This weekend following a show in the New York area, Tracy Morgan's limo bus was involved in a crash with an 18-wheeler. The driver of the 18-wheeler allegedly fell asleep at the wheel after being on the road for 24 hours straight. Mr. Morgan is in critical condition, and another comedian performing with him, James McNair, has sadly passed away. Our thoughts are with everyone involved.
Blake Solomon on 06/09/14 - 11:36 AM
The Appleseed Cast were in a nasty van wreck a few days ago in Kansas. Thankfully no one was hurt, but the band's trailer was destroyed along with several pieces of gear. For more information and to learn what you can to do help, head here.

Submitted by drewinseries
Chris Collum on 05/04/13 - 04:29 PM
Maker were in a terrible accident today while traveling to Texas on tour. Their Suburban flipped, ejecting a few people, one of which is in critical condition. The band have setup a donations paypal, which you can donate to at this email - makerdonations@gmail.com. Please keep the band and it's touring family in your thoughts and prayers.
Blake Solomon on 11/30/12 - 09:03 PM
Baroness have released an official statement via their website (which is currently down) since the accident.
Statement from John BaizleyOn August 15th, just before 11 am, Baroness and our crew were involved in a very bad crash while on tour. The brakes in our bus failed completely, on a notoriously dangerous, incredibly steep (12% grade) hill in Monkton Combe, UK, on our way from a show Bristol to another show in Southampton. Our bus went entirely out of control, and we had no choice other than hitting a perpendicular guardrail going about 50 mph at the bottom of the hill. The guard rail and the 20 or 30 trees we ploughed through snapped like matchsticks as we went fully airborne...
Adam Pfleider on 10/02/12 - 09:45 AM
Transit just got in an accident. It seems like everyone is okay but check back later for more information.
Keagan Ilvonen on 11/16/10 - 05:22 PM
As reported earlier, Russian Circles were recently in a horrible accident. The band now have an account set up if you wish to help out. Head here for more information.
Adam Pfleider on 08/02/10 - 02:05 PM
Motion City Soundtrack's front van window shattered last night on the highway. Thankfully everyone is fine.

Submitted by franxcore
Blake Solomon on 06/04/10 - 07:44 AM
Lead signer of Blessthefall, Beau Bokan, was hospitalized recently after falling 25ft off a stage. Check out some pics of the aftermath on his tumblr.

Submitted by fearlessjimless
Blake Solomon on 05/07/10 - 07:26 AM
Arsonists Get All The Girls were in a van accident in Oregon yesterday. No one was seriously injured, and the group will continue on their current tour. A message from the band can be found in the replies.
Alex DiVincenzo on 12/01/09 - 12:34 PM
We Shot The Moon flipped their van and trailer on black ice in Idaho yesterday morning. Everyone was ok except a few cuts and bruises.

Submitted by Marshall
Blake Solomon on 11/15/09 - 04:15 PM
Guitarist Ian MacDougall of Riverboat Gamblers was hit by a car while riding his bike home Saturday night. A message from the band and information on how to help with his medical expenses can be found here.
Adam Pfleider on 10/22/09 - 04:12 PM
Secret Secret Dino Club and Allstar were involved in an accident this weekend; click here to check out an update on what happened and how you can help.
Rohan Kohli on 08/24/09 - 02:39 PM
Latin For Truth was recently involved in a van accident.
Message From The BandWe were driving down a steep decline in PA and the brakes went out completely. We ended up flipping the four runner and the trailer. The four runner, the trailer, and most of our equipment is totaled.

Everyone's banged up pretty badly but no one had any breaks with the exception of michael. I believe he broke some fingers.

The reason I'm posting this is because we are now stranded in wilks-barre, PA and we're trying to figure things out. We're lucky to be alive and I'm sorry to inform everyone I'm positive we will be defunct for a bit. If you would like to help us or just send us messages with kind...
Rohan Kohli on 05/08/09 - 03:52 PM
Sing It Loud was in a van accident today but everyone is alright.

Submitted by StrangerDanger
Joe DeAndrea on 02/15/09 - 03:00 PM
Primavera's guitarist, Ben Gonzalez, is hospitalized after being recently involved in a motorcycle accident. Head to the replies to read a statement from the band.
Jamie Pham on 11/28/08 - 11:52 AM
Rookie of the Year was recently involved in a van accident; their van is nearly totaled, but Ryan and Mike will be continuing their current tour with Mest and Quietdrive by playing acoustic sets.
Message From RyanHey everybody! Its Ryan here.. Yesterday Mike hit a patch of bad slippery mountain road and slid into a railing and pretty much totaled our van... everybody is ok just shaken up a little. We were gonna cancel the rest of the One Night Stand tour.. but the other bands (Mest, Quietdrive and the Ability) have been nice enough to let Mike and I ride with them and let us finish out this tour doing acoustic sets. Will be playing a lot of the slower songs from our two records so...
Rohan Kohli on 11/09/08 - 11:00 AM
Summer So Far was recently in a bad accident, flipping their van over the length of two football fields. The band members were not seriously hurt, but they could use some help getting back on their feet. Donate here.
Julia Conny on 07/06/08 - 06:37 PM
Brighten was recently involved in a van accident.
Message From The Bandwhoa! holy moly... we are safe, but its quite a story. we have had over night drives for the past 3 nights and have been sleeping 7 people in a van at rest stops because we have no time to get hotels. so all in all, no sleep for brighten or a rocket to the moon (he is riding with us on tour!). this morning i, jimmy, woke up at about 7am after sleeping
for a few hours and decided to drive. at about 8am i woke up after slipping
away for a split second causing us to veer into a grassy ditch on the highway.
the weird thing was that i wasn’t very sleepy. it was just instant. pure exhaustion? i dont know. anyways, on with...
Rohan Kohli on 04/04/08 - 01:26 PM
Steel Train was in a van accident last night. Everyone is OK. Watch a video of the van in a ditch in the replies.
Message From The BandLast night was one of the craziest nights of my life.
We had a day off and a 16 hour drive from salt lake city,ut to seattle, wa. It was a drive that we had done so many times before and we breezed through most of it with ease, even going to see a movie in the middle of the day. after dinner at subway, we entered the state of oregon around 9:15. it was a beautiful night. at approximately 9:40 we started to head up the blue mountains, we noticed that all of the trucks had stopped on the side of the road to put chains on their tires, we figured it was cuz...
Julia Conny on 03/31/08 - 06:23 PM
The Secret Handshake was recently in a van accident.
Message from the Bandhey everyone, i have some bummer news to report. saturday on our way to the show in delaware, we were in an accident that totally messed up the front of our van. i was sleeping in the back, so i dont know all happened, except that our roadie/driver guy totally smashed into the back of a car that stopped suddenly at a toll plaza. thankfully, we are all okay (including the people in the other car), just a little sore. but i can't say the same for our van. it was towed away and is currently being repaired at a local shop. i hadn't put full coverage insurance on the van since i've been on tour (cause im a genius) so...
Joe DeAndrea on 03/24/08 - 06:14 PM
Airplane crashes into Manhattan high rise.
Pat Marquez on 10/11/06 - 01:53 PM
Justin of VooDoo Blue has been involved in a car accident. Below is a message from the band:
MessageIt sounds like a bad dream. Friday night on the way to Dan's house to pack the van and hit the road, Justin was in a pretty bad car accident. Everything is fine, please don't freak out, he was released from shock trauma around 2am that night (it was just a precaution, he only has a concussion, and a bunch of scrapes and bruises). Justin and all of us send our love and apologies to everyone that we are going to miss out on seeing. But we are taking things one day at a time, not wanting to cancel our whole tour we are going to cancel only a few shows as of now. We promise to keep everyone...
Ryan Imhof on 08/15/06 - 07:15 AM
Madison were involved in a little bit of a car accident. Check out the message from the band below:
Madison In Car Accident, But OkayToday as we were leaving Philadelphia to go to our show in Wilmington, DE, we got into an accident and hit another car. We are all alright and so was the person in the other car. The result of the accident was a fucked up car and a bent axel on our trailer. With our trailer in too bad of condition to pull around any equipment, our friends in Twilight City Fracture drove out to help us. Since we were close to home, they brought all of our equipment there with their trailer and now we are home trying to get our trailer repaired as soon as possible so we can...
Pat Marquez on 06/25/06 - 12:50 PM
Gym Class Heroes were in a serious van accident early Thursday morning in southwestern New Mexico. They totaled their van and trailer, and most of their gear was unsalvageable. Travis, Matt, Disashi and Eric are all alright, just a little banged up. Seth was flown to a near by hospital, and got out of surgery late last night. He is in good spirits, and will hopefully be heading back to New York this weekend. A full statement from the band will be coming soon, but we just wanted to let you all know they have cancelled their shows this weekend in Arizona and California. Summer tour plans remain the same, and they look forward to seeing you all on Warped Tour.

AbsolutePunk and I...
Jared Kaufman on 06/02/06 - 08:31 AM
Greeley Estates was involved in a car accident last night and rolled their trailer. As a result, their show tonight in Tempe has been cancelled.
Update From Greeley Estateslast night a semi-truck going eastbound on the I-40 just inside the new mexico/texas border had a bunch of lug nuts blow out and lost a tire. that tire rolled across the freeway, across the median and landed smack dab in the center of the right lane of the westbound I-40, which is where we hit it. it lodged under our front chassis and bent the steering column, causing us to fishtail horribly and we did a 180 on the freeway and rolled our rv and trailer in the middle of the freeway. the engine caught fire and, thank...
Brandon Herbel on 04/22/06 - 06:58 AM
Tampa, FL hardcore band, Anam Cara, hit a patch of ice in Nevada and lost control of their van while en route to a show in California. As a result, the van flipped and was totalled along with their trailer. With the exception of the singer, who had two broken ribs and quite a few stitches on his head, everyone only suffered minor injuries. However, most of their gear and merch was destroyed. A few close friends in Kiss The Girls and Sleeping Alone have created a PayPal account (porkpie86@yahoo.com) for dontations. If you're financially capable of donating, even if it's just a little something, then please help the guys out in their endeavor to get a new van, trailer and back on...
Jared Kaufman on 04/05/06 - 06:23 AM
Emanuel was involved in an accident in Texas two nights ago. Their van and trailer are reportedly totaled. All the guys are supposed to be ok though. They'll be missing the next week of shows with 30 Seconds To Mars,.
Paul Tao on 03/12/06 - 01:25 PM
It's Like Love flipped their van and trailor after hitting black ice, last night in Montana. Two members were admitted in the hosptal but released today. The band will miss their show in Rexburg, ID, tonight and the show in Denver, CO with My American Heart. The band will make their shows on February 10th in Phoenix and February 11th in Tucson. They apologize for missing these shows but they have no choice. All of us at AP wish It's Like Love the best.
Ryan Imhof on 01/31/06 - 08:24 PM
Scarlet recently got into a van accident, an update from the band is below:
Scarlet Accident"Hello everyone:
Yesterday, being Wednesday January 25, 2006, we were involved in a terrible van wreck. We were driving as normal as can be when all of a sudden, the rear left wheel of our van decided to take a vacation. Our van drifted violently from side to side, it scraped the middle guardrail and then shot all the way to the outside edge of the southbound highway, and then finally made a huge horseshoe movement all the way from there, to the inside edge of the northbound highway. Our vacated tire followed us in flames. We did not flip the van because our trailer was kind enough to snap off...
Ryan Imhof on 01/30/06 - 02:15 PM
Below is an update from Allister regarding their recent van accident and how it will effect their upcoming dates (if at all).

Allister Says "Wear Your Seatbelts!I've been getting a bunch of emails about the crash so just to clarify things we did not crash with the fold. They slid into a ditch at some point during the night and we hit a patch of black ice after the minneapolis show and flipped our van and trailer totalling both. We are hoping to not have to cancel any shows as we are trying to get back on our feet financially asap... meaning being able to get a van and trailer to get to our upcoming scheduled dates with catch 22 on december 27-30.

PS everybody is 100% ok .....
Frank Giaramita on 12/07/05 - 11:39 PM
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