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12:01 PM on 04/19/13
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Chances are if you need $100 000 for a tour and you don't have $100 000, you shouldn't be touring.

Don't care if somehow having a child means you're entitled to ride around in a tour bus you not only need, but can't afford and won't pay for.
12:14 PM on 04/19/13
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I understand needing comfortable accommodations if you're touring with a family, but this is ridiculous. Make ends meet. Why don't they share a bus with SA?
07:29 PM on 04/19/13
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I honestly don't understand why people get so mad at kickstarter stuff - no one is forcing you to fund it or contribute money.

They want to tour safely with their children and they want to bring them on tour and not leave their children with a nanny for two months. I get it. I don't know why this makes people so upset.

The band has a dedicated fan base and they'll probably reach this. And if they don't reach it, they don't and they can re-examine what they need to do. But I don't understand why this brings on such hostility and derogatory terms towards the band.

Sure they can stay home with their kids and raise them but that probably means the end of Eisley as we know it. Someone will say "well don't have kids then, duh!" but that's not fair, you aren't in their shoes. If they want to try to bring their kids on tour with them and have that experience and try to keep the band going and be parents, then more power to them, let them try.

What I'm saying is I don't understand the hostility. Some of the sexist posts in this thread are disgusting.
Disagree. There's this mentality of entitlement where "we're musicians, this is what we like to do therefore we're entitled to do what we want, even though it isn't responsible". I understand none of us are in any place to tell the DuPrees what to do with their lives, but there comes a certain point in your life where you have to make the choices that benefit your family in the long run, not just some six figure nest egg so you can roll around in a fancy tour bus opening for your husband's band.

As an example, my dad sold his company and his sports car when I was born. My parents moved to the suburbs. Those are minute sacrifies compared to maybe reconsidering your career in music, but when you're a parent you can't go chasing your dreams on someone else's dime because "you wanna".

Not to mention, say the band reaches their goal, tours, releases an album: then what? Bands with kickstarters usually don't boom in popularity especially if it's done later in their career. Will this band just suddenly become self sufficient? And what if this band doesn't make their goal? All they'll have achieved is awful PR which might be a poison pill for a band that's more or less irrelevant at this point.

As for having a band and a family, yeah it's possible. But by the time you have a kid, if you aren't able to support yourself (let alone the music venture that you're asking your fans to pay $100 000 towards), it's irresponsible to do so.

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