As alumni of the Absolute 100, Raining and OK have done us proud, putting out consistently excellent releases in the time since. Their new material upholds that same high standard, firmly cementing them as one of the best unsigned bands in the country. Head to the band's AP.net profile to stream "Safety Net," off Living Like a Ghost, which is out June 19th. Be sure to post your thoughts in the replies.
Steve Henderson on 06/14/10 - 05:52 AM
It takes some serious stones to cover the Pixies. And it takes some serious talent not to fall on your face doing it. So does Lovedrug make the cut with their cover of “Where Is My Mind?” Head to their AP.net profile to stream their rendition and sound off in the replies.
Steve Henderson on 06/10/10 - 07:19 AM
We have a new video premiere for you, this time from longtime AP.net favorite Stacy Clark. Head to the replies or here to check out the video for "Touch and Go." The track comes off Stacy's upcoming record, Connect the Dots, out August 10th on Vanguard Records.
Steve Henderson on 06/09/10 - 06:56 AM
In case you needed another kick in the pants to pre-order The Way I Fell In or to pick it up this coming Tuesday, we have another exclusive song stream from The Morning Of over on their AP.net profile. "I Know You Know" has to be one of the most brilliant vocal displays you will hear all year, so don't miss out on this song or the album as a whole.
Steve Henderson on 05/01/10 - 10:54 AM
Head to the replies to see an exclusive tour video that Neon Trees put together while out on tour with 30 Seconds to Mars.
Steve Henderson on 04/28/10 - 05:08 AM
One might complain that our exclusives can tend to rest comfortably on the softer side of the spectrum. However, today's is a kick in the teeth courtesy of LA's letlive. Head over to the band's AP.net profile to stream the kickass new track "H. Ledger" off their upcoming album, Fake History, out April 13th on Tragic Hero Records. If you dig, drop some coin on the pre-order.
Steve Henderson on 04/04/10 - 08:20 AM
Our newest ABSOLUTExclusive is a big one. We are proud to bring you a stream of The Morning Of's "Heaven or Hell" - a gorgeous new song featuring Aaron Marsh of Copeland. Head to the band's AP.net profile to stream the goodness. You can pre-order The Way I Fell In, out May 4th, from Tragic Hero or Lab Records.
Steve Henderson on 03/27/10 - 10:27 PM
For our latest video exclusive, we are proud to bring you the premiere of Paper Route's awesome music video for "Gutter." The track is off the band's latest release, Absence. Read more about the creation of the video here, check it out for yourself in the replies or on our youtube channel.
Steve Henderson on 03/25/10 - 08:26 AM
Lovedrug might have lost some of you with The Sucker Punch Show, but they are definitely back. The band will now be releasing a series of EPs leading up to their fourth record, and we want to give you a free taste. Click here to download the new mp3 "Pink Champagne" - if you like what you hear, grab the first EP now on iTunes or predorder the CD/vinyl versions on the band's website.
Steve Henderson on 03/24/10 - 07:26 AM
Following up the infectiously sunny Build It Up, One for the Team are back with a decidedly more rocking effort. Head to the band's AP.net profile to stream Ghosts, the killer new album from these young Minnesotans. If you like what you hear, pick it up tomorrow.
Steve Henderson on 03/15/10 - 06:45 AM
Mark Hoppus thinks you should check out Neon Trees, and we obviously agree. Head on over to the band's AP.net profile for an exclusive stream of the new song "1983." Habits is set for release on March 16th.
Steve Henderson on 03/11/10 - 12:06 PM
The Scenic will be heading back into the studio in April to record their new album. But in the meantime, head over to the band’s AP.net profile to check out an exclusive new demo named “Uh Oh” that they recorded with Mike Watts. Sound off in the replies with your thoughts.
Steve Henderson on 03/02/10 - 07:04 AM
The hi-res album artwork for Neon Trees' upcoming Habits can be seen in the AP.net gallery.
Steve Henderson on 02/20/10 - 10:11 PM
While the dead of winter certainly has most of us in its cold, unforgiving grip, we'd like to bring about a little sunshine to cheer everyone up. That is why we are happy to bring you an exclusive stream of One for the Team's newest single, "Hard for You." The track comes off the band's upcoming release, Ghosts, which will see the light of day on March 16th. Head over to the band's AP.net profile and bask in the glow of one of 2010's catchiest offerings (and grab it Tuesday on iTunes).
Steve Henderson on 02/12/10 - 01:30 PM
We hate to expose you to a high-quality LP so close to end of the year list-making, but we need you to hear The Bloodsugars. On the band's AP.net Profile you can stream the ABSOLUTExclusive premiere of their new album I Can't Go On, I'll Go On. It's a record full of bouyant indie-pop grooves taking hints from MGMT, The Flaming Lips, and the 1980's - case in point, The Bloodsugars are hard not to like.
Garett Press on 11/10/09 - 11:22 AM
Today we're happy to bring you a free download of "Heart Attack," from Pittsburgh party rockers Gene the Werewolf. Consisting of former members of Punchline and The Berlin Project, it will unleash your inner Burt Reynolds & Paul Stanley. You can download the song on the band's AP.net profile. Want more tunes to howl to? Make sure you pick up their debut EP Light Me Up here!
Chris Fallon on 10/22/09 - 04:03 AM
We are thrilled to offer a brand new song for download from the spastic math-rockers Native. The song comes from their debut full-length entitled Wrestling Moves, which is due out via Sargent House on January 26th. You can grab the song on their AP.net profile.
Blake Solomon on 10/19/09 - 01:44 PM
A little garage-punk from Brisbane, Australia, anybody? Today's exclusive from Violent Soho brings you just that. Head to the band's AP.net Profile to stream and download "Son of Sam" from their forthcoming Ecstatic Peace/Universal released full-length, and let us know how you feel about their mixture of raw aggression and buzz-covered hooks. (Download link is immediately beneath the stream)
Garett Press on 10/16/09 - 12:24 PM
Sherwood know all the recipes for success, and they are now ready to share them with you. Head to the replies to check out their hilarious "Band in a Box" parody, complete with a brilliant cameo from Stephen Christian (Anberlin). Stick around until the end to hear new music from QU as well.
Steve Henderson on 08/26/09 - 09:07 PM
For our newest exclusive, we are proud to team up with Third Eye Blind to bring you the "dirty" version of their video for "Don't Believe a Word." Head to the replies to rock out the way these guys intended.
Steve Henderson on 07/23/09 - 04:02 PM
Looking for another taste of Anchor & Braille's beautiful new record, Felt? Head on over to the band's AP.net profile for an exclusive stream of the new song "Summer Tongues." Like what you hear? The record is available for pre-order here.
Steve Henderson on 07/22/09 - 06:14 AM
Rx Bandits will be playing a few acoustic in store sessions while out on tour, so in honor of those, we have an exclusive acoustic video of the guys rocking an impromptu cover of "No Scrubs" before they launch into their own stuff. Head to the replies for the video goodness and in store details.
Steve Henderson on 07/17/09 - 01:45 PM
We are proud to bring you the exclusive news that We Shot the Moon has signed to Afternoon Records (One for the Team, Now, Now Every Children). The band's new album, A Silver Lining, will be out this fall.
Steve Henderson on 06/27/09 - 02:56 PM
Looking for a taste of The Dear Hunter's upcoming release, Act III: Life and Death? Head on over to the band's AP.net profile to check our exclusive stream of a new track entitled "The Tank." Act III hits stores on June 23rd.
Steve Henderson on 06/05/09 - 07:04 AM
Bow to your sensei! Karate High School are roundhouse kicking their way towards this planet with their spacey pop-punk full-length, Invaders, set to be released on Tuesday. Stream the entire album on their AP.net Profile right now, and let us know your thoughts.
Garett Press on 05/15/09 - 01:37 PM
Moving Mountains are releasing Foreword on vinyl today, which includes a previously unreleased remix of "Lights and Shapes" by the well-known RAC remix squad. You can stream the song on their AP.net Profile, and grab yourself a vinyl here.
Garett Press on 05/12/09 - 08:45 AM
As I Lay Dying will release their new 3 disc DVD, This is Who We Are, on April 14th. Check out an exclusive clip from the package. The 3 disc DVD set chronicles As I Lay Dying from their inception seven years ago through a feature length documentary film, live footage of performances from around the global, and additional music videos and bonus features.
Garett Press on 04/03/09 - 01:41 PM
The exclusive we posted a few weeks back from current featured band, FACT, has been replaced with a brand new one. Head to the band's AP.net Profile to stream "Los Angels," track number two on the band's self-titled, April 14th release.
Garett Press on 04/02/09 - 03:20 PM
As a continuation of our exclusive for MxPx, we have posted the promo photo for their cover of U2's "I Will Follow". In addition, MxPx has teamed up with Spin.com to release an online stream of their version of The Ramones’ “My Brain is Hanging Upside Down (Bonzo Goes to Bitburg)”. In light of the track release, Spin.com will also be hosting the band’s matching Ramones promotional photo. Check back next Monday, as we will have another impersonation photo.
Mike Kraft on 03/16/09 - 01:53 PM
You can check out an exclusive tour update video from The Swellers in the replies, and another one on their myspace. These come from their current tour with A Wilhelm Scream and Streetlight Manifesto.
Garett Press on 03/07/09 - 11:36 AM
House of Heroes are re-releasing one of our favorite records of '08, The End is Not The End, on March 3rd. This edition includes two unreleased bonus tracks, one of which is streaming ABSOLUTExclusively on the band's AP.net Profile. Check it out!
Garett Press on 02/25/09 - 01:12 PM
Don't forget to stream The Appleseed Cast's new record, Sagarmatha, in entirety on the band's AP.net Profile. The overall consensus of member comments seems to be that it's marvelous and/or stupendous.
Garett Press on 02/15/09 - 02:13 PM
Today we have the pleasure of premiering the debut EP from Gospel Claws, featuring Ex-Dear and the Headlights guitarist Joel Marquard, now streaming on their AP.net Profile. The band mixes vintage pop sounds with a whole slew of indie rock influences, resulting in five diverse but equally awesome tracks.
Garett Press on 02/04/09 - 09:59 AM
The Appleseed Cast are gearing up to release their next ambient opus, Sagarmatha, on the 17th. As a preview we've posted an ABSOLUTExclusive stream of "The Summer Before" on the band's AP.net Profile. For fans of post-rock akin to Explosions in the Sky and Moving Mountains. You can pre-order here.
Garett Press on 02/02/09 - 08:13 AM
For our latest Unsigned Showcase, we are pleased to treat your ears to an exclusive stream of Crash Boom Bang's debut LP, Gold Rush. If you are in the mood for some clean-cut pop from these rising stars out of Northern Virginia, check out the record here. Gold Rush comes out February 17th, and if you like what you hear, you can pre-order the album here.
Steve Henderson on 01/30/09 - 01:02 PM
For this week's exclusive blog from Ronnie Winter of The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus, Ronnie talks with Dallas Taylor (Maylene and the Sons of Disaster, ex-Underoath) about faith and changing perspectives with new projects. Check out this new entry here, or the others here.
Steve Henderson on 01/29/09 - 06:46 PM
As introduced last week, we will be featuring exclusive weekly blogs from The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus' Ronnie Winter. For these blogs, Ronnie will be interviewing a lead singer of a band, and will then go on a "rant" about what they discussed. This week Ronnie goes into his chat with Sean Kennedy of Tickle Me Pink. Whether you are a fan or not, these blogs are definitely worth the read.
Steve Henderson on 01/16/09 - 11:05 AM
For the next few weeks, we will be featuring exclusive weekly blogs from The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus' Ronnie Winter. For these blogs, Ronnie will be interviewing a lead singer of a band, and will then go on a "rant" about what they discussed. This week Ronnie talks about his chat with Jon Bunch (Further Seems Forever, Sense Field). Whether you are a fan or not, these blogs are definitely worth the read.
Steve Henderson on 01/09/09 - 08:06 AM
Gwen Stacy will digitally re-release The Life I Know on the 13th, packaged with six unreleased tracks from their debut EP. You can now stream two of those tracks on the band's AP.net Profile.
Garett Press on 01/08/09 - 02:15 PM
We're now streaming the new remix EP, T Rex RMXd, from Wallpaper on their AP.net Profile. Wallpaper is the electronified side project of Eric Frederic from Facing New York. The EP hits iTunes on Tuesday.
Garett Press on 12/21/08 - 12:55 PM
Just a reminder that we have an exclusive track from Tooth and Nail's new band And Then There Were None streaming on their AP.net Profile. Their techno-rock sound has been piquing the interest of many.
Garett Press on 12/18/08 - 09:20 AM
Do you have some Cascada and Tiesto records mixed in with your pop-rock collection? If so, head to And Then There Were None's AP.net Profile to stream a brand new track from their techno-rock Tooth and Nail debut.
Garett Press on 12/15/08 - 12:45 PM
One of our last Unsigned Showcases of the year might also be our best. You can now head over to Moving Mountains' AP.net profile for an exclusive stream of their brand new Foreword EP. These post-rockers are somehow unsigned at the moment, but their raw emotional power deserves to reach the ears of many.
Garett Press on 12/11/08 - 07:43 AM
Today's showcase is for The Real You, an ultra-pleasant sounding piano-rock band in the vein of Jack's Mannequin and Waking Ashland. Stream their entire new EP exclusively on their AP.net Profile. The record will be available the 9th, think they deserve to be signed?
Garett Press on 12/03/08 - 01:32 PM
Triple Crown's Fight Fair are out on tour right now but have provided us with an exclusive video diary to let everyone know what they're up to. Head to the replies to check it out, and expect rollerskates.
Garett Press on 11/28/08 - 09:28 AM

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