work in a less forceful manner.
Then there are those like Underoath, who would give the Religion speech at concerts and I know a few audience members were turned off by it.

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