Mindy White of Lydia has answered a bundle of fan questions on her blog.
Julia Conny on 08/19/09 - 04:05 PM
To everyone on the West Coast interested in seeing Lydia play on their upcoming tour dates, the band will be posting a surprise on their myspace tonight at 12 a.m. PST. You might also want to follow them on twitter. The Hunt begins. Stay Awake.
Julia Conny on 05/26/09 - 09:19 PM
Be sure to stay tuned to the Lydia camp in the next few weeks - they'll be giving away tickets in a special, adventurous way to their upcoming West Coast tour. In the meantime, follow them on twitter. Tour dates are in the replies.
Julia Conny on 05/22/09 - 09:14 AM
Mindy White (Lydia) has thanked all of you for the positive comments on her solo stuff. Being called out for positivity on this site is rarer than a wild MissingNo., so a double thank you all.
Anton Djamoos on 04/21/09 - 09:58 AM
Mindy White of Lydia has posted a new demo on myspace.

Submitted by zeropunk16
Joe DeAndrea on 04/20/09 - 08:41 AM
PlayRadioPlay! will be going on tour with Lydia. Dates are in the replies.
Joe DeAndrea on 04/03/09 - 08:53 PM
An interview with Leighton from Lydia can be seen here or in the replies.
Anton Djamoos on 03/10/09 - 07:22 AM
PlayRadioPlay! will be playing two Texas shows with Lydia.
Joe DeAndrea on 03/05/09 - 10:22 PM
BlindingLoud.com filmed Lydia live last night and have posted the band's performance of "One More Day." You can check it out in the replies.
Anton Djamoos on 03/04/09 - 08:34 PM
Lydia have posted a video about their upcoming charity contest, Illuminate Your City. You'll "see a little silhouette" of the band and more information if you watch the video in the replies.
Anton Djamoos on 02/10/09 - 10:42 AM
Mindy White of Lydia was sent to the emergency room tonight.
From the BlogWriting about the STICKAM interview tonightÖ.that didnít happen. iím very sorry to those who tuned in for the interview but i had a little complication about 3 hours before it was scheduled. I was doing some grocery shopping, just about to head to the checkout when all the sudden I couldnt breathe, my throat closed up, shaking, everything was in slow-motion, and my heart was racing faster than iíve ever felt it go. which was ridiculously odd seeing that nothing like that has ever happened to me, i have no problems, i eat good, i was in a great mood.

anyway so it never stopped happening, about 9 times before...
Joe DeAndrea on 01/07/09 - 10:02 PM
Lydia and Asbury will be tonight's guests on DJ Rossstar's Punk Rock Show, starting at 7PM PST. You can watch the show on Stickam and call (818) 641-1605 to leave questions for the artist(s)
Jonathan Lally on 01/07/09 - 01:03 PM
Lydia has been announced for Bamboozle.
Anton Djamoos on 12/18/08 - 08:38 PM
PlayRadioPlay! has posted a new song for download on myspace titled "Mindy's Secret Song," written for Mindy White of Lydia.
Joe DeAndrea on 12/14/08 - 07:43 PM
According to Mindy's blog, Lydia will be shooting their first ever music video next Monday in Los Angeles.

Submitted by zeropunk16
Jamie Pham on 12/11/08 - 11:04 PM
Lydia have launched a new website along with a unique new contest--"Illuminate Your Canvas". Fans can submit original artwork interpretations of the songs from Illuminate for a chance to win a $500 gift certificate to Pearl Fine Arts; the band will also autograph and professionally frame the piece. The winner may even have their design used on the posters for one of Lydia's upcoming tours. For more information, go here. Don't forget that you can still pick up the album on Amazon for $1.99. Don't waste the opportunity.
Anton Djamoos on 11/10/08 - 07:22 PM
Lydia hit a deer recently in PA. The band is OK, but will be forced to continue their tour acoustic.
BlogSeems like we've written more updates about us getting into freak accidents/wrecks, than i have about anything else. We are starting to think that we are apparently cursed or something....really. Last night we were fortunate enough to make it out all okay after hitting a HUGE deer on an interstate in PA. It completely shredded our engine but luckily didnt completely total it. We are currently in a rental car on the way to our trailer to grab what we cant fit to head to Chicago. We're going to continue the tour acoustic and ride with the other bands until we can get our can fixed to...
Anton Djamoos on 10/30/08 - 08:43 PM
Update: The chat is now over. We'd like to thank Lydia for taking the time out of their busy schedules to chat. Don't forget to pick up their major label debut, Illuminate, in stores tomorrow.

Lydia will be chatting in this thread at approximately 6 p.m. EST. Come in and discuss Illuminate (rerelease in stores tomorrow), their recent tour with The Dear Hunter, or just say hello.
Anton Djamoos on 10/20/08 - 02:55 PM
Lydia will be chatting on AP.net tomorrow, Monday, October 20, at 6 p.m. EST.
Anton Djamoos on 10/19/08 - 09:24 AM
Lydia have posted a video of their tour with The Dear Hunter, Eye Alaska, and You, Me and Everyone We Know, which can be seen in the replies.

Submitted by zeropunk16
Anton Djamoos on 10/05/08 - 06:56 PM
Dates for Copeland's tour with support from Lovedrug, Lydia, and Lights have been announced.
Dates10/21 - Carrboro, NC - Cat's Cradle (No Lights)
10/22 - Richmond, VA - Canal Club (Downstairs Lounge) (No Lights)
10/23 - Towson, MD - Recher Theatre (No Lights)
10/24 - Philadelphia, PA - First Unitarian Church
10/25 - Danbury, CT - Heirlooms Arts Theatre
10/26 - Cambridge, MA - Middle East (Downstairs)
10/27 - New York, NY - Bowery Ballroom
10/29 - Ann Arbor, MI - Blind Pig
10/30 - Chicago, IL - The Bottom Lounge
10/31 - St. Paul, MN - Station 4
11/01 - Omaha, NE - Slowdown
11/02 - Denver, CO - Marquis Theatre
11/03 - Salt Lake City, UT - Avalon Theater
Steve Henderson on 09/03/08 - 10:16 PM
Lydia will be signing to Universal/Motown Records today.
Press ReleaseLinc Star is proud to announce that Lydia will be signing to Universal/Motown Records today, August 25, 2008. Stay tuned for Lydia's Major Label debut, Illuminate, coming this fall. Also be sure to keep updated on Lydia's myspace for upcoming tour dates, as they will be supporting a major tour this fall.

We will continue to expand out artists' development with the exciting addition of Mercy Mercedes to our family.
Anton Djamoos on 08/25/08 - 10:04 AM
Lydia have posted a new video all about their tour with The Dear Hunter. Check it out in the replies.

Submitted by zeropunk16
Anton Djamoos on 08/07/08 - 07:32 AM
Lydia have posted "Fate" on their myspace.

Submitted by Keagan2387
Joe DeAndrea on 08/05/08 - 08:37 AM
In the replies, you'll find acoustic videos of "I Woke Up Near The Sea" and "Stay Awake" from Lydia to celebrate their nearing tour dates with The Dear Hunter. There's a third video too - an amazing cover song - hidden somewhere on this little 'ol website. Whoever finds said video first will win two tickets to their date of the tour. Hints are in the replies. Happy searching!
Julia Conny on 07/25/08 - 05:16 PM
Before Lydia hits the road with The Dear Hunter, they wanted to show off a little something. In the replies, you'll find an intro video and an intimate live version of "This Is Twice Now". And somewhere else in AP.net land, there is a special acoustic cover. Now what and where could it be? Maybe I'll leave a hint in the replies...
Julia Conny on 07/22/08 - 08:26 PM
The Dear Hunter, Lydia, You Me and Everyone We Know and Eye Alaska will be touring together in August. Dates are contained within a promo video from Lydia, which you can watch in the replies.
Julia Conny on 06/20/08 - 01:45 PM
According to this venue, The Dear Hunter will be headlining a tour this Summer with Lydia, Eye Alaska, and You, Me, and Everyone We Know.

Submitted by kigginsthisprov
Joe DeAndrea on 06/18/08 - 08:41 AM
Lydia has posted an update on their myspace profile.
Message From the BandHello to all of you out there lurking abouts our corner of the myspace universe! Or maybe our planet. It's been awhile, some of you might be wondering what the hell it is we're doing. What exactly are we up to, you say? We can't exactly say where our muse takes us next, but it's taking us somewhere and hopefully he/she/it will arrive in some form in the near future, certainly this decade. As for the road, we have plans of returning to a stage near you in August, and if we missed you on that we are sure to see you in September! I'm sure of it. Until then, we hope to get you guys some footage from a live concert...
Rohan Kohli on 05/31/08 - 07:33 AM
Read my interview with Lydia here.
Jamie Pham on 05/24/08 - 12:10 PM
Lydia has posted a blog saying that they will be unable to finish the rest of their dates with Brighten but will be posting a live set on bamboozletv.com within the next couple weeks.
Message From The BandDear friends, I'm SO sad to announce that we will not be playing the rest of the dates posted for the Brighten tour. We were lucky enough to make it through the entire bamboozle roadshow tour & bamboozle festivals this year with just one van breakdown, but unfortunately after making it this far its back giving us trouble again, not allowing us to continue the last few days of this tour. BUT with that said, we are currently headed to the Stone Pony in NJ to do a live taping TONIGHT of...
Rohan Kohli on 05/07/08 - 08:05 PM
Say Anything, Jacks Mannequin, Finch, Lydia, Metro Station, Rookie of the Year, and The Sleeping have been revealed as bands for this Friday's Hoodwink Festival in NJ. Anyone want to guess who the remaining bands are?
Anton Djamoos on 04/28/08 - 07:41 PM
An AP.net reader had this to report in after attending a recent Lydia show.
Fans Report InI talked to Leighton and Craig from Lydia tonight at the 4/15 show of the Bamboozle Road Show. They said that they're going to be co-headlining a short tour in May with Brighten.

Submitted by taylerx0
Joe DeAndrea on 04/15/08 - 09:12 PM
Lydia's new album Illuminate is now available on iTunes.

Submitted by zeropunk16
Joe DeAndrea on 04/12/08 - 12:29 PM
I will be interviewing Lydia next week so if you have any questions for them, please leave them in the replies.
Jamie Pham on 04/11/08 - 01:50 PM
Tony Pascarella on 03/20/08 - 06:22 AM
Lannen Fall and Mindy of Lydia teamed up to record an acoustic version of Lannen Fall's "Woke Up Screaming", which you can exclusively download and stream on the band's AP.net profile. Lannen Fall also have unveiled their new myspace today that has newly-remastered songs from their EP, Stories, up for stream. Lannen Fall will be performing at an industry showcase in New York City on April 8 which is open to the public, which you can find information on here.
Anton Djamoos on 03/19/08 - 09:27 AM
Today, ten lucky AP.net posters will win a copy of the new Lydia album, Illuminate. If you've made any post in any of these Lydia news threads, keep a watch on your PM inbox or email - you might be a winner. And don't forget, Illuminate officially hits the streets March 18th.
Julia Conny on 03/14/08 - 12:50 PM
Austin Gibbs & The States (feat. Loren Brinton, formerly of Lydia) has posted a few demos on their myspace, and announced an appearance at this year's Bamboozle Left festival, as well as shows with the Presidents of the United States of America, Alive In Wild Paint, and Lydia; the dates can be seen here.
Rohan Kohli on 03/12/08 - 03:43 PM
Million Dolla Bill is back with co-host Danielle Bluetarp in this week's scoop of BamboozleTV/AP.net News, with special correspondent Frank Redtarp coming in with tales of sabotage from The Break Contest. And, don't forget, in exactly one week, Lydia will release their new album, Illuminate.
Julia Conny on 03/11/08 - 03:44 PM
No one, yeah no one could ever wait for you. I'll wait for you, love, in the replies.
Anton Djamoos on 03/04/08 - 10:11 PM
Lydia has revamped their myspace page.
Julia Conny on 02/28/08 - 06:21 PM
Lydia has posted a new song titled "I Woke Up Near The Sea" on the band's myspace

Submitted by zeropunk16
Brad Streeter on 02/18/08 - 02:31 PM
On Monday, you will be able to pre-order Lydia's new album, Illuminate. The pre-order package will include the album, a limited edition poster, and an mp3 of a previously unreleased track, "Your Taste is My Attention". They have also announced two record release shows in support of the album in Phoenix, AZ at Modified on March 28th and 29th. A limited number of tickets have been held for Lydia fans and will be available through a special presale going on right now. Get them here.
Anton Djamoos on 02/15/08 - 06:32 PM
If you're as stoked about Lydia's upcoming album, Illuminate, as we are, check out a clip of "This Is Twice Now" in a video in the replies.

Submitted by thechrisformat
Tony Pascarella on 02/15/08 - 04:08 AM
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