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POZ Perspective: Heated Up About Heat Thing

Posted by - 02:18 PM on 02/11/13
PropertyOfZack has posted its latest "Perspective" column about the viral campaign for Shone's Heat Thing. Check it out here.
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02:23 PM on 02/11/13
Erik the Orange
What do they know about friends?
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I don't get riled up easily, but man, writing this column felt good. Easily the best worst viral campaign I can remember.
02:29 PM on 02/11/13
Jack Appleby
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Great read.
My only qualms are that I wouldn't consider the Shone campaign a failure (the piece didn't say that, but it seemed to insinuate that). The goal was clearly to make as many people interested in this as possible, and it was a wild success in that regard.

While i love that they were able to keep the line-up secret for so long, I agree that they should have released the info sooner. After releasing Piano Wire, they should have announced the line-up; that way, no matter what other music was heard, others would still give it a fighting chance from the amount of Brand New comprising the membership.

Always love Erik's pieces.
02:34 PM on 02/11/13
Jack Appleby
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Also, disappointed Drew beat me to posting this - I was ready to post "Where The Earthquake Milshake Ruined Everything."
02:36 PM on 02/11/13
Zack Zarrillo
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Also, disappointed Drew beat me to posting this - I was ready to post "Where The Earthquake Milshake Ruined Everything."

Worth editing. Shit
02:51 PM on 02/11/13
kill the switch
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Well written and accurate. Agreed with everything Erik said.
02:57 PM on 02/11/13
Registered User
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I didn't follow this campaign much but i did hear the Brand New involvement rumors. Call me old fashion but i just waited for actual music or a list of band members, and i was never let down since there was no build up for me. The viral marketing campaign seemed to do exactly what it is meant to- build hype and get as many people as possible to be aware of a product. The argument seems to be he campaign was a short term success and long term failure. However, without all the hype wouldnt Shone have just been short term failure (and obviously a long term failure) since no one would have cared in the first place?

Also, the article almost seems to insinuate that even after 2 shitty songs fans would have been happy to wait simply because Brand New was involved, which makes no sense to me. Theres a simple way to not be disappointed with a viral campaign, ignore them.
03:01 PM on 02/11/13
Again And Again
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I'd agree with "Baby Shakes" being the death knell of the scene's interest in Shone, and both sides are to blame for that.

The band released the song out of context, with only "Piano Wire" to connect it to lyrically. Most listeners heard it and concentrated only on the vocals and the "earthquake milkshake" line, writing the music off as a gimmick. I get that. Sort of.

Those people in the community weren't entirely patient. A campaign of that magnitude obviously had a bigger picture in mind, but many didn't care about or appreciate the developing concept of Heat Thing because they were mostly concerned about who was in the band.

"Baby Shakes" makes sense, stylistically and lyrically, within the story of the album. It was put out at the wrong time, though. The band should have dropped a different song instead, perhaps "Metal Bones".
03:15 PM on 02/11/13
Registered Member
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Glad it wasn't Brand New but I wish it were something different. The initial campaign was interesting though.
03:37 PM on 02/11/13
Jake Jenkins
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I typically don't like viral campaigns to begin with. I think the music should just speak for itself. In this case, it's probably best they did the campaign, heh.
04:03 PM on 02/11/13
Heaven Sent
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The article glides over the positives and is focused largely on the ultimate non payoff of the project and that's why I don't like it. There's a lot of positives and interesting aspects of this viral campaign yet because of the end of it, it's thought much less of. I honestly don't see why the line-up was of that much interest to everyone, it's good to know but it wasn't essential in me liking the band and I think the album sounds cool. It's not as wild as I thought but it's good to listen to.
05:02 PM on 02/11/13
Registered User
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leftapart's Avatar
Good read; completely agree with what was said. I enjoy your column's quite a bit POZ.
05:16 PM on 02/11/13
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CheckeredFloors's Avatar
Hah, good article.

Least they got a few fans who manged to try really hard and convince themselves that this album is worth listening to.
05:43 PM on 02/11/13
The Eventually Home
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Hah, good article.

Least they got a few fans who manged to try really hard and convince themselves that this album is worth listening to.

Why is it so hard for Shone haters to believe some of us actually enjoy the album?
05:48 PM on 02/11/13
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Heat Thing is a good record.

I still haven't looked into this viral marketing campaign, but it was funny how many girls at the show were ranting and raving about it. That was the funny part. The embarrassing part was watching girls (and "men" in their 20s) mob and harass Jesse Lacey as he stood in the crowd. Uhg.

Anyway, if the all that "resulted" from this is 200 tickets sold to an early show at Mercury Lounge, then it really didn't do much. Tons of shitty local bands have done the same and went on to.. continue their boring ass desk jobs. But I guess it's too early to tell. It's not like anyone in the band has made anything more than beer money from this so far.

In any case..

I'd see them again. Tight live act, fun songs. I wish them the best. See you at Bamboozle..

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