It was a blast, but my time on Warped Tour 2009 has ended. I've posted a final wrap-up of my whole experience and some choice thoughts and "research findings" on a few bands you might love to hate. Although I'm not on the road anymore, we still have more tour coverage on the way.
Julia Conny on 07/29/09 - 11:44 PM
Check out another one of my Warped Tour updates here.
Jamie Pham on 07/26/09 - 08:43 PM
The New York Times has a piece on this year's Warped Tour, touching on ever-popular topics like Brokencyde and Millionaires.
From the articleIt was Millionaires, though — three female rappers whose committed, dim music suggests an anime porn soundtrack — that made people take a stand.
Steve Henderson on 07/20/09 - 06:05 AM
I've grabbed some time here on Warped Tour to interview Lights. Check it.
Julia Conny on 07/17/09 - 09:58 AM
More Warped Tour updates and more bands in our Walk The Line feature. Today, we have The Promise Hero for you. They've been schmoozing the lines every morning at Warped Tour 2009. Learn more about the band here.
Julia Conny on 07/17/09 - 06:49 AM
In addition to all those wordy, blabbering Warped Tour updates, I've found another Walk The Line band for you. Protagonist out of South Florida, meet AbsolutePunk.net.
Julia Conny on 07/16/09 - 12:22 PM
Saying hello from Warped Tour 2009, I've posted updates for the Hartford, CT and Columbia, MD dates. And if you're really feeling courageous, feel free to follow me on twitter.
Julia Conny on 07/16/09 - 07:15 AM
Head over to my blog to check out another update on Warped Tour.
Jamie Pham on 07/16/09 - 06:58 AM
Therefore I Am have posted their first Warped Tour video update, which you can see in the replies.
Steve Henderson on 07/14/09 - 06:08 PM
Barely Blind is a long way from home. I found these Texans at the Cleveland, OH date of Warped Tour, working their magic for the youngins waiting anxiously for the doors to open. You can stream a song from their EP, My Life With A Giant, here. Moreover, general Warped updates are waiting to be read here.
Julia Conny on 07/12/09 - 06:55 AM
After I've had my cup of coffee, I head to the morning lines at Warped Tour and find a band pimping their music to the eager queues. Our second Walk The Line featured band is More Like The Movies - read more about the band and stream a song here. For more of my Warped updates, check 'em here.
Julia Conny on 07/11/09 - 03:22 PM
Cuing in from Cleveland, OH, you can catch my newest Warped update here.
From The UpdateBecause what straight male would admit to his receding hair line, still living at home with his parents and getting a BJ from "Jeffree Starship". Apparently Fat Mike from NOFX told him to do so, and if your idol tells you to do something - you do it. I'll let this video do the talking.
Julia Conny on 07/10/09 - 02:50 PM
Paramore performed a surprise set at today's Warped Tour. Has there ever been a bigger crowd for a single band in the tour's history?
Set ListMisery Business
For A Pessimist, I'm Pretty Optimistic
Where The Lines Overlap
That's What You Get
Let The Flames Begin

Submitted by c_rob2700
Joe DeAndrea on 07/09/09 - 04:06 PM
My update from yesterday's Warped Tour in Pittsburgh is posted here. And for you lucky kiddos heading out to Cleveland, OH Warped today, rumor has it Paramore will be playing a surprise set.
Julia Conny on 07/09/09 - 07:08 AM
I found some free time to write in my AP.net blog and update you guys with Warped Tour. Check it out.
Jamie Pham on 07/08/09 - 05:13 PM
In addition to my regular Warped Tour updates, I'll be featuring a handful of bands working the line. You know the ones: eager to please with iPod and headphones in hand and CD's to sell in the backpack. Our first featured band is Sparks Will Fly. You can read more about their Warped experience and stream a song from their album, The Soundtrack, here.
Julia Conny on 07/08/09 - 08:03 AM
I grabbed an interview with VersaEmerge at yesterday's Warped Tour. Feel free to read it here.
Julia Conny on 07/08/09 - 06:42 AM
Tuning in from Warped Tour in Indianapolis today, you catch my update here.
Julia Conny on 07/07/09 - 01:33 PM
Don't forget that Zambooie, Glamour Kills, Rock For Health and AP.net have a Super Unsigned Band Contest working its magic on Warped Tour this year. Check the replies for details and prizing.
Julia Conny on 07/06/09 - 07:28 PM
Check out my second Warped Tour update on my AP.net blog. Also, head to the replies to watch Nathan from Madina Lake give a tour of our bus.
Jamie Pham on 07/04/09 - 02:34 PM
Starting Tuesday, I will be on Warped Tour with East Coast Indie covering a few bands you love and a few more you love to hate. So, more specifically, what bands would you like to hear from? What aspects of the tour interest you? Where would you like to see AP.net dig their trenches? Let us know and we'll do our best to treat your curiosity.
Julia Conny on 07/02/09 - 12:35 PM
I am currently on Warped Tour with Madina Lake and I will be posting updates on my AP.net blog every couple days. Check out the first update here.
Jamie Pham on 06/29/09 - 07:25 PM
An Epitaph Warped Tour sampler featuring Every Time I Die's "The Marvelous Slut" and 21 other awesome tracks can be downloaded free here. Full track listing in the replies.
Anton Djamoos on 06/29/09 - 03:47 PM
In celebration of the summer, Warped Tour and general awesomeness, Zambooie, Glamour Kills, Rock For Health and AP.net have thrown in our collective resources to stock up an Unsigned Band Super Contest. The winning band will receive free merch and screen-printing, free health care, exclusive lovin' from AP.net, and that's just the beginning. Find out how to enter the contest and see full prizing in the replies.
Julia Conny on 06/25/09 - 06:09 AM
If you are in the area, Warped Tour is throwing a free show tomorrow night (June 25th) at The Glasshouse in Pomona that features sets by Finch and more. Details can be found in the replies.
Jamie Pham on 06/24/09 - 09:51 PM
Shore Alternative and Rock For Health have set up a Warped Tour contest to aid their quest in covering this year's festival. They'll be picking fans to help them interview bands - all the information can be found here.
Julia Conny on 06/22/09 - 09:09 AM
Say Vandelay will be releasing their new EP, Actor Meets Actress, on July 7th via Masquerade Recordings. They will be on the Kevin Says Stage at Warped Tour this summer.
Steve Henderson on 06/19/09 - 08:29 PM
Pull The Pin would like you to see them on Warped Tour. Be the 100th person to comment their myspace and you'll win passes to see them play at the Virginia Beach, VA date of Warped Tour and a copy of their new EP, Anyone In The Universe... Other Than Me (out July 7th). See more dates and contest details in the replies.
Julia Conny on 06/18/09 - 05:41 PM
Rock for Autism will have a booth at this summer's warped tour and are looking for two volunteers in every city to help out. If you're looking for a wristband and a good cause email clilly@comcast.net. Any bands with ties to autism can email as well to get involved.
Garett Press on 06/18/09 - 12:32 PM
In a new interview with Punknews, Kevin Lyman defends the addition of Brokencyde, Millionaires, and Jeffree Starr to the Warped Tour roster.
From the interviewYou don’t have to like Brokencyde, or Jeffree Star, or the Millionaires, and I’m not saying that I do necessarily. But they are doing something, capturing something, stirring up controversy. Punk bands used to stir up controversy; if you’re taking that as the definition of “punk”, these artists could fall under that category.
Steve Henderson on 06/16/09 - 06:12 AM
Friends Or Enemies is running a Warped Tour ticket contest; click here for details and to enter.
Rohan Kohli on 06/15/09 - 04:02 PM
Pull The Pin will release Anyone In The Universe... Other Than Me on July 7th, from which they've posted a new song on myspace. The band will also be playin' it up on Warped Tour this year. Dates are in the replies.
Julia Conny on 06/15/09 - 09:22 AM
For all of you that ever thought, "Man, I sure would love to bowl a few frames with my favorite band," now's your chance. The 2nd annual Vans Warped Tour/TJ Martell Foundation Bowling Tournament is open and you can bid for your chance to win. Full details can be found in the replies.
Anton Djamoos on 06/11/09 - 07:40 PM
Kevin Lyman recently posted a news item on WarpedTour.com defending Millionaires.
News PostAlright HATERS, this one is for you. It is funny to see how much time many of you spend being negative about the smallest things, I sure hope you get it out of your system now or you may grow up and have one miserable life. HATERS really don't get ahead, you may not like something but move onto something you like and support and use your energy up in a positive way. Over the last 15 years the HATERS have bashed artists like Eminem, Kid Rock, The Black Eyed Peas, and many many more who have appeared on the warped tour, and look where their careers ended up.

That's the great thing about the...
Rohan Kohli on 05/29/09 - 10:44 AM
The apparent tracklisting for this year's Warped Tour compilation can be seen in the replies. Jeffree Star's "Prisoner" is the obvious choice for lead single, right?

Submitted by iaminsane20
Blake Solomon on 05/25/09 - 01:46 PM
All Time Low have been added to the 2009 Warped Tour.
Anton Djamoos on 05/19/09 - 10:49 AM
Drummer Chachi Darin of The AKAs will be giving drum lessons on Warped Tour. Click here for details. Also, the band plans to use Twitter this summer to keep fans in the loop about pool parties, secret sets, and all kinds of other stuff. Add them here, and when they hit 1,000 followers, expect a tweet with a link to download the Dance/Destroy remixes of "Everybody Make Some Noise."
Tony Pascarella on 05/13/09 - 11:31 AM
Warped Tour founder Kevin Lyman will be launching a country music-focused tour in 2010.
Tony Pascarella on 04/30/09 - 05:08 PM
We've teamed up Artist Direct and Meg and Dia to give away tickets to dates that the band is on Warped Tour. Enter here. Please don't forget to see Brokencyde while you're there.
Julia Conny on 04/13/09 - 09:54 PM
Kevin Lyman has posted a “Kevin Wants You To Know” blog about TV/TV. Check it out here. The band will be performing on all Warped Tour dates this summer.
Jamie Pham on 03/31/09 - 11:41 AM
Pre-sale tickets for Warped Tour will be available on April 1st.
Julia Conny on 03/25/09 - 10:27 PM
The dates for the 2009 Warped Tour have been announced, along with all of the bands for the tour. Check out the dates and bands in the replies.
Anton Djamoos on 03/25/09 - 11:01 AM
Following the response from Buddy Nielsen regarding Brokencyde, Loud Hawk Press has issued a plea to boycott Warped Tour until Brokencyde has been removed from the bill.

Submitted by Nowisnotthetime
Mike Kraft on 03/17/09 - 07:02 AM
The Ernie Ball Vans Warped Tour "Battle of the Bands" is now open. Head to the replies for more details.
Jamie Pham on 03/02/09 - 02:18 PM
VersaEmerge and Aiden will be on the Ernie Ball Stage at Warped Tour this summer.

Submitted by Uwe Blab
Mike Kraft on 02/26/09 - 11:07 AM
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