The Rebuilt Machine - 05.22.13

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The Rebuilt Machine - 05.22.13The following is a mini interview of generic questions that we posed to all bands that wanted to answer:

The Rebuilt Machine


1. How did you get your band name?

We’ve all played in different bands at different times in our lives. When we started this thing, we took a lot of time re-defining ourselves and what our music is about. The name describes the band — a well-oiled machine that has been systematically taken apart and put back together again. This one has the right influences, members and dedication. Change is always going to happen. You need to constantly reinvent yourself and continually rebuild the world around you.

2. How did this band get started?

In November of 2011, Josh and Nik decided to try it again - though they had been in several bands together in the past, none of them had ever achieved the level of success that they both knew was possible. After renting a tiny, cold storage unit in Manassas, VA, the two quickly began recruiting musicians that each of them had worked with before. The group went through several iterations of member changes and reorganization, and eventually found the perfect fit with Sam, Jon and Sean.

3. What bands are you influenced by?

A lot.

4. If you could tour with any bands, past or present, who would they be and why?

We've played with Hawthorne Heights and think our styles match pretty well. We'd tour with them, or The Used, Four Year Strong, ADTR or TBS.

5. Best food to eat on tour?

Beer. Duh.

6. Why should people listen to your band?

For us, being in a band is all about being connected - to each other, to our fellow artists, and to our beloved fans. We want our music to speak to people on an intimate level. When you listen to our songs, we hope you're reminded that you have the strength inside of you to overcome any obstacle. We want to be the band you scream along to in the car, or listen to with your headphones on in the middle of the night when you can't sleep. We want to be there with you through the good and the bad.

7. If you could be any athlete, which athlete would you switch places with?


8. If you won a Grammy, who would you thank?

Our families and friends. Without their support, we would have given up a long time ago.

9. If you could change something about the music industry, what would it be?

Let's face it - the market is flooded and most bands out there are just white noise. The internet did a great thing by leveling the playing field, but at the same time it allowed just about anyone with a computer to create and promote music. We'd try to bring things back to the local scene. Have A&R reps go to local shows and see where the talent is, not search for bands with more than 10k "likes" on FB. Social Media presence can be purchased, whereas you have to earn true fans.

10. Memorable tour experience?

In spring of 2012, a friend of ours offered to be our driver on tour. Our van was in the shop and he claimed to have a big SUV we could use if we just paid for his gas and food. We agreed, but on the day we left we discovered that he hadn't been telling the whole truth - his SUV was tiny and couldn't fit all of our equipment. We had to take turns sitting on laps and on the floor in order to get everyone to fit. He drove like a maniac and ended up getting a ticket for going almost 100mph somewhere in Ohio.

11. What does AP.net mean to you?

AP.net is a tight-knit digital scene free of much of the pretentious arrogance that is so common on most other indie music sites. Thank you for being a place where bands can come to be dirty, grimy and imperfect.

12. What is your favorite song to play?

Tres Ojos - we very rarely play it because it's so special to us. Thinking about including a live version on our upcoming acoustic album, though.

13. What is your vacation spot of choice?

Outer Banks, NC. We go there to write and get our heads straight. There's something awe-inspiring about the Atlantic Ocean.

14. What music reminds you of your childhood?

Good, messy, loud skate punk. Brings us back to the good ol' days, just skating around the neighborhood, looking for stairs and loading docks.

15. If you could have any super power, what would it be? Why?

We would fly. That just seems awesome. And we'd save on gas money for the tour van.

16. Any pre-show superstitions or rituals?

Before every show in the van we jam out to "Loose Yourself" by Eminem. "Feet fail me not, this may be the only opportunity that I got!"

17. What is something that most fans don't know about you?

Josh, our singer, is a published author. Also, we're all spiritual guys - we're not a Christian band or promoting any religion, but we all believe very strongly that there is something else, something bigger and unseen, and that the best way to live is through the lense of love and compassion.

18. What is your assessment of the current state of radio? Do you think it's a place where your band could flourish?

Absolutely not. Let's get rid of it completely and just install Pandora or Spotify in everyone's car dashboard. Then the listener has the control over what's played.

19. What do you like to do in your spare time?

Watch LOST. And Desperate Housewives.

20. What kind of hidden talents do you have?

We all know capoeira... beware!
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