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Contest: Uncle Buck/HOT TICKET ALERT

Posted by - 09:45 AM on 01/17/14
Our philanthropist of concert tickets is giving away the biggest tickets of all to us. Jay Z at Nassau Collisseum on 1/19 and The Prudential Center on 1/22. How do you win? In the replies, tell us what you would do if you could be Jay Z for a day. Also remember to include your name and email in the post. There are also a few other concerts he's giving away tickets to as well, so let us know if you would want to be entered for a chance to win a pair as well!
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09:53 AM on 01/17/14
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Jolan's Avatar
Jay Z 1/19
Jolan Pyland
I would make love to Beyonce all day long.
10:12 AM on 01/17/14
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red8ge's Avatar
Self Defense Family 1/19
John Hill
Give money to the area I grew up in. Give back to the local rec centers and youth out reach programs.
10:18 AM on 01/17/14
News on Once the Clouds are Gone
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WhatJulianSaid's Avatar
Los Campesinos @ Irving Plaza

If I were jay z I would simply donate a ton of money to my borough to fix all up all of the broken down areas.
10:27 AM on 01/17/14
don quixote of the ICU
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crowbarmark's Avatar
Jay Z Prudential Center 1/22

Mark Drexler drexlerm1@gmail.com

I would island hop in the bahamas
10:28 AM on 01/17/14
Lead vocalist of @TooFarLost
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TheRealJohnOC's Avatar
Jay-Z 1/22

John O'Connor
JBOC00023 at yahoo dot com

If I could be Jay-Z for a day, first off, I'd hit up the studio. I would love to see how his mind work and how he approaches each track/beat. Then I'd take my other other Benz down to my other other jet and visit Barry in DC. After a one on one game (which I'd win 21-13), I'd make him buy lunch since he lost to me haHAH (Jay-Z laugh). After that, I'd call up James Dolan (owner of the Knicks) and tell him I want to do the halftime show tonight at MSG as a surprise (since the Nets are on the road). After the game, I'd hit up Peter Luger's for a nice 72 oz steak with my wife B and daughter Blue Ivy. Then after everything is over, I'd lay on my pillow and start crying since this isn't my life anymore.

I just came up with this on the fly. I'd love some tickets to Prudential!
10:34 AM on 01/17/14
Regular Member
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jay-z 1/22
I would tell Kanye to dress like a normal human being on every social network I had and give out Kanyes number so everyone could just have fun with that. and donate money to some charities cuz ya know, I'd be rich

10:50 AM on 01/17/14
Registered User
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Jay z - January 22 at Prudential Center
If i were jay z for a day I would asign all the Yankees to ROC Nation and be big pimpin' baby!!!! (Plus my birthday is next saturday)
10:51 AM on 01/17/14
201 Native living in the 610
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Since you said other places: Jay-Z at the Wells Fargo in Philly, otherwise Prudential
Mike Perreca
mperreca at yahoo.com

If i was Jay-Z for a day, well I'd do nothing different, except maybe transfer 5 million dollars into one of my bank accounts and help push a few labels to sign some friends bands, you know, paying it forward!
11:05 AM on 01/17/14
Registered User
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RobT&A's Avatar
Throw on some Leather Boxing Shorts by Barney and just shit my self all day
11:10 AM on 01/17/14
count it.
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guitarsmash0r's Avatar
1/19 for Jay-Z or 1/22 for Los Campesinos!

E-mail: nicholaspalumbo1988 at gmail dot com - Nicholas Palumbo

I [Jay-Z] released the arty performance piece "Picasso Baby". My wife released her album in secrecy. We're constantly in competition with each other. In an attempt to bring my artiness into the public eye again, I will record myself singing Arcade Fire's Reflections in its entirety from the shower. I will make the recordings available on Amazon and announce two performances (one LA, one NYC) in a smaller space (think Terminal 5 or Wiltern) to perform those recordings in its entirety. Then I'll take Blue Ivy to the Kardashian house for a playdate or something.
11:20 AM on 01/17/14
Registered User
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JTrain12's Avatar
Jay Z 1/22

I pick several families in the same Marcy Projects that i grew up in...and have a little switch. Have them live like me for 12 of those hours, private jet, lunch at the most expensive place, drive around in whatever car, shopping spree, pop bottles of Ace of Spades. During those 12 hours, Im back to living in the projects, living on whatever budget they have for the day. Eating ramen noodles, mcdouble from mcd's, whatever. Can't forget where I came from.

Then after the 12 hours, have a little meeting with the families. Tell them with a lot of hard work, the finer things are possible and they can make it out of the hood too. And to top it all off, fill up MSG and Barclays Center with people from projects all over NYC for back to back free shows. Cause those are some of the biggest fans who can't afford the $75-200 ticket prices. Include some of the families(those with kids who have the best grades) to get backstage VIP treatment. Inspire the next Jay Z.

JesseJ12@gmail.com Jesse Jones
12:10 PM on 01/17/14
Mama, I'm Satan
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xSpillFiction's Avatar
jay z prudential center 1/22.

i would ride the subway and talk to all the cute little old ladies along the way. i'd also make sure i touched beyonce's hiney as much as possible, and i'd cuddle up that cute little blue ivy for hours.

[edit: took my email out because i've been getting random spam since i posted it. thanks for the tickets, guys. you rule.]
05:50 PM on 01/17/14
Stay Gold
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RouletteDares's Avatar
Jay-Z 1/22

I'll start the day off by making love to Beyonce.....multiple times. After about 2 or 3 hours or so of intercourse, I'll stop by the nearest chicken shack to refuel. After eating my epic meal composed of chicken legs, mac and cheese, and lots of hot sauce, I'll hop on my private jet and fly all the way to Bangkok, Thailand.

While on the flight, I would make more love to Beyonce while ringing up rappers such as Rick Ross and Lil Wayne to tell them how much of an embarrassment to the rap game they really are. I will also hook Rick Ross up with the Tae Bo class I used to take a few years back. Once I land, I will go to the nearest zoo and hang out with all the exotic animals and proceed to make love to Beyonce around them. Once I get that out of the way, I'll go eat some delicious Thai food drenched in Sriracha. After devouring endless plates of Pad Thai, I'll proceed to walk down the streets of Bangkok while throwing stacks at the passerby. Once my pockets are almost empty, I'll head over to the nearest river and take a bath with an elephant. I will then proceed to make love to Beyonce on the elephant and call it a night. Deuces.

Kevin Pereira


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