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Amber Pacific Updates on Everything

Posted by - 08:37 PM on 06/16/08
Will from Amber Pacific has sent in a huge update regarding their new singer, their record label, new music, and much more. If you are remotely interested in this band, you must click into the replies to read this extensive message from the band.
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08:37 PM on 06/16/08
Anton Djamoos
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Hi all,

So we've definitely been M.I.A. since around December of last year and we
would just like to clear up a lot of what's been going on in the world of
Amber Pacific.


We know a lot of you are under the assumption that our former label Hopeless
Records dropped us; this is not the case. We signed a deal with them in 2004
that was for 3 records which consisted of 1 EP and 2 LP's. We have finished
our end of the deal with them and have decided to part ways to pursue other
label opportunities, were appreciative of everything they've done for us and
I'm sure they appreciate us bringing All Time Low to them, ha! I only bring
that up because I saw someone post something about us being jealous of where
they are right now, this is also not true, we are entirely supportive of
that band and it's been a trip to see how far they've come in the amount of
time it's taken them to get there and we couldn't be more happy for them,
keep it up you sexy skinny jeaned, long haired, hoodie wearin' dudes.


We would like to send out a huge thank you to everyone who submitted
something for this spot, we received hundreds of emails and to get that kind
of a response really was special for us. As some of you may know we think
we've found someone with a special talent, a huge range, and someone who
just might be skinnier than our wonderful bass player Greg. At any rate, we
have big plans for this new voice and plan to reveal much more in the coming
weeks, again from the bottom of our hearts, thank you to everyone who tried

New Tunes:

Sitting at home since December has given us a lot of time to really focus
our efforts on writing the best 10 or 12 songs we want you all to hear. We
will continue working on this in the coming weeks but are also planning to
have some new demo's for you all very very soon so please stay tuned.


How could we pass up not talking about myspace right? Well here's the deal,
we have certainly neglected the page for the past couple months but with
good reason. For some strange reason our friends number seems to be stuck
right around 135,000 refusing to move up or down from that number yet we add
several hundred people a day. We are working vigorously to fix this problem
but in the mean time we plan on having a new look to the page that will
include blogs, vlogs, and new pics of what our band is looking like these
days so again, keep an eye out for those changes very very soon.


We are currently looking for anything that is going out in August on. We
have been strangers to the road for far too long, in fact, this has been the
longest we've been home in 4 years and we are damn near crazy. One can only
play so much Halo before realizing their lives consist of music and the road
so please if you are a band reading this and are looking for support, please
feel free to reach out to us, we would love to hit the road for the rest of
our lives.

Future Plans:

We definitely plan on being out on the road as much as possible as soon as
we find a new label. I'm sure we will have enough songs to record a new
record by the end of the year and hopefully will be able to put it out early
2009. Our eyes are set on making a career out of this and we really
appreciate the continued support through a very tough time. We've met so
many great people along the way and you all are the reason why we want to
keep this going. Make sure to get out their and support as many bands as you
can, as you all know gas prices are through the roof and it is making it
extremely hard to stay out on the road for a lot of bands so go say hi.
Thanks again for everything and you'll be hearing more from us soon, thanks!

- Amber Pacific
08:47 PM on 06/16/08
UCSD's AP.net liaison
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Iwudstilldie4u's Avatar
SOOOOO EXCITED FOR NEW STUFF (hopefully with a little less Dango)
Can't wait for a tour (please come to Los Anegeles!) <3
08:49 PM on 06/16/08
Registered User
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jmantua's Avatar
i hope the new stuff is good with the new guy
08:50 PM on 06/16/08
Registered User
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jtrocka182's Avatar
Sounds cool, I'm sure the new singer will top Matt's voice.
08:51 PM on 06/16/08
Everything Evil
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Gumbyjag's Avatar
finally lol. i love how organized their post is.
08:56 PM on 06/16/08
Aaron Bell
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i'll always have respect for this band... i found them by mistake... and it turned out to be a great mistake!!...

el o el

09:16 PM on 06/16/08
Prison Strength
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hockeyguitar99's Avatar
i never really got into their last record

but i will definitely give them a shot with their new singer.

Hopefully they'll be better off, just like hit the lights
09:24 PM on 06/16/08
so this is progress...
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kristanxmarie's Avatar
SOOOOO EXCITED FOR NEW STUFF (hopefully with a little less Dango)
Can't wait for a tour (please come to Los Anegeles!) <3

hm. just wondering..why with a little less dango?
09:25 PM on 06/16/08
Get ready
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PezMullet's Avatar
absolutely hate this band(musically and personally)
09:31 PM on 06/16/08
Registered User
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absolutely hate this band(musically and personally)

you ever meet them? whatd they do to you?
09:36 PM on 06/16/08
It could be a bowling site.
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bailmeout13's Avatar
These guys more and more make me think the are awesome dudes.
09:36 PM on 06/16/08
Registered User
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imnotscene's Avatar
that was good news
can't wait to hear more from you
09:37 PM on 06/16/08
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RyanFTW's Avatar
hm. just wondering..why with a little less dango?

Cause the Dango ate his baby. I'm sorry, that was terrible.
Django is a great drummer though, I want more of his badassness on the new record.
10:05 PM on 06/16/08
Jake Gravbrot Photography
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hxchairstylist's Avatar
I'm optimistic about the new guy.

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