Today we're streaming Tim Barry's new record, which will be released through Chunksaah tomorrow. Head to the AP.net profile to listen to 40 Miler and let us know what you think in the replies. We also asked Barry some questions and you can read the interview over here.
From The InterviewI think some people have noted that it seems a little more uplifting, maybe I have a tendency to focus on sad subjects sometimes or I have in the past. And maybe this time around, it's more about taking a sad subject and trying to give it a little bit of a positive twist.
Deborah Remus on 04/09/12 - 08:30 AM
Today we're delighted and equally privileged to bring you a featured stream of the debut full-length from Australian quartet, The Jezabels. The band have been making serious waves as of late, and the official US release of Prisoner should only further heighten that sense of momentum. It's a truly lovely album full of gorgeous melodies, and I certainly encourage you all to give it a moment of your time. Head on over to their AP.net profile in order to stream the release in its entirety. Leave your thoughts in the replies, and most importantly, enjoy the album.
Broden Terry on 04/03/12 - 03:16 PM
Stuck in the Austin airport isn't exactly an ideal location, but listening to If These Trees Could Talk's new album Red Forest, which was released today, is certainly helping. The album is making me feel so emotionally engaged that I feel lost in my own little world. To say that this is a step-up from their debut Above the Earth, Below The Sky almost feels wrong given how great that record is, but the band has truly outdone themselves this time. So without further ado, why don't you join me in this musical euphoric journey by streaming the album on their AP.net profile? If you enjoy instrumental rock, chances are that you will fall in love with this also. So take a listen and let us know...
Lueda Alia on 03/20/12 - 02:29 PM
Today we're bringing you a stream of Cheap Girls' third full length, and their first one for Rise Records, Giant Orange on their AP.net profile. The album was produced by Tom Gabel of Against Me!, who describes the band as an authentic Midwestern punk-rock band similar to the likes of The Replacements and Smoking Popes. If you consider yourself a fan of either of those bands but have yet to listen to Cheap Girls' catchy tunes, please take a moment to do so now. This is one of the first records of its kind that has been able to hold my attention in quite a while -- it's just the perfect blend of punk-rock and power-pop. Enjoy.
Lueda Alia on 02/20/12 - 02:09 PM
Ben Kweller has just released his fifth studio album, Go Fly a Kite, on his very own label, The Noise Company. If you're a longtime fan, you're going to love hearing all of Kweller's influences meshed into his own unique sound. And if you're new to his music, then this album is a great place to start; it's a catchy and infectious, yet profound, record that does not rely on cheesy lyrics. So head over to his AP.net profile to stream the album in its entirety and let us know what you think. Enjoy.
Lueda Alia on 02/08/12 - 12:16 PM
There's nothing I love more than having a gorgeous album keep me company during cold winter days such as this. And Lake Forest, which is fronted by The Wilderness of Manitoba's Will Whitwham, has recorded just that -- the perfect winter album. Whitwham's soothing vocals flawlessly complement the beautiful harmonies found in Silver Skies, making this album one of the best I've heard in quite a while. So head over to their AP.net profile to stream this album, which comes out next week, in its entirety. This comes highly recommended if you enjoy folk music, so make sure to take a listen. Enjoy.
Lueda Alia on 02/07/12 - 03:21 PM
I hope you're not feeling too overwhelmed with all of our musical treats today, because we are now bringing you the best one yet: Lazerbeak's album Lava Bangers can now be streamed in full on his AP.net profile. Go take a listen and fall in love with this stunning instrumental hip-hop album that the entire AP.net staff has been drooling over the past few weeks. And as always, make sure to pick up the record if you like what you hear. Enjoy.
Lueda Alia on 01/24/12 - 11:05 AM
Today we're thrilled to bring you an exclusive stream of The Decoration's debut EP titled, Anywhere Is Home. Featuring Ex-Ellington vocalist, Jake Bosci and talented violinist, Rhian Thomas, this is one of the cutest, catchiest and most absorbing EP's to be released in recent memory. Head on over to their AP.net profile in order to stream the album in its entirely, and make sure you check back this evening for our official review. Leave your thoughts in the replies, and more importantly, enjoy the release.
Broden Terry on 01/23/12 - 08:11 AM
Sep7ember is a punk band from Germany trying to resurrect an old school punk sound from the 80s on their recently released record Strange Ways Of Going Home. Although not normally a band you would find on here, the song "I Hate NY" stood out and felt that it should be given some recognition. You can stream "I Hate NY" in the replies.
Christian Wagner on 01/09/12 - 08:12 AM
Red City Radio recently released a split 7" with The Gamits, which saw each band release a new song and a cover. Today, we're streaming the new Red City Radio song on their AP.net Profile, called "We Know Who We Are, Who the Fuck Are You?" If you were a fan of the group's debut LP, The Dangers of Standing Still, you should be sure to check out this track. The 7" can be ordered here.
Thomas Nassiff on 12/21/11 - 11:15 AM
Today we've got a stream of Red City Radio's The Dangers of Standing Still, which came out earlier this year on Paper + Plastick Records. The second installment of the label's 12 Days of Streams, where a different 2011 release is streaming every weekday leading up to Christmas, Red City Radio's debut LP for P+P garnered a positive review earlier this year from our very own Matthew Tsai. Head to their AP.net Profile to stream the record in its entirety, and if you like what you hear, you can download a three-song sampler of the album from P+P for free. All of those who download the sampler will be entered into a contest to win a vinyl version of the record.
Thomas Nassiff on 12/09/11 - 04:05 PM
Today we are bringing you a stream of Life After Liftoff's new single, "Memory of You." Head to their AP.net Profile or the replies to check it out. The track comes from their new EP of the same title.
Ryan Gardner on 11/01/11 - 09:13 PM
Nothing bad can happen when members of This Time Next Year and Transit get together to create music. So when Misser was revealed to the world as the brainchild of Tim Landers and Brad Wiseman, fans rejoiced. Today, we're streaming the band's EP Problems. Problems. Problems and offering you the first crack at the lyrics from the three song release. Head to the band's AP.net profile to stream the EP and the replies for the lyrics. You can purchase the EP on iTunes here.
Christian Wagner on 10/25/11 - 10:33 AM
We're streaming Go Radio's cover of Adele's "Rolling in the Deep" on their AP profile. The track is taken off the upcoming Punk Goes Pop Vol. 4. Additionally, Pierce the Veil's cover of "Just the Way You Are" can be heard at Idolator.
Joe DeAndrea on 10/24/11 - 06:49 AM
Today we're bringing you a song stream off of Valise's recent EP, Dreamcatcher. Head to their AP.net Profile or the replies to stream the title track, then go to their Facebook if you want to check out the rest of the EP.
Thomas Nassiff on 10/11/11 - 08:20 AM
Today we're both thrilled and delighted to bring you a full album stream of Ohbijou's upcoming full-length, Metal Meets. It's undoubtedly one of the loveliest albums to have been released this year, the female vocal melodies are gorgeous, and we're giving you the opportunity to hear the album in its entirety a week out from its official release date. Head on over to their AP.net profile, and if you like what you're hearing, please don't forget to purchase your copy of the album on September 27th. Leave your thoughts in the replies, and enjoy the album.
Broden Terry on 09/22/11 - 05:01 AM
Spontaneo released two singles through Modern Short Stories on iTunes this week called "Goodnight Moon" and "Hold Me Up." Today, we're streaming "Goodnight Moon" in hopes that you'll enjoy the quirky indie rock that calls to mind contemporaries like Ludo, Motion City Soundtrack, and Punchline. You can listen to the song in the replies.
Christian Wagner on 09/09/11 - 10:40 AM
Upstate New York hardcore band Casting Curses released a digital EP entitled Dirt Road on July 12 via Panic Records. Today we are bringing you guys a featured stream of the opening track, "Let's Ride," from that EP. Head to the replies or to the group's AP.net Profile to stream the song.
Thomas Nassiff on 09/07/11 - 09:38 AM
If you're not familiar with The Venetia Fair it's going to be hard to get you up to speed. Luckily, we are streaming the band's newest EP, The Pits, on their AP.net profile. If you're a fan of energetic, in your face rock in the vein of Foxy Shazam, I think you'll dig these guys.
Keagan Ilvonen on 08/31/11 - 03:01 PM
Today we're absolutely delighted to bring you an exclusive stream of The Forest Wall's brand new debut EP. It's one of the most beautiful releases that I've heard for the year, and the amount of harmonies and melodies on display throughout the duration of the EP is remarkable. Definitely check it out if you like acoustic oriented indie/pop with dual male and female vocals. Head over to their AP.net artist profile and begin streaming the record at your leisure and please leave your thoughts and comments in the replies. The band would also like to direct your attention to their Bandcamp page, and should you like what you're hearing then please don't forget to purchase your physical copy of...
Broden Terry on 08/02/11 - 04:30 AM
We know a lot of you are into The Vinyls, so we're bringing you something new from them today. Hit the replies to hear a new song titled "Cemetaries." If you're new to the band, RIYL: Jimmy Eat World and The Killers. Let us know what you think!
Matthew Tsai on 07/11/11 - 09:07 AM
You can check out our featured stream of A Night in Hollywood's "Darling, This is Just the Beginning" on their AP.net profile. The band's EP, Dreamers of the Day, was produced by Elvis Baskette (Escape the Fate, blessthefall) and will be out in the fall.
Tony Pascarella on 06/29/11 - 11:18 AM
We have a new Save Your Breath song, "Don't Let Me Down," streaming at their AP profile for your listening pleasure. Just in time for summer, their debut and self-released album, Vices, shouldn't have a problem making your pop-punk playlist. It can be purchased at their webstore here. Recommended if you like: Hit the Lights, New Found Glory, The Years Gone By
Joe DeAndrea on 06/13/11 - 04:48 AM
Today we're bringing you a stream of Lifestory: Monologue's brand new Thornberry EP. Recorded with Moneen's Kenny Bridges, the Guelph art-rock band are also gearing up to release a full-length record this fall. Head to their AP.net profile to give it a listen and let us know what you think in the replies. If you like what you hear, you can download the EP.
Deborah Remus on 06/10/11 - 09:12 AM
Hit the replies to stream the latest track from Banquets titled "Sexy Ghosts." Personally, it's already one of my favorite songs of the year. Like Polar Bear Club, The Loved Ones or The Gaslight Anthem? There's a good chance you might like these guys.
Matthew Tsai on 06/02/11 - 09:06 AM
Today I'm very excited to bring Code Orange Kids to your ears. This young four piece is a powerful outfit in the vein of old school heavyweights Majority Rule or contemporary powerhouse Trash Talk. Take a listen to Embrace Me // Erase Me which is available on a limited self-released tape that the band has out on tour. A debut 7" will be available through Mayfly Records this summer and a full length will follow soon after. Crank it up, get heavy and prepare for the weekend.
Adam Pfleider on 05/12/11 - 10:24 AM
Today we are bringing you a featured stream of a new Man Overboard song from their new compilation The Human Highlight Reel. The comp is out today and features two new songs, a Promise Ring cover, the Dahlia EP, the Noise From Upstairs EP, the band's Christmas song called "Decemberism" and some Real Talk b-sides. Head to their AP.net Profile to stream one of the new songs, "Melanie, Video Games and A Slight Fear Of Flying," and purchase the record here.
Thomas Nassiff on 05/10/11 - 11:41 AM
In the mood for some straightforward, no-frills pop/rock? If so, you're in luck. Hit the replies for a stream of The Honesty's new single "Heart" featuring AJ Perdomo of The Dangerous Summer. But wait there's more! You'll also find a stream of another new song, "Runaway" in the replies. Both songs are scheduled to hit iTunes this Friday the 15th. Let us know what you think.
Matthew Tsai on 04/12/11 - 12:33 AM
It's starting to get a bit warmer outside, and I'm certainly ready for some summer jams. One of those albums that has been gearing up the fun for the sun, waterfalls and warm nights is Gypsyblood's debut, Cold in the Guestway. This isn't going to be a "chillwave" experience at all. Instead, Guestway is throwback of early '90s alternative fuzz in the vein of Pavement and The Jesus and Mary Chain. Head to the band's profile to hear the whole album and leave your thoughts in the replies. The album drops tomorrow via Sargent House. You can download the album a day early here.
Adam Pfleider on 04/11/11 - 10:08 AM
Head to GDP's AP.net Profile to stream a new track from Run For Cover's recent signing. Like underground hip hop? You might be interested in this - he's toured with everybody from The RZA to Trap Them. The latest full-length, Useless Eaters, drops tomorrow, and you can find tour dates in the replies.
Matthew Tsai on 03/28/11 - 04:19 PM
Disclaimer: Keagan's calling this his current EPOTY, so check it out folks. Like Copeland, The Format and alt-country influences? You'll fall for Surrogate, who are releasing Diamonds and Pearls EP today. Head to their AP.net profile to stream a new song off the EP, and head here to read a review.
Matthew Tsai on 03/11/11 - 11:28 AM
Today we are streaming June Divided's new EP, The Other Side of You. If you like female fronted pop rock then you should definitely give this a listen. You can stream it on their AP.net profile and leave your thoughts in the replies.
Keagan Ilvonen on 03/08/11 - 03:21 PM
Today we're bringing you a streaming remix of Blueprint's "So Alive," the lead single from his upcoming album Adventures in Counter-Culture. Innerpartysystem took the soulful original and infused it with their own unique blend of alternative and electronica influences. The result is an incredibly entertaining experience that both hip-hop and dance fans should thoroughly enjoy. If you enjoy the remix, make sure to head over to Rhymesayers Entertainment to hear the original and preorder Adventures in Counter-Culture in anticipation of its April 5th release date.
Ian Walker on 03/01/11 - 12:06 PM
I hold Thursday as one of my all-time favorite bands. No matter the tiniest subjective flaws I may find in their work over the years, they continually move and amaze me with every release. With No Devolución, that feeling hasn't changed, and they've done it yet again, creating one of the most intense, well layered and conceptual albums in their discog so far. Today we bring you a stream of "Past and Future Ruins," which can also be found on their recent tour split with Underoath. On the second night of their tour performing Full Collapse all the way through, I sat down to talk with Geoff Rickly, and our casual conversation can be found here.
Adam Pfleider on 02/22/11 - 11:41 AM
Today we're bringing you a stream of "Years From Now," off of Dave Hause's new solo record. The record dropped on January 25 via Paper + Plastick Records, so if you like the song on his AP.net Profile, pick it up here. Hause is best known for his band The Loved Ones and his new solo record is an awesome melodic folk/rock record for fans of Frank Turner.
Thomas Nassiff on 02/08/11 - 02:45 PM
Portland, OR's Icarus the Owl sound something like Gatsby's American Dream meets Minus the Bear. Their EP, Qualia, drops today - head over to their AP.net Profile to stream the whole thing, and read a review of it here. Let us know what you think in the replies.
Matthew Tsai on 02/01/11 - 12:35 AM
Today we are bringing you a stream of State Champs' new EP, Apparently, I'm Nothing. If you like good pop punk like The Wonder Years, Man Overboard or I Call Fives, you will love this. Stream the EP on their AP.net profile and if you like it enough, pick it up on iTunes. Leave your thoughts in the replies and let the guys know what you think!
Keagan Ilvonen on 01/17/11 - 10:01 PM
Today we are streaming My Heart to Joy's new EP, Reasons to Be. Head over to their AP.net profile for the best 10 minutes of your day. If you dig what you hear, you can pick up a copy from Topshelf Records here. You can also download their previous material for free here. Recommended for fans of 90s emo a la Small Brown Bike, Plains Mistaken For Stars, and Braid. For more convincing, just read Adam's review.
Alex DiVincenzo on 01/17/11 - 08:55 AM
In anticipation of the debut album from Chapel Club, Palace, which is released on January 31st, we are bringing you an exclusive stream of the new single "Surfacing". Check out this confident, brooding and majestic song on their Ap.net profile now and let us know what you think in the replies. Don't forget to support the band and pre-order the album here.
Kyle Huntington on 01/11/11 - 05:31 AM
Like Bright Eyes? You'll probably like up-and-coming artist PJ Bond. We're streaming his latest EP, 22, April: Vienna, Austria over at his AP.net Profile. Like what you hear? Head here to purchase the album, and as usual, let us know what you think in the replies.
Matthew Tsai on 01/03/11 - 11:23 PM
K Será is another band emerging as an AP.net favorite and we are lucky enough to bring you a stream of their EP, The Cantos. Check it out on their AP.net profile and let us know what you think. Recommended for fans of Gatsbys American Dream, Forgive Durden and The Dear Hunter. Also, frontman Mike Caswell has a new side project with Johnny Franck (ex-Attack Attack!) called The March Ahead. They started a Kickstarter to help fund recording for their first album, so check out this video and help out some great guys.
Keagan Ilvonen on 12/24/10 - 01:01 AM
The Canvas Waiting is currently streaming their album Chasing Color on their AP.net Profile. What do you think? Let us know in the replies.
Matthew Tsai on 12/20/10 - 12:56 PM
You might be surprised to find out that Jake Germany, the current bassist for teenage sensations Poema, has a solo project that has more in common with Kevin Devine or a stripped down Terminal than it does with girly pop. In any case, head over to his AP.net Profile to stream "You Were Never Right" from his album Leftover, which is scheduled to be released on January 11th. Let us know what you think in the replies.
Matthew Tsai on 12/01/10 - 12:52 AM
Excited for ambient project Lowercase Noises' upcoming album, Carry Us All Away? We have good news! Head over to their AP.net Profile right now to stream two new tracks. Like what you hear? Make sure to pre-order the album here. Carry Us All Away drops on December 10th.
Matthew Tsai on 11/24/10 - 01:32 AM
Hailing from Brighton, England, Lyrebirds are a band who make music that is all at once romantic, anthemic and full of optimism. After touring with the likes of The Maccabees and The Big Pink across the UK, the band are gearing up for the release of their debut EP, The Blondehead EP. We are streaming the track, "Now I Know Why" from this EP today so be sure to head over to their AP.net profile to check it out. Make sure you support them by pre-ordering the release here.
Kyle Huntington on 11/12/10 - 08:30 AM

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